- My name's Ellie. My name's Abby. My name's Millie. - We are just like every other human being on the planet. A very small planet, which is full of massive stories. Full of mystery, full of drama... and most importantly, it is full of nature. Whether that is animals, plants, or even us... Back To School tomorrow... and you know what that means? - Nerds, Bullies... and every individual child who comes to class. Every pupil that enters those two doors are fake. Some pretend to be people they're not. And when it becomes too much... WHAT DO WE DO?!


10. Ellie's POV [Chapter 9]

Ellie’s POV

The next day… (Without Kyle.)

Kyle has been kicked out the school, I don’t see him returning anytime soon. He does happen to have the power to come back in, just like any human being. If he wanted to come back, he’d have done it. We all would’ve tried to get back in… No! Who the heck breaks into school? – Not me! I’m not going to be as stupid as whoever… happens to do that.

“Kyle’s been kicked out of school?” Kacey whispers behind my back.

“Hey! Shut up… Kyle isn’t out yet…” I interrupted.

“Of c-course… why would I say that?” Kacey laughed.

“Sarcasm, huh? Learn some self-respect!” I pushed her out my way.

Stomping back to the canteen and pushing through Kacey and her gang. I finally got to clear my head a little, bring myself back to full sanity. Sometimes… Kyle goes off the rails, we all do… but we strive to succeed. If Kyle had any choice, any choice at all… I’d understand. I just wish he’d return to the school as a different person. The old Kyle needs to come back, the new one can suffer… he isn’t worth my time or anyone else’s.

*** School’s Speak Phone ***

“Attention all students, tomorrow will be different to today. Due to some horrific accidents happening around the school, you will all be expected to attend an assembly. Thank-you for listening…”

Kacey brushed her hair back, I caught glimpse of her giggling as the speakerphone continued.

Such a stuck-up cow… she never respects the school. Not saying I do, at least I try though! Kacey and her gang of numbskulls… they need to go away. I want them to just walk off the end of Earth. Easily said than done… if only the old theories of our planet were true. You could walk off and just end it there. But no… we’re trapped, trapped in a building, trapped in a planet. We are stuck, the only escape is a rocket. So what! Escaping school is one thing… escaping the universe is another… not possible! It can’t be possible… I heard that it would take too many years. My body would probably make it through…

A group of younger students huddled up together near the stairway. I stopped before them, waiting for them to move. Lucky for me, first lesson doesn’t start until 9:00 AM. And I arrived at 8:35 AM. I’m pretty much good with my attendance. Some days can be worse, I’ve learnt that… I think I speak for every young adult. We are all fighting to survive with strangers around every corner. Some would just say… “I can’t do this!” Except me and a majority of us… we all agree on something, can’t agree on everything though…

“K-Kyle got his ass kicked! Ha-ha! Oh my god… post it on Facebook!” A young student laughed out loud.

“Shut up—he isn’t the only one suffering… we might get detention because of your maturity…”

“So what… stuff like this doesn’t come every day, now… does it?” He replied to his mate.

The group of lads, all of them wearing some kind of hooded coat. Dark blue, dark grey. So many colours to choose from, and they end of choosing the ones that stand out. I’ve heard that many coloured hoodies have different meanings to outside people. Such as: Grey = trouble. Blue = decent. Black hoodies = Suffering. And there is the saying… “Death will come to all.” I’ve learnt this from experience. I don’t tell everyone this, I do often wonder whether most of the students attending all think the same as me. If not, their loss…

“Hide your phone! That girl… she’s snoopin’ again…” the dark grey hooded jerk whispered.

“—that stupid cow girl? Is that what you’re referring to?” I rudely interrupted.

The lad hid the phone under his dark grey coat. “No…” he sighed.

“Oh really…? Because from what I heard. You’re lucky to still be alive…” I bit my bottom lip.

“Ha! Come at me then… we’ll just end of beating you to a pole! Ha-ha…” he laughed in my face.

I stared at the lad deeply. He didn’t deserve to make a fool out of me. I’m not the coward, I don’t need backers: People to keep me safe, I don’t need anyone around me… I call the shots around here. He’ll soon get that!

Muffled sound from the lad’s phone vibrated out of his coat. The sound of Kyle screaming in pain…

As I was about to walk up onto the first step, I turned around displeased. The lad was laughing with his mates. Some of his mates were making hand gestures behind my back. One of them slapped me on the ass without my permission… then again, who needs permission now-a-days? I’ve seen many, many! Make a fool out of us. Women being treated like objects… so much for being independent.

“Turn that off! T-turn that off… now!” I begged.

“Ha! The girl’s angry…” he smirked.

“Y-you heard her… turn… it… off!” A voice came from around the corner.

“W-who… who said that?! – bailing out of me? Who’s making a fool of me?!” The lad squeaked.

“Ha… when your balls drop, you’ll know…” the voice mocked the lad.

“Justin! That’s my name… so what’s yours…?” He whispered.

“None of your business… come round the corner, and you’ll see the so-called jerk making a fool out of you…”

The lad crossed his arms and eyed up his mates. Filling his friends with hatred for him. How low can you get, blaming friends… mates for your own good? Is that really what people do now-a-days?

He pushed his mates out of his way and took a baby step towards the corner of the stairway. Behind the stairway as my stranger… some I thought to be a knight in shiny armour. My saviour, he is a hero…

“Show yourself!” The lad shouted.

“Quieten down! I’ve heard enough of your voice, Justin!” A teacher screamed.

“—Fine… Sorry for being such a waste of space by the way!” He screamed back at the teacher.

“W-what?” The teacher stopped.

“Make a teacher an enemy? Is-is that really such a good idea?” The knight revealed himself. “Especially when you’re going to need somebody to cry to… w-when I’m done with you.”

“Ha! Try me… mates come on, let’s jump him!” He ordered his mates.

“Fat chance!” His mates laughed, and walked up the stairs.

Leaving the lad alone, he didn’t look too happy. His face expression was a mix between afraid and angry. He was clearly biting his bottom lip in frustration. He was shaking in his body, hesitating to stand alone.

I stepped in front of the knight, (someone I wanted to know more about.) Putting an end to what could’ve been a nasty fight. And I don’t like to see too much rivalry. I’ve seen enough of that… too much of it!

“Stop…” I whispered.

“Get out the way! I want to kick this guy down!” The lad screamed in fury.

“That your battle cry? It’s pathetic…” I mocked him.

“You heard the lady… shove off!”

I looked at the boy who had stood up for me. And I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time… me and Kyle had a connection, but maybe it wasn’t a full on connection… to me, this boy just brought back my childhood. The good days, not the bad ones. Maybe… Kyle just gave me nightmares… and this is my real boyfriend to be…

He smiled at me.

The lad stepped back and his face full of redness started to die down. He looked a lot like a red tomato. Full of juices, anger juices. All the hatred in his body… it must’ve dissolved, and slowly melted again… silly kid!

“T-this I-isn’t over… I can promise you that!” The lad said, avoiding eye contact with the hero.

“What’s your name?” I asked without thinking.

“Jocko… although, I don’t like it when complete strangers call me that…” he smiled at me.

I didn’t think to smile back, he had hypnotised me with his good looks.

“Anyway… I’ll be seeing you around, r-right?” Jocko whispered.

His voice went into my ears and laid there in peace. Lingering around in my brain, making some beautiful music to my ears. He felt so hot and yet so cold. Somehow… I’m falling for him!

“S-sure… I g-guess so…” I replied, feeling quite nervous around him.

“Good. Sorry about your friend… I kind of overheard…” he pat me on my back and walked off.

Leaving me with deep thoughts and the question… the question being: “Does he like me?” I asked myself that over and over again. Expecting an answer to drop in my head… although, nothing is that easy to get. I’d have to ask him, but the signs… doesn’t that mean he likes me? Wait! I can’t make a fool of myself twice in a row. Kyle fooled me once, and this lad… Jocko, he’ll probably fool me twice. I can’t stand the question!

With lesson starting in under 5 minutes. It was time to go, time to try a lesson without Kyle. B-but that so-called Sarah… she has to be here too. I guess nothing goes your way, does it? Sometimes I ask myself: “What would my life be like without these people…” and then I’d ask myself whether it would be good or not. They do say that what you hate could be what you love in the future… hmm, I don’t think so…

Climbing the stairs once again, it was time for a day without Kyle. I just couldn’t wait to try it, I’ve always dreamed of what it would be like to be educated without a major distraction. So maybe… I’m finally going to see that dream come true. I guess… Sarah could cause some kind of problem, some kind of distraction. So what! I can get over it. She isn’t really a needle begging to go into my skin, Kyle begged when he was younger. B-but Sarah, she never hurled when I told her the despicable things I’d like to do back then… what can I say? I’m just another regular school kid, someone who thinks in strange ways. My mind can be dirty… but can be cleaned… and whether that is what I want now. I don’t even know, I’d like to see something though.

“Single file, I want no trouble today…” Mr Andrews groaned.

“Groaning again Sir? Does it help you in the night?” Sarah laughed.

And they say I’m the one with the dirty thoughts… Sarah takes the tip of the iceberg with that one.

“Enough of that, Sarah… thank-you.”

Sarah giggled behind his back, walking into the classroom expecting Kyle to show up.

“Ellie… heard from Kyle today?” Mr Andrews asked.

“Not really… last I heard: He was suspended…” I sighed.

“Okay… class, I want you to get your work books out, and… just finish off the work from last week…”

Mr Andrews made his lesson pretty short by saying that. Never thought I’d hear him say something like that. If anything, I always expected him to be on top of his game. And now… I don’t think he is anywhere near to threatening. Over the past weeks, he seems to have something else on his mind. But what could it be?

*Beep* “Kyle… when you get this message, call be back, babes…” Sarah whispered.

“Making a message to Kyle?” I asked, staring at her with a smirk.

“N-none of your business… back off.”

“Of course… silly me, I didn’t expect a baboon like you to fall for him again…” I laughed.

“Shut up! – I’m not the one shaking my ass to a so-called boy…” she replied with a comeback.

“Oh really? Kyle’s told me that you shake your ass, naked… to other so-called boys…” I replied.

Sarah slammed her left hand off her desk and took a deep breath. It didn’t catch many of the student’s attention. However, it did alert Mr Andrews. Catching his attention, he seemed quite relaxed though.

“Sarah… sit down please…” Mr Andrews asked in a slow tone.

“Bored too, sir? I never expected that from you. Why don’t you just let me go?” Sarah smiled.

Mr Andrews stood up and unexpectedly walked towards Sarah’s desk. With his arms and hands behind his back, he stared down Sarah. He looked quite tired, and his bored facial expression showed a lot of who he is today. A bored teacher with nothing better to do than make a fool of himself.

Standing in front of Sarah’s desk, he leaned towards her and whacked his fist off the table. Denting the middle of it with his fist’s imprint. A tear rolled down his left cheek, as he tried to be man for once. Standing up to Sarah’s little jokes, and her insults. He stared her right in the face, as Sarah stared back at him.

“I will not have you insult me like that!” Mr Andrews shouted.

“Oh really, you sick little—“ Sarah paused in shock.

“Shut up! I want you all to-- Just work hard today… make someone proud for once!” Mr Andrews expressed himself in public.

“I’ll be going…” Sarah whispered under her breath.

“Oh no! Please… let me, I’ll open the door for you, shall I?” Mr Andrews replied in a sarcastic tone.

“I’d rather be dead… better than you being near me!” Sarah made a final insult.

Mr Andrews sighed, once again doing something that most of us unexpected. Shocking us with his quick action against Sarah. He grabbed her by her collar and pulled her down towards the front of the classroom. Sarah tried to break free, moaning with words: “You’re hurting me… l-let go!” Mr Andrews ignored her pain. Holding her tightly at the front of the classroom before taking a deep breath.

“Right! Class… this is what happens when you disobey any teacher…” Mr Andrews held his head high.

The rest of the class gasped, as for me, I ignored him. Smiling at the pain Sarah was going through, it really was a perfect start to an almost perfect morning.

“Now go, get out of my sight Sarah! I’ll talk to you in a minute. Go outside… now!”

Sarah strutted outside, rubbing her neck as if Mr Andrews had strangled her. Sadly for her, she can’t lie. I’ll be the backer for Mr Andrews. Can’t have him leaving, I need someone to bring fear to Sarah. I know how a teacher can make a confident student like her breakdown. Eventually… who knows? I could have Sarah eating out of my hand, begging for a friend. And her popularity would just drop like a bomb. Can’t wait to see that happen!

*** 10 minutes after finishing my first page of my task. ***

Mr Andrews had gone outside to speak with Sarah.

As the other pupils in the classroom were working hard. I took the opportunity to listen in on their private conversation. Moving quickly towards the door, placing my ear against the door. I wanted to hear every little detail from their foaming mouths. It was pretty obvious, there was something off about Mr Andrews. And Sarah, I just wanted to hear her crying to come back to class.

“Now Sarah… I can’t have you disrupting the class every day you show up.” Mr Andrews whispered in a soft tone.

“Punish me for it… that’s what you do to all the others who ‘disobey you…’ ha!”

“No way… I’m done being easy on you. So, why don’t you decide on what you deserve as a punishment?”

“Easy… a day off! I’d love to be away from the horrible Ellie. And away from the rest of them!” She whispered.

“I can’t promise you that. B-but I will consider it… or better, I’ll make you a deal you can’t refuse…”

“You have my full attention, speak… tell me more about this deal I won’t refuse.”

“Alright. Listen up! There is a 50% chance of me being able to talk some sense into the other teachers.” He whispered. “And… if everything goes well, I could convince the school borders to let you have a day off. ONE single day off!” Mr Andrews revealed his deal.

“Keep talking… I like it, you make it smile sir.” Sarah said in a happy tone.

That’s a little weird. I’ve never heard Sarah be happy, not happy with a teacher. That tone of her voice that is pretty rare… especially coming from her. Listening to their private conversation, my mind told me that flirting was going on behind that door. Although… I can’t just jump to conclusions. However, I will certainly keep it in mind. Who knows… maybe I can get rid of the pair of them. A teacher who makes a deal to a student, I don’t like that. And a student I’ve craved to hate over the years, perfect!

Footsteps emerged from outside, becoming a little louder as the door opened slightly. In a quick moment, I managed to get back to my seat. Not realising that I had stepped on someone’s foot. Another student that I barely talk to. Kieran, someone I did know a little about. I’ve heard he doesn’t let people get away with things… and me listening in on that little conversation, the whole class witnessed it. And I’m pretty sure the only student who would like to see another student get a suitable punishment from a teacher. It just has to be Kieran. He won’t let me step foot in his workspace. And stepping on his foot, not the best first impression.

Sarah and Mr Andrews walked into the classroom, the teacher looking happier than earlier. And a devious little devil named Sarah. Her little freakish smile, it managed to scare me a little. Her happiness is my death. That’s how I’d describe Sarah’s horrible smile. She always makes me cringe, but with that smile on her face… oh god, it could be something more suicidal. I don’t want to have nightmares with that expression on her face.

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