Complicated Love

This story talks about two teens, who find their way to each other and fall in love. But both of them have problems, will they ruin their relationship or will they share them? Find out by reading ''Complicated Love.''

Not a fanfiction. Please do not copy this story.


10. Chapter 10

Before I start, I would like to thank all of you who read this story! It already has 86 views and that's amazing! Thank you all, and again, it would be really nice if you commented and said what you think of this story. Would mean a whole lot! x


We arrived at school, my insides still curling up like a ball. Just the thought of him, in our town, made me want to throw up.

''You okay?''Ryan questioned as we started walking towards the brick building, hand in hand.

''Yeah.''I smiled, giving him a kiss.

We approached the school and of course, Audrey walked up to us. I knew she wanted to steal Ryan from me.

''Hey Ryan.''She winked at him and I squeezed his hand so tightly I thought he was going to let go. But he didn't. He just answered with a squeeze to my hand, kind of saying that it was okay.

''Hey.''He simply replied, applying a arm around my waist, like a sign that he was taken.

''I'd like to hang out with you some time.''She continued, making me almost want to hit her in the face.

''Sorry, I can't.''Ryan snapped, and we walked away. I couldn't help but smile.

''I love you,''I admitted to him once again and placed my lips against his.

''I love you more.''He said against my lips and made me shiver. God, this boy had the biggest effect on me ever.


Ryan's POV:


''Move you're ass man!''Nathan shouted at me, as I didn't really move quickly.

''Gosh, sorry.''I mumbled. As I reached the field, I saw a bunch of girls on the other side. The field was huge and could easily fit two teams on it.

''Why are the girls here?''I questioned.

''It's the girls soccer team, you didn't know?''Jake, a guy on the team answered.

I was just about to reply, but a certain girl catched my eye. It was my angel tossing the ball, a laugh on her lips.

I didn't know she was trying out for the team.

''You guys can start without me, I'm gonna go check on a thing, I'll be right back,''I said, running to the other side of the field.

''Can I talk to Lisa please?''I asked the coach, as Lisa hadn't seen me come.

''Just for a minute. Lisa!''the coach called and she turned around, her lips turning into a smile when she saw me.

She ran to us and the coach walked off to the team.

''I didn't know you were trying out for the team,''I said after tasting her lips.

''Just wanted to get my mind off things,''She smiled, knowing she meant her dad.

I grinned back at her.

''Lisa! Come on!''The coach yelled, making us both jump.

''Meet me after at the locker rooms?''I asked, gazing into her eyes.

''Okay,''She said and kissed me, after running off.


Lisa's POV:


''You did great, you're on the team!''Coach Gary told me with a grin.

''Really? Thank you!''I said happily, giving him a hug.

''I'm sure you'll do great, see you in practice!''He said, and walked off.

I smiled to myself, I really liked soccer and had been playing it since I was little.

''You got to the team?''a male voice spoke behind me and I turned around, facing a gorgeusly sexy Ryan.

I nodded and he gave me a huge hug, after kissing me.

''I'm so proud of you,''He said, looking directly into my eyes.

I answered with another kiss on his lips.




I opened the front door and the sight I saw made me just want to go jump off a cliff.

''Hello Lisa,''he spoke, just the voice of him making me sick.

''What the fuck are you doing here?''I didn't hold anything back.

''Please, calm down.''He said.

I looked at aunt Sarah, wanting an explanation why he was here.

''He insisted.''she replied, with a sorry face.

''I don't want to see you,''I said, holding back my tears. Shit, I was just having a good day. Well, not in Lisa's world.

''Let me explain,''He talked, standing up.

''Explain what? Explain that you weren't there for me? Explain that you missed all of my birthdays and I didn't even get a damn card, a fucking card! I can't even call you my dad, you don't even deserve the title. You're nothing but an asshole. Mom died, and you weren't here. In stead you were with you're new family, that you had replaced with us! What the fuck is there left to explain? I don't want you in my life!''I said loudly, his gaze lowering.


''I understand you're angry.''He spoke.

''Just leave.''I said, not wanting to face him.

''Just give me a chance-''He started.

''JUST GO!''I yelled and he walked away, like he always had done.

''Lisa,''aunt Sarah started, but I ran upstairs, tears blurring my whole vision.

My life was a fucked up mess, nothing else.



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