- My name's Ellie. My name's Abby. My name's Millie. - We are just like every other human being on the planet. A very small planet, which is full of massive stories. Full of mystery, full of drama... and most importantly, it is full of nature. Whether that is animals, plants, or even us... Back To School tomorrow... and you know what that means? - Nerds, Bullies... and every individual child who comes to class. Every pupil that enters those two doors are fake. Some pretend to be people they're not. And when it becomes too much... WHAT DO WE DO?!


6. Ellie’s POV [Chapter 5]

Ellie’s POV

The floor looks dirty. And those girls left quite a mess behind… wrappers of some strange candy. I’ve also found some fluffy pink socks. As I searched the area, I only found a few items. Barely anything worth showing Sarah. As I stood up, a tall woman looked down at me. My eyes scrolled up her, and I caught glimpse of her name badge. “Peggy.”

‘What are you doing on the floor?’ Peggy whispered.

‘Looking for my… forget it! – I don’t know, maybe I fell over…’ I laughed.

‘Get out! – I don’t want anyone messing around in the Cafe…’

I brushed the dust off my white shirt and moved towards the small corridor. Pushing past several students, I managed to find my feet. The stairway leading up to the girl’s toilets is all I had in mind. Where else would they go with a boy? – They’re limited to where than can go. They have boundaries, as do I. I walked up the stairs and climbed the last step. As I reached the top, I caught glimpse of one of the girls who was with Kyle before. I shoved past and accidentally pushed a teacher to the right.

Before the girl could walk off, I grabbed her by her long brown hair. She squealed, I pulled her into the girl’s toilets with rough handling. She squealed a little louder, as I slammed the door behind us. I threw her onto the wet floor. A wet floor sign kept us aware, she slipped under the shelf holding up the sink. Lots of dust under there, and horrible odours too. She squealed as she lifted herself up from the mucky ground. She didn’t look too happy, feeling quite disappointed with herself, she sighed deeply. I lifted her onto her feet and held her against the mirror, pushing her right cheek against the mirror. She flinched trying to knock me off her, instead I had the upper hand.

‘Bitch! – Why don’t you tell me where Kyle is?’ I whispered.

‘…you don’t have to hurt me to find out where your ex-boyfriend is…’ she smirked.

I grabbed her by her hair and ripped out a layer of brown hair. Enraged with fury, I slammed her face into the mirror, and asked her the same question.

‘…Where is Kyle?!’ I screamed.

‘He is outside…’ she gasped.

‘No he isn’t! Don’t try to get funny with me…’ I became infuriated.

‘Throw me into the mirror again, I think I see blood…’ she grinned.

With a final bit of a push, I shoved her with power into the mirror. Her cheek made a click sound. Her jaw also clicked as she rebalanced herself on the ground. I held her by her hair and dragged her across the wet floor. A patch of mud where girls hadn’t wiped their feet properly was next to the fire exit door. She flinched as I dragged her closer to the mud patch.

‘Kyle isn’t outside… I-I’m sorry! He is in the Art Department!’ She screamed.

‘Now was that difficult?’ I laughed.

She looked shook up and upset. As she thanked me over and over again, I felt the need to finish off what I was going to do in the first place. As she smiled at me, I slapped her with her expecting the slap. Lucky for me, she still fell over. Half of her body was in the mud, so I did get my revenge.

‘Good job… now throw me into the mirror again! – You stupid-!’ She screamed.

Her voice echoed throughout the corridors, as I left with no sound. I walked down towards the stairway leading up to the Art Department on the semi-second floor. I looked behind me for once, and caught the sight of the girl I had hurt. She had been pulled out of the toilets by female teachers, as they supervised her. All the students passing laughed out loudly. She covered her face with fear and stomped off towards the main office. Lucky her, she gets to go home…

With one girl out of the way. I felt a little better about myself. I just wish that had been Kacey’s face smothered in mud. I hate her so much! – She always bullies those who can’t defend themselves. As I reached the semi-second floor. I checked the first two doors on the left and on the right. Unlucky! No sign of Kyle or the girls. As I moved to the third door, I could hear giggling from inside. As I grabbed the handle and booted the door, the door wouldn’t budge. Something on the other side was blocking anyone from coming in. As I booted with more power, the door started to give in to my kicks.

After a final kick, a voice whispered to me.

‘Go away… lesson doesn’t start yet…’

The voice sounded quite sharp, and very serious.

‘Let me in now! – My name is Ellie…’ I sighed.

‘Ellie? – What do you want?!’ Another voice echoed from inside.

‘Who is that?!’ I demanded to know.

‘Nobody! Now go away…’ the voice cringed.

As I was making progress with the door almost falling off its hinges? I can’t give in! – I’m this close to finding Kyle… and lesson begins in under an hour. With another kick, I shoved the door open. As the door moved, it wobbled to the side and shoved the plastic boxes out of the way. Aha! Barricading the door… smart going girls! – I was in! Now it is time to find Kyle…

I rubbed my eyes shut, and then reopened them. To my surprise, I saw Kyle standing behind an art shelf. The girl holding the door shut had fallen over from my kicks. She was still conscious, just a little light headed I’d imagine. I pushed past the boxes and moved towards Kyle, trying to sneak up on him. As I got closer, I caught sight of another girl standing beside him. The tall one! – Her makeup was ridiculous! – Way too much makeup! As I tapped Kyle on the shoulder, he turned around with fear.

‘What the…!’ Kyle flinched.

‘Kyle… It’s me, Ellie.’ I smiled.

‘Ellie? – What are you doing here?’ Kyle sighed.

‘W-wait… why are you unhappy to see me?!’ I roared.

‘I’m happy to see you… just not happy with you being here at this moment!’ He moaned.

The tall girl interrupted our little reunion, she laughed in front of me. Her long hair made me sick, and her makeup made me sicker. Her perfect little handbag worth a lot of cash! – I bet she stole it… Kyle raised his eyebrow at me. He made body language, telling me to keep my mouth shut.

‘Kyle? – Why didn’t you tell me you were inviting Ellie around?’ She smiled.

‘Because… I didn’t expect her to follow me!’ He enraged.

Kyle’s tone irritated me. I can’t believe this! He rather hates me or likes me… I thought friendship couldn’t be broken. I get it, we can’t be together! I blew that… well he did! He messed up my life.

‘Well… I didn’t expect her either. When I said private time Kyle, I don’t want your little snoop, snooping around our business…’ she grabbed Kyle by his collar.

‘I-I know… I’ll get rid of her, I promise…’ Kyle shook like it was winter in here.

‘Good! – Ellie… I’ll leave you two to it. Maybe you can talk some sense into him.’

I nodded with slight hesitation. The tall girl walked over to the door I had broken, and lifted up her light headed friend. She smiled at me for a brief second and walked out of the room. Leaving me and Kyle with alone time. Now that is nice of her!

‘Ellie… if we aren’t together… why are you sticking around?’ Kyle sighed.

‘Don’t you dare pin this on me… after everything I’ve been through?’ I cried.

‘We’ve* everything we’ve been through, Ellie!’ He raged.

‘Showing your true colours Kyle? – Give it up… I’ve seen you, soft and scared!’ I roared.

‘I didn’t even want to shout at you-‘ Kyle spoke in a soft tone.

‘Spare me your little lies… I made an effort to find you! That’s how much I care about you…’

‘Go away Ellie! Can’t you see, that nobody, including me! Will go out with some pathetic doll like you!’ Kyle whispered in a sharp tone.

His facial expression frightened me. It looked too serious to believe. Would he really become this aggravated? Would he really scoop to an all-time low?!

Kyle nudged me as he walked right through me. Well past me… he ignored my tears and shoved past me with a smirk on his face. I turned before he could leave me alone. My tears exposed to his sight, he faced me with his big blue eyes. I fell in love with you once, and I will again… It’ll always happen!

‘Kyle! – Don’t just walk away from this… from me!’ I moaned.

‘Walking away seems to work… it gets me away from you, from the hands of a monster!’ He grinned.

‘Expose yourself Kyle! Show me your true emotions… give me your heart!’ I screamed.

‘No way… had you blown it babes… you made it too difficult to be around you! – I’ve got a better life ahead of me. You should’ve just walked away when you had the chance!’ Kyle whispered.

He slammed the broken door behind him, leaving me alone in a puddle of tears. As I became unsteady, hearing the horrible tone of Kyle’s voice. I threw myself against the table he been sitting on. I placed my hand on the table, crying quietly into my left hand. My hair covered my face, as tears rolled down my arms.

As I looked at the Art supplies on the shelf in front of me. My legs dangling from the edge of the table, I cried into my coat. I looked back at the supplies, and caught sight of the pencils. Next to the pencils, I could see papers and scraps. As I looked up a little more, I caught glimpse of some small and big sharpeners. I lifted myself up, trying to reach for the sharpeners.

I put more pressure on my heels, pulling myself to a better height. As I reached for the sharpeners, I managed to grab a small one. I held it in my hand, and sat back down. Staring at the sharpener in my left hand, and the tears on my arms. I sobbed quietly, holding the sharpener in my hand and tightening my grip. With a bit of power, I smashed open the sharpener. Revealing the blade, the blade with a bit of loose plastic clipped to it.

As I held the blade of the sharpener above my left arm, I moved it slowly down towards my wrist. No pressure yet, I felt the need to cut myself. As I held it tighter and got a better grip of the blade, I pushed pressure down on it. As it scraped under my skin, cutting a line down my arm.

‘…that is for Kyle! A long stream of blood for my love!’ I screamed in pain.

I moved the blade to my other arm, hovering above it. As I looked down in pain grieving. I took a deep breath and shoved it into the skin of my right arm. Instead of drawing a long line, I made a circle that led to my elbow. Blood could be seen, and it dripped a little onto the table.

‘…Ah! – Ouch! –Ah!’ My heart panted.

The Art room’s broken door slammed open. Breaking some of the plastic boxes sitting beside the doorway. As I turned around in pain, crying loudly. With heavy breathing blocking my thoughts. A shadow approached me, the shadow looked thin.

(Who could it be? – Sister…?)



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