- My name's Ellie. My name's Abby. My name's Millie. - We are just like every other human being on the planet. A very small planet, which is full of massive stories. Full of mystery, full of drama... and most importantly, it is full of nature. Whether that is animals, plants, or even us... Back To School tomorrow... and you know what that means? - Nerds, Bullies... and every individual child who comes to class. Every pupil that enters those two doors are fake. Some pretend to be people they're not. And when it becomes too much... WHAT DO WE DO?!


8. Ellie's POV [Chapter 7]

Ellie’s POV

Good Things Must Always Come To an End

Kyle’s Brief Summary:

Kyle and those girls, they just had to make me fall for sanity’s crazy factor. I just had to be a victim of the many girls Kyle has upset. Why me though? Why must I face the bad side of Kyle? If I had to describe Kyle’s personality in relationships. He is like a dice, you roll him and you wait for the Ace. If you get lucky, you’re number 1. If you fail to roll right, you will see his dark intentions. I never had him down for a villain, a bad boy. I had him down for a kind sweet kid. Okay… okay! A kid with a man’s heart. I’m just being social to him, making him sound good.

Kacey’s Brief Summary:

She was thought to be kind and innocent. A girl with a good mind. Kyle found her to be irresistible back in year 8. She went through a phase, she called it a family crisis. I’d call her day, a bad hair day. Instead, Kyle made her feel welcome to the class. Great! – So… if Kyle hadn’t ruined my life, I’d be a better person right? – Who knows…? In Year 9, she faced our oldest teacher we have ever had in school: Mr Adams. We believed he had been a vampire, due to the great TV series we had watched at home. Mr Adams weren’t too mean to me. He always had a taste for blood with Kacey’s bad attitude though.

Abby’s Brief Summary:

Lost many friends, all due to me. She still somehow learnt to accept me. Due to her recent absence, I was worried for her safety. She had gotten herself into a right mess! – Kyle was to blame. Or so… it seemed. I didn’t think anything of it. I just thought that Kyle would be a little more appreciative. Instead, I get back slapped. And then I’m left with a friend in need. Abby… you should’ve seen her before. She was gargling on her own blood, and suffering from a mental illness. I fixed her up, gave her a revamp. Kacey liked Abby, truth is… I used to like her too. I still do now… sort of! I don’t quite understand her, not at the age we are now. Kacey used to have Abby wrapped around her finger. I made that connection break. Good on me! – I saved her from making mistakes in her life.

The Three Girls:

Traitors in my eyes. I see them for what they are… old friends die hard! – These old friends weren’t really my friends. They always had to get into trouble with the law. And if that didn’t fill them up. They’d hunger for more, and more… soon – the students will be at their feet. Kissing their boots, making them feel like the queens of the roost. Is that doesn’t make them feel powerful, they’ll just continue their childish behaviour!

- Ellie’s POV –

Why hasn’t he told me anything? – He just needs to come back and tell me his sorry… right?

‘Kyle, I heard he was getting into a fight with someone…’ a voice disturbed my shallow end.

I moved over to the door, listening in on the conversation that the two girls were making. The door creaked a little, as I rested my arms against the door. Holding onto the door, and trying to fix the doors stability. I decided that it would best to leave the conversation alone. My mind told me differently. “Find him!” I really need him, don’t I? Ah… why can’t life just be simple! Why must you face me with all this drama? Why must I live in a world, with a school that can’t even point Kyle in the right direction… I don’t believe this!

‘Kyle’s getting into a –fight?!’ Another voice screamed.

‘Shut up! – K-keep your voice down… we don’t want anyone learning from this, ha!’

‘No way! This is something be happy about…’ she replied.

‘Oh really? – What did that mean ole Kyle do to you?!’ She screamed.

Trying to listen more into the conversation became impossible. Due to them moving away from the door, I had no chance of hearing the rest of their little private chats. I walked out of the Art room and fought between sides. “Should I go home? – Or should I just stay here…?” My mind kept bugging me.

As I walked outside the Art room, I caught the attention of Abby. The look on her face can only be described as lovely! – She looked beautiful. Her nice cute eyes focused on me. And her happy smile keeping me smiling. I walked out of the room and pushed through several crowds of people. Stopping in between some crowds to apologize. However, some didn’t care too much. I just felt that the apology would make my life easier for me. I just saw a better light… a brighter side to the side I had been on!

“Attention all students! I want… Ellie, Katie, Kacey… and Kyle to report to my Office at once!”

The voice from the speakerphones shouted out several names. My name being one of them! – Oh great… looks like I can kiss my get out of school free card goodbye. And Kyle? Like he’s going to show… most of the names he called out sound like people who won’t bother turning up. I better get out of here…

“Any students caught running will also be sent to my Office! – That’s all…”

Finally… running rule implemented. I’ve been waiting for that rule to be reinstated for some time now! Good to see the new assistant making good use of the schools rules. I’d love to see the look on his face, when he discovers that we haven’t shown up to his Office. I bet… he’ll be crying. – No wait! He won’t be crying. He’ll me laughing. And not in a good way either! He’ll be making fools of us behind our backs…

After walking past Abby, I felt guilty for not thanking her. She helped me a little, made me get back on my feet at least. Na, she hasn’t really made me feel less depressed. Kyle is the only one who can do that. Before I could go down the stairs, Abby interrupted me. Her constant coughing signalled something was wrong. I feared the worst, and waited for the kind words to come out of her.

‘…Ellie? Why haven’t you gone home yet?’ Abby asked, her arms crossed.

‘I don’t have time for t-this… just back off will you.’ I hissed.

‘Ha… you need to wake up pretty early in the morning to fool me…!’ Abby laughed.

‘I d-don’t care what time it is… j-just back off, will you!’ I growled.

Pushing her away from me yet again… I felt the anger rising in my body. The tension in my muscles caused me to think like a psychopath. She was getting under my skin. I needed her out of my hair too! With all her annoying little… “I’ll help you… we’re friends!” I d-don’t care what we are! Get that in your head. The way I see it… you have a family to go to. I don’t! (I just wish I could tell her this…)

‘Push-push… that’s the way you want to be? Ha!’ Abby smirked.

‘D-don’t do this Abby. Don’t make me turn against you… n-not like this at least…’ I sobbed.

‘Tensions rise. I learnt that the hard way!’ Abby held her hand out.

‘W-What’s this? I don’t want your hand!’ I flinched.

‘An apology… I owe it to you. For all the years of treating you badly…’ she sighed.

‘I d-don’t understand…’ I groaned.

Abby hissed at me, begging for me to understand what she was on about. I ignored her, biting my bottom lip to prevent myself from hurting her. The tension around us was building up, I could feel her going deeper under my skin. “You worm!” I just wanted to scream out loud. At least, I’d make something of myself. They’d see I have a backbone, and they’d see me more powerful than ever before! (In my experience at least.)

I clenched my fists, waiting for Abby to push me off the edge. She’d soon break me, and that is exactly what I need. It’ll remove the tension of having Kyle being a memory… rather than someone to love. Abby became grizzly and tried to slap some sense into me. “You aren’t what you say you are…” Shut up!

‘…Ellie… j-just make me feel better about myself. I’ve had a tough day…’ Abby knelt down.

‘…A-Abby, I’m not going to make you feel anything… just go away!’ I screeched.

‘…y-you really know how to get under someone’s skin!’ Abby screamed at me.

‘Yeah, you and all!’ I replied with a bitter taste uprooting in my mouth.

Abby walked off, leaving me to think alone, once again! I walked away from her, not looking back this time. She looked back, I sensed it. As I walked down the stairs, heading down to the next hallway. I caught the attention of some new students. (Students who were visiting the school.) Ha! I hope they aren’t serious about coming here… You’d be better off, going back a few grades down. You’ll learn something for sure!

Three younger boys sitting down on their backpacks. They were having a conversation with each other and leaving me out of it. One of the boy’s kept looking my direction and raising his eyebrows. I gave out a slight laugh, and walked on. Ignoring the boy who was looking my direction was difficult. As I was about to pass him, his friend stopped me in my tracks. As I looked behind me, I could see three teachers talking to each other from a distance. On the opposite side, I could see Kacey giggling at something…

‘Stop! – My mate would like to talk t-to you…’ he mumbled.

‘…oh. I’m sorry – what is you want?’ I spoke in a polite voice.

‘H-he… you know what!’ He raised his voice.

I shrugged, listening to his screaming voice. Feeling the need to walk away, the boy thought to be flirting with me, turned against his friend. He pushed the lad out of my way and couldn’t even look at me. I wanted to thank him for removing a buffoon. Instead… he just shrugged and smiled the opposite direction.

‘…t-thanks’ I whispered.

I walked further down the corridor, as the nearby teachers went to tell-off the lad who had been abusive to me. What a rude welcoming… good job, that lad helped me out. Although… I could have just walked away! – Kacey was still sniggering at something. I turned around, giving her direct eye contact from a distance. She shrugged at me, and a smile began to rise from her joint together lips. “Someone should sew her mouth shut…” – I’d love to see that! – I’d pay to see that!

As I walked past the teachers passing by. I accidentally stepped on a female teacher’s foot. Miss Goodie. She was always known for being too good for her own boots. She trespassed on someone’s lawn once. Apparently… it was the little know it all’s house. Her kids are just as annoying as her! I looked the opposite direction, as her tuna breath flowed my way. I held my nose, walking past her and ignoring her discipline.

‘Hey! Come back here… You don’t just walk away from me, young lady!’ Miss Goodie shouted.

‘…Too bad! Stop breathing toxic and I’ll help you out!’ I smirked and continued walking.

‘You better come back here…!’ She squealed.

‘No way..! Go away, and never return!’ I roared.

On the way down the stairs, I could smell something revolting. The stench of left over tuna… I wouldn’t even know what that smelt like… if it weren’t for Miss Goodie making a toxic smell memory. I’m going to call it a stench with a memory! Because… it feels right to call it that.

Further on down the stairs, I hit ground floor. The girls having a conversation were still talking to each other. This time, I found them near the bottom of the stairs. So… they still want to make the school know about Kyle’s absence? – Abby must’ve gone hone. Oh wait! She don’t go home, she stays at school. She is just like a goody two shoes! Some friend! I’d rather have Miss Goodie stinking up my room, instead of having Abby round for dinner. Her impressions make my sister smile. My personality makes my own flesh and blood cringe. She cringes at the sight of me. She becomes tense when I’m not around…

‘The food is pretty good here… ha!’ Someone giggled.

‘Y-yeah! And the people here. Don’t they just remind you of the-the sweet stench of success?’

‘I guess so… b-but I’d rather have your success… you got A levels!’ Another girl laughed.

‘So! I thought we were already at each other’s throats…!’ The larger girl mumbled.

‘Shut up! – I d-don’t want Kyle’s swag ruining our attendance…’ she giggled.

I crossed my arms on the railing of the stairs. Four steps away from reaching them. I coughed, bringing attention to me. They looked at me with confused face expressions. It looked quite priceless!

‘Ahem! My name is Ellie. What do you of Kyle?’ I raised my confidence.

‘He is nothing but a jerk!’ The large girl spat.

‘I don’t care what he is… I’m just keeping him away from the people who like him…’ the other one whispered.

‘He is nothing but a menace in my eyes… what do you see in him?’ The last girl asked.

I spoke with a friendly tone. ‘He is nothing but a menace… I see him as a victim though!’

‘Good to know. I can say this for sure, he better watch who he messes with…’ the large girl threatened.

‘Ha! Let’s go girls… we can’t have this know it all learning about us…’ the leader of the pack smirked.

I hissed at them, and held the large girl’s hair in a bundle wrapped around my left hand.

‘Ouch!’ She squealed.

I closed my left hand, shaping it like a fist. Holding the bundle of hair in the palm of my hand, I attempted to pull each piece out. One by one. Her squealing was music to my ears.

‘Ouch! O-Ouch… l-let go!’ She continued squealing.

‘No way! I’m having fun.’ I laughed.

‘No really… let go of her!’ The smaller girl demanded.

‘Let her be. Come on, Jenna. There’s always next week for that!’ The leader of the pack led her on.

‘Help! Don’t just leave me…’ she squealed.

Wrapping more of her dark brown hair around my hand, it became tighter on her scalp. She squealed with each piece being plucked with my nails. I rolled up more and more of her hair, including her pony tail and spun it around my other hand. She squealed more and more, the more I wrapped, the more she’d squeal.

Other crowds of people trying to get to their next lesson interrupted my plans. The large girl revealed her name to me. “M-my name is… O-ouch! Jasmine!’ She squealed more.

As the crowds pushed past, several teachers walked past me. Thanks to the large crowds, it stopped the trouble stoppers from seeing me. Realising that I can’t do this forever! (As much as I’d like to!) I pushed the large girl under the stairs. Hiding her in the darkness, still having her head by a leash. (Her hair being the leash.) I attempted to pluck a few more strands of hair out of the bundle I had gathered. She spoke a little more, in a soft tone. She revealed to me, what they were talking about earlier…

‘K-Kyle… he is kind of our friend!’ She gasped.

Shocked to hear such words. I held her with more pressure, pulling tightly on her hair. Jasmine began to become a little frightened. As she tried to claw her way out from under the stair case, I pulled her back. As I pulled her back, some of her belongings fell out of her pocket. The items included: Sachet, Pencil, Pen, small notepad and an asthma thingy ma jig. That’s what I call it at least!

‘…P-please! L-let go!’ She managed to break free.

Her voice could be heard by all of the people on the stairs. I grabbed her again, holding her mouth for reassurance. With her gagged by my hand, she tried to bite me. I slapped her several times and threw her into the wall under the stair case. She gasped for air, as I dug my nails into her arms. She flinched, mumbling into my hand. Some of her saliva had surfaced onto my hand, making it sticky. Yuck!

‘Time to make you talk more… y-you don’t impress me!’ I laughed.

- Chapter 8 Coming Soon! -

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