- My name's Ellie. My name's Abby. My name's Millie. - We are just like every other human being on the planet. A very small planet, which is full of massive stories. Full of mystery, full of drama... and most importantly, it is full of nature. Whether that is animals, plants, or even us... Back To School tomorrow... and you know what that means? - Nerds, Bullies... and every individual child who comes to class. Every pupil that enters those two doors are fake. Some pretend to be people they're not. And when it becomes too much... WHAT DO WE DO?!


5. Ellie's POV [Chapter 4]

Ellie’s POV

Jenny coughed as she covered her face, hiding behind her handbag. Her glasses were still in sight, and Kacey was loving the attention she was getting. Her following, her crowd kept her occupied. I wanted to turn around, and actually say something mean and spiteful to Kacey. Yet, I didn’t. I can’t speak up for Jenny. I can barely speak up for myself, I’m just not nervous as she is. I’m more confident on stage, and I can tackle crowds easily. Speaking to someone I barely know, that makes me shyer. I find it difficult to speak up for my own rights. If only… Kyle let me down gently and not so roughly.

‘Lunch break…’ Kacey whispered behind my back.

The bell rang for Lunch Break. It was time to get some fresh air. A day like today deserves a break. I couldn’t stand the tension and rivalry going on in the school today. It has been awful! – Dreadful. No Kyle to hold onto, Sarah causing more trouble. Jenny being bullied fully this time! – When will the nightmares end? I miss the old days, when everything felt normal. Now… it is just a joke. A huge waste of time. My older sister hates me, so I don’t have anyone to rely on…

As the bell finished ringing, everyone got out of their seats except Jenny. I stood up and waited for our dismissing. Miss Jennifer stood up looking worse than before. She didn’t look too healthy, I ignored the fact she was stressed. Jenny was still shy and nervous, hiding herself away. Kacey slapped her on the face as she walked past. Her friends Katie and Kelly followed her like sheep. Kacey smirked as she slammed the classroom door. The tension in my mind built up hatred for Kacey. I’d say she was one thin ice. I never liked her anyway, she always caused trouble and disruptions.

Sarah however, she keeps to herself. She never hangs around with the three girls. It would be a joke if she did. Her popularity rests on Kyle’s arms. Well it used to, I’m not even sure where her popularity is now. I guess… she just calls herself popular, and everyone agrees with her wishes. Her father is quite wealthy after all. It would make a lot of sense if she had come over to me and said I hate Kyle. Instead, she just walked off like nothing happened with them in the first place.

‘Jenny… you can go, the lesson is finished!’ Miss Jennifer whispered.

‘…leave her alone.’ Kacey laughed from outside.

‘Shut up Kacey!’ I finally lost my temper.

‘Ellie… go to the back of the room, we’ll talk in a minute!’ Miss Jennifer also lost her temper.

Kacey continued to smirk through the circular window. As her two friends laughed behind her.

Jenny didn’t move, she just sat there holding onto her handbag. Her face was hidden perfectly, no sight for Kacey to see. I could barely see her face too. I guess, Jenny just had it badly today.

As I walked over to the back of the room, I sat down on the comfy arm chair. A dark blue chair with nice comfort to relax on. I rested on the chair and waited for Miss Jennifer to come over to me. As I looked back to the door window, Kacey and her two friends had gone. Finally! – No sign of the Muppets. Good to see some progress being made. Miss Jennifer whispered at the front of the room to Jenny. I tried to read her lip sync, speaking out the words in my head.

‘Jenny… lesson is finished. Why are you not moving?’ Miss Jennifer whispered.

‘…go away! – You’re just like them… you don’t care about me!’ Jenny cried.

‘Is that so? – In that case Jenny! Go down to the detention room. I’m sick of my class treating me like dirt!’ She shouted.

Jenny didn’t budge. Her face still hidden, she cried into her handbag. Miss Jennifer looked seriously pissed. I could tell that she was angry. She looked so unhealthy though, and very ill looking. Her skin looked more pale than colourful. And her left eye kept twitching whenever the sunlight shined through into the classroom.

‘Fine… I’ll be having words with your parents! – And… someone will be up to collect you.’

Jenny didn’t reply. Instead, she just sat there with her handbag locked into her soppy face.

Miss Jennifer finally walked over to me, her facial expression looked painful to say the least.

‘Right! – Ellie… what is it this time?’ Miss Jennifer crossed her arms.

‘Nothing… I’m just feeling a little under the weather Miss,’ I sighed.

‘Good. I’m feeling that too Ellie! – Just go get your lunch…’ she groaned.

After our short conversation, I got up and left the room. Lunch Break only had thirty minutes left until next lesson. I had to make the most of my free time. Finding Kyle was one of them. My priority is to speak to Kyle, and get back onto his good side. Or, maybe I just want to know more about him now. He has changed. And I don’t like it when he changes… I’ve suffered from it in the past!

As I walked down the second corridor, half way up the stairs too. My eyes caught the sight of Kacey and her two friends. They were all sitting down on a little bench near the window. They were just next to the Art Department. Kacey was laughing with her IPhone 4 in her left hand. Kelly was gasping for air from the open window. And Katie was giggling to herself near the first door.

In quick time, I got into my dark red hoodie and covered my face with a cloth. My eyes could be seen, yet my nose and facial features were hidden. Dodging a bullet, that’s what I’d call it. I walked past Kacey and Kelly with ease, they didn’t even look my way. As I moved towards the next corridor, Katie got in the way. My bad, I weren’t looking where I was going!

‘Hey! Watch it…’ Katie shouted.

‘…shut up, I’m walking.’

‘Katie? What’s a matter?!’ Kacey walked over.

‘Go away!’ Katie roared.

‘Who do you think you are?’ Kacey got up in my face.

She was invading my personal space. My private bubble, we all have our boundaries. Some of our bubbles extend more than others. Mine is not too friendly, and not too spacious. Kacey’s face was right in my face as she shouted in my ears. “What the heck are you going to my friend?!”

I ignored Kacey and pushed past her, walking away with no manners in mind.

‘Don’t just walk away from me… come back here now!’ Kacey screamed.

Not far from the stairs leading down to ground floor, I pushed past the other crowds of students. Why do they always stand in groups in stupid spaces! – It makes walking past them difficult…

Kacey threw a full apple at my back and laughed behind my back. Kelly’s gasping for air sounded louder than before. Katie was giggling as she threw paper airplanes towards me head. Surely they’d stop at some point. They should know that all this is childish and stupid… Kacey finally approached me, stopping me in my tracks. She speed walked over to me and pushed me back a few steps.

‘Hiding your face? You don’t scare me!’ Kacey laughed.

‘…I’m not trying to scare you. I just want to get something to eat…’ I spoke in a different voice.

‘Ha, and your voice sounds familiar… I’m pretty sure I already know you!’ Kacey continued laughing.

‘Good for you. You probably know a lot of people around here…’ I sighed.

‘You got that right! – Why don’t you just walk on? I’d call this your lucky day…’ Kacey smirked.

Whilst I was standing and confronting Kacey, I felt movement behind me. My handbag had been stolen! – As I looked behind me, a shadow faded away in the blink of an eye around the corner. Kacey’s smirk really annoyed me. I just wanted to claw her eyes out right here and right now!

I turned and ignored my missing handbag. And decided to walk on towards the stairs.

‘Oh… have you lost something?’ Kacey interrupted.

I turned back to face Kacey, as she grinned at me.

‘You’re a pain in the ass… you know that?’ I whispered.

‘Why don’t you take off your stupid mask and say that again!’ Kacey became aggressive.

I lowered myself to her level. As I ripped off my cloth from around my mouth. I pushed my hood back down, and revealed my face to her. She looked shocked to see me. Now that is a face for the books! – Her shocked expression kept me laughing inside my mind. She then switched to shocked to furious. She continued screeching down my ears with her bickering. I clamped her jaw shut using my left hand. Holding her mouth closed, just a bit of peace for once huh?

She continued mumbling in her forced closed mouth. I finally released my grip around her jaw and pushed her backwards. She became unsteady and failed to balance on her feet. As I smirked at her, she lost her balance and fell slipping down the wall. I bet she got some nasty burns from that. It is a very hot day today after all. And I’m sure that heat burns will occur often!

‘…Ellie! I swear to god… you better stay there. I’ll beat you up now!’ Kacey squawked.

She looked so pathetic on the ground. Finally, someone looking down at her, besides her father. Yeah… it sounds harsh, but she did lose her father to her own stupid needs. Truth be told, she killed her father. And of course she blamed her mother… which led to her living with her grandparents. Ha, she really screwed up her life. No wonder she tries to ruin others…

I walked down the corridor with no fear of Kacey finding me again. My smirk was hidden away from her, as I walked down the stairs towards ground floor. The only real problem I had now though… was that my handbag had been taken from me. I don’t even have to guess who that was. The slipping on the marble flooring was dead obvious to be honest. Only Katie could slip as much as that. Talk about a smooth criminal… she can’t even stand on her two feet when running. No wonder she’s such a bad girl in sports. She sucks at running mostly, and she slips all over the place in sprinting courses.

The only question is, where would Katie hide? – If anything, Katie has ran back to Kacey. And if Kacey has power over me, using my own handbag as a ransom. I’ll be in for a beating for sure! And only Kacey can hold a grudge against me, longer than Kyle at least. I imagine that Kacey will be my worst nightmare to come. Her two friends already haunt the corridors with their stupidity.

Ground floor, I walked towards the Lunch Room. Ignoring the fact Kacey could strike unexpectedly. I decided to calm myself with a nice bite to eat. Heck, maybe I’ll see Kyle there! – And if not, I’ll catch the green eyed monster named Sarah. Maybe Jenny is down here. There’s a possibility of her eating late. She always comes to the Lunch Room late. I guess she wants to avoid the tough crowds.

‘…Sarah is in detention bro, ha, you should have seen the look on her face!’ Someone laughed.

‘Really? – Is she really doing that again…’ Kyle whispered.

‘Yeah, I bet she just wants to get kicked out of school…’ Someone said.

As I walked into the lunch room, I saw Kyle and a hooded stranger standing in front of him. The stranger looked like someone from our class. Although, there are a lot of people here who look similar to the ones in our class. The hooded stranger finally revealed his name to the public.

‘Kev, are you sure you don’t want to try some of this?’ Another voice whispered.

As I got closer to them, I caught glimpse of another lad. He had been standing behind the door, speaking to Kyle and the hooded stranger named Kev. I bet his full name is Kevin. You can never be too sure though. It sounds about right, although… maybe this guy just wants the public to know his fake name. Maybe… I’m being too stupid with this situation.

‘…Sarah gave me her early lunch pass this morning. Ha, she really knows who to come to!’ Kev laughed.

‘Hey, I don’t expect her to be perfect!’ Kyle chuckled.

‘She really has an eye for you though, ha…’

‘Yeah, I bet Kyle got lucky getting out of that one. Dodged a bullet there Kyle, ha!’ Kev smirked.

‘Y-yeah… I-I dodged a bullet…’ Kyle sighed. ‘I’ll catch you later guys…’

Kyle walked away from Kev who had a smirk on his face. The other lad behind the door still nameless to me walked away too.

As I approached the small Café. A tall woman with red hair spoke down to me. “What can I get you?”

‘I’ll have a Coffee please.’ I replied.

‘And do you want anything else?’ She smiled. ‘How many sugars?’

‘Two! – And yes… I could do with a cupcake…’ I groaned.

‘Right! – Coming right up. The cupcakes are being made as we speak…’ She whispered.

As I moved my small tray down the counter, and moved down the line. I caught closer sights of Kyle walking towards a group of girls. The group of girls looked to be two years older than us. From what I can see, there are four girls sitting on one of the small tables behind the large doors. They really aren’t to be trusted. Anyone hiding behind large doors, it can only mean trouble…

‘Kyle… didn’t expect you to be in today.’ A tall brown haired girl whispered.

‘Got in early… had to! – So, what can I get you today, Joanne?’ Kyle replied.

‘Why don’t you come with us?’ A smaller girl with blonde hair interrupted.

‘If you want sure… where to?’ Kyle mumbled.

‘Not far really… just come on!’ The girls grabbed his hand.

As I watched them pull him out the Lunch Room and out of the Café. I felt depressed for not saying something to him sooner. He really has gone mad, why else would we hang with a bunch of girls older than him? – Am I mad too? I guess I am for thinking he’d come back to me. Sarah really has a lot to make up to him, and yet she failed to, ha! – Funny thing is… I can’t wait to break the news about his love life now. Four girls who like him, this’ll lead to some juicy trouble.

‘Here’s your cupcake, and here’s your coffee with two sugars…’ The Café worker interrupted.

‘Thanks, and here you go.’ I handed her the payment.

With a warm coffee in my left hand, and a cupcake in my right. I decided to find a seat to sit on. As the closest seat was the behind the large doors. I decided to sit there, my curiosity got the better of me. I sat there for a reason, I wanted to find some clues. Some information on where they’ve taken Kyle. Or maybe… I’m just into some evidence to show Sarah, to back up my story. Our rivalry that will surely get in the way… if I just be honest with her and deliver no evidence.

Time to search! – I hope I find something worth keeping…

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