- My name's Ellie. My name's Abby. My name's Millie. - We are just like every other human being on the planet. A very small planet, which is full of massive stories. Full of mystery, full of drama... and most importantly, it is full of nature. Whether that is animals, plants, or even us... Back To School tomorrow... and you know what that means? - Nerds, Bullies... and every individual child who comes to class. Every pupil that enters those two doors are fake. Some pretend to be people they're not. And when it becomes too much... WHAT DO WE DO?!


9. Ellie's POV [Chapter 8]

Ellie’s POV

1 Hour Later… (The girl got away…)

You can’t always be on my side. Even if that’s what you wanted from the beginning…

“Students, I can’t promise you that the school disco will go forward tonight… however, I wanted you all to know…” the teacher sighed. “You need to know that the disco may be cancelled…”

With the school disco cancelled, it has a real life saver. I’ll be able to have some spare time, enough time to make things right! – Me and Kyle, if he doesn’t want me… that’s fine… really! I just want him to at least ask me to go with him to the next disco. He is after-all, a fragile friend. Someone I can rely on.

Looking at all the students walking past me, shadows following my movement. I caught sight of Kyle stumbling towards me. His new clothing made him look even more different. I couldn’t even call him Kyle anymore… he had gone off to the wrong side. Why did he have to leave us?

“Ellie! – G-good to see you… didn’t think you’d hang around…” he laughed.

“What do you mean?” I asked in confusion.

“Sarcasm… that’s how it works right?” He smirked.

“No! That’s not sarcasm… that is just… stupid!” I laughed.

“Keep your knickers on!” He shouted. “You really need to c-calm down…”

“Kyle, Kyle! Why did you leave me? – Explain yourself!” I cried.

“Ask yourself that… I’m sure you’ll learn… I can’t be your Kyle anymore…” he sighed.

I flinched in fear of his wording. He startled me with the truth finally out… his real feelings for me. I’m just another one his lab dogs… follows him around, loves him… cares for him, and then… treaded on, and threw into the dog house. He really knows how to let a bitch down easy…

He stepped back and stared at me for a brief second. As I tried to look at him, he refused to talk. I reached out for his hand, begging for him to take me back. He didn’t get the signal… not the slightest. He just heard me whimpering, crying to his words. I love him though! – Those girls, they won’t teach him friendship… he’ll just become another druggy on the streets. I miss him! The old him!

“What floor do you want to go on?” Kyle asked.

“Bottom… it’s better for me. I need to get some fresh air…” I whispered.

“E-Ellie? You know we can’t be together… I don’t want you to hate me though…”

“…I-I know… so go back to your girls… tell them I hate them! Make them hear you…” I cried.

“Don’t have to be so bitter, do you? I thought… we could get over this!” Kyle raised his tone.

“Oh really? – Who’s the bitter one now then huh?” I smirked.

Pushing past him, as the elevator doors opened, I refused to look back. He got my message, the message that pushed him away from me. Good riddance, I don’t need him anymore! My heart says so too! – Just different wording… different passions. My mind tells me, I hate him as much as anything else… he is the worst! – And my heart keeps beating, bringing up the real words… translating my hatred into love.

The elevator doors closed, and I sighed. Two other students, a young boy and a young girl was inside the elevator with me. Kyle’s face faded from my mind, as the doors opened a little and then closed for good. The movement of the room I was in shook side to side. My head felt pains, and heartbroken feelings… I refocused my mind, and tried to communicate with the sympathy I felt. The painful events, did they really have to happen today?! I could’ve done this a long time ago… sparing myself from another mix-up! – We were so good together. My mother said so, I remember her words… my sister told me that. She told me that my mother knew my boyfriend. I flinched as she said it, and refused to believe it…

“W-what floor are you going to?” The young boy asked.

“Ground… ground!” I raised my voice.

“Keep your voice down… me and Jake, we work well together in peace and quiet!” The young girl interrupted.

“…you work well… not us! – How many times do I have to tell you that?!” He raised his voice.

“…sorry… I forgot. You don’t like me anymore… sorry…” she apologized twice to the boy.

*** Ground Floor ***

Finally at ground floor. I felt the need to buy myself a drink. Drown my sorrows in cheap booze. Instead… I’ll go for an orange juice. Alcohol, it just isn’t me… Kyle got me into drinking that crap. He said it’d make the night more fun… I refused to agree with him. Until… he made me slurp a whole lot of orange juice… little did I know he had mixed it with alcohol. He really liked me back then…

“Ellie! – Me and Jessica, we’re going to Sarah’s…” Abby screamed from across the room.

“Shut up!” I roared.

“…rude! Why don’t you come with us?” Sarah smiled.

“No way! – I’m not scooting to your level… your ugly house that is!” I smirked.

“Nice one… see what a real friend you have, sister?” Sarah boasted. “Probably too cheap… with all that perfume, huh? – No wonder she sees you as a second class citizen…”

“Wow! Sarah… I never knew that. I always t-thought-“

“Shut up… keep walking, don’t look back. She might bite you!” Sarah laughed.

Sarah and her snob like friends pulled Abby away from me. Tears began to roll down my face, as I covered my face and headed towards the girls toilets. It was time to avoid them. They don’t see me as a friend. I don’t have friends… me and Kyle were just inseparable… at least, I thought we were!

*** Girl’s Toilets ***

Pink wallpaper mixed with white ovular tiles. Dark red carpet with wooden floor boards underneath, the room felt spacious. Beautiful designs on some of the doors, nice choice of paints. However… the random drawings, scribbling on the walls… it just made this place look so much worse! I just wanted a place that looked a little nicer. A place that’d be more like my personality. I wish it could just fit my expectations… wishes never come true! – So… maybe I’m just barking up the wrong tree…

A girl with long brunette hair staring into one of the mirrors caught sight of me. As she turned to face me, she knocked her makeup bag on the floor. All her fancy lipsticks and exquisite flavouring spilt all over the floor. Some of her lip gloss had cracked, the casing that is. And her special hair brush was covered in crap...

“Sorry… I didn’t mean to-“ she apologized.

“No need! It was your mistake. I’ll help you though…” I smiled at her.

“Beth, my name’s Beth. What’s yours?” Beth introduced herself.

“Ellie… I’m sorry for not… never mind.”

“It’s fine… honestly, it happens all the time. Don’t blame yourself…” she smiled back at me.

“You going to the party?” She asked.

“Yeah… wait? W-what party?” I replied.

“Ha! – Sarah’s hosting a party… we’re all invited…” she put away her makeup.

“Oh really…? And why… d-do you think I’d like to hang out with a snob like her?”

“Easy! – Just be a good friend to her. I heard… she pays out in cash, turns out she don’t make much of a turnover…” she giggled.

“Yeah… but, who the heck makes a turnover from a party anyway?!” I laughed back at her.

“Ha-ha… you’re cool. Not the best, but cool… why don’t you come with me?” She smirked.

“…Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind. I-if you see a boy called Kyle, tell him… t-tell him that I’m dead…” I smirked.

She nodded as she put away her makeup and her lipstick. Placing her dark red handbag on her shoulder, she walked out of the girl’s toilets. Closing the door behind her, I stood resting against the sinks. Looking at the mirror she had been staring at. “Maybe it is time… I get a new boyfriend…”

Slamming the door behind me, I walked out towards the canteen. A little bite to eat won’t hurt. Lunch-time isn’t everything, you know! I continued walking until I reached the canteen. Greeted by several new students in lower classes, I was soon given a Deluxe Coffee. A drink I had my taste buds thirsting for years. It has finally happened! The coffee I dreamt of… and it only took two years to get one!

Behind me, I could see Kyle talking to Beth. Maybe she is passing on my message. Realising that I made up a lie to my dear Kyle. I hid behind the queue and waited for them to go away…

“…Kyle, she’s dead.” Beth whispered.

“Who’s dead? What do you mean, she’s dead?” Kyle crossed his arms.

“E-Ellie… do you know her?” Beth looked horrified.

“N-no… never heard of her… now go away…” Kyle sighed.

“Are you sure? I thought-“ Beth moaned.

“Shut up! – Go away! You thought wrong…” Kyle became aggravated.

Kyle grabbed Beth by her collar, holding her against the wall behind the large glass door. A teacher caught Kyle and Beth’s little dramatic rowel. Mrs Lux put an end to their drama and escorted the two of them down towards the main office. I watched from a distance, sipping my coffee as the tension raised to a higher level. I moved a little closer, towards the main corridor. Trying to get a glimpse of the action.

“…I didn’t do anything! Let me go!” Kyle shouted in anger.

“Same here… I’m the victim!” Beth cried out loudly.

“Silence! – You two were fighting… we don’t stand for that aggressive playing around…”

As they were escorted around the final corner, the main office was in sight. I moved a little closer, further down the corridor. Retracing their steps, I caught glimpse of the pair being spoken to by the tall man. The tall man named… Mr Blitz. Someone who has a name that could strike fear into the elderly. Heck! – His voice scares me… so maybe I should just be an old lady to him…

“Kyle, this is not the first time I’ve had to deal with your shenanigans. When will you learn, Kyle?”

“…Never… she made me hurt her… with her constant irritating comments!” Kyle yelled.

“The truth Kyle! I want nothing but the truth!” Mr Blitz ignored Kyle. “Maybe… you could tell me what happened Bethany.”

“It’s Beth. I don’t like being called that! – He attacked me… making me feel his pain!”

“Right. Kyle! You better start talking… I can’t believe you’re breaking the rules, yet again!”

“I didn’t… I was looking out for the deceased…” Kyle mumbled.

“…deceased? What on earth are you talking about boy?!” Mr Blitz raised his voice.

Beth tried to sneak out of the room, as Mrs Lux stopped her from escaping. Mr Blitz raised his left eyebrow, placing his two hands together in a fearing way. He looked quite the manager, the leader of all leaders. Mr Blitz had the right posture. He even had the exact expressions I’d expect from a leader like him. His menacing voice, it just freaks me out! – And his strong buff arms… he makes me faint.

“Beth! I swear to god… why don’t you just tell the truth?” Kyle nudged Beth.

“T-truth? He attacked me… and he didn’t apologize too! – He just wanted to kill me…!”

“Listen… you psychopathic freak! D-don’t you ever tell me… what I tried to do!” Kyle lost control.

Kyle pinned Beth up against the wall, breathing down the front of her neck. She looked up in fear.

“Kyle! I’ve seen enough… Bethany please go…” Mr Blitz whispered.

Kyle faced his head down to the ground, looking down in misery. As Beth walked towards the door, Kyle tried to trip her up on the way out of the office. Beth managed to gain balance, and gave Kyle an evil stare. I’d like to call it the stare of death. She really looked quite angry with Kyle…

“Phoning your parents… it is the only way, you need time away from here, Kyle…” Mr Blitz said.

“…whatever… you’re all the same! Back stabbers! Afraid to realise the truth!” Kyle screamed.

“Hello, Mr Vengeance? I am speaking to you right?”

“Good… just checking that’s all. Your son, he has caused more interference!”

“Dad! I have done no such thing! Ignore the old man!”

“Kyle! Sit down! I’m…” he paused. “Mrs Lux! Take Kyle down stairs!”

“…D-dad! Dad!” Kyle shouted in anger.

“C-come on Kyle…” Mrs Lux escorted Kyle out of the office.

On the way down the corridor, Kyle looked down in fury, regretting the trouble he has caused. I’d love to say he has had a mental break down. Thinking that the phone is his dad, he really has lost it… I guess, when you feel really hurt, and lost in your own mind. You can do stupid things… sometimes you’ll regret it, and other times… you won’t.

I stopped Kyle in his tracks, as hundreds of other students stared at Kyle’s devastated face. His cheeks were all red, and his face looked like a tomato from the anger he had built up in himself. Sweat dripping from his fringe, and his sore looking eyes stared at me and the others around him.

“Kyle… p-please tell me you still love me…” I begged in front of an audience.

Kyle’s smug smile rose from his lips, forming the perfect smirk.

“…Ellie, ha! You never knew the word l-love… you’re just another one of my m-many rejects!”

Mrs Lux overheard the conversation, angry with Kyle’s behaviour. She dragged him by his collar and pulled him along towards the reception. She looked really angry with Kyle, sick and tired of him.

“…That’s right! Pull me along… do what you do with all the boys, Mrs Lux!” Kyle laughed.

Mrs Lux pushed Kyle out the exit doors, slamming a permission slip for Kyle to leave early on the table.

“Go home Kyle! We’ll discuss your punishment tomorrow…!” Mrs Lux shouted.

I watched the audience walk towards the reception with their phones out, trying to record Kyle’s bad behaviour. Some were laughing at the feud between Kyle and Mrs Lux. Other staff members pushing the audience away from Kyle and Mrs Lux, leaving the reception and keeping everything in order. Kyle’s words sank into my mind, breaking me down alone on the spot. I fell on my knees, sitting in my own puddle of made up tears.

“…Throw me out like trash? I will be back…!” Kyle walked off in a tantrum.

Mrs Lux let out a sigh of relief. Watching Kyle walk away in his new bad boy walk style. Leaving me to cry over what we could have had together. Our relationship never had to end like this!

- Chapter 9 - Coming Soon! –

Inspired by: Waterloo Road & other School Dramas.

Written By: Luke J.R

- Kyle is inspired by an old classmate of mine. Someone who went down the deep end, and came out as someone completely new! And it didn’t end well for him… which is why I wanted to write this. To write a drama story on schools, giving everyone an idea of what school is really like! -

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