- My name's Ellie. My name's Abby. My name's Millie. - We are just like every other human being on the planet. A very small planet, which is full of massive stories. Full of mystery, full of drama... and most importantly, it is full of nature. Whether that is animals, plants, or even us... Back To School tomorrow... and you know what that means? - Nerds, Bullies... and every individual child who comes to class. Every pupil that enters those two doors are fake. Some pretend to be people they're not. And when it becomes too much... WHAT DO WE DO?!


4. Ellie's POV [Chapter 3]

Ellie’s POV

At the school entrance. Kyle is sitting against the wall, resting his back. He looks quite cheerful for someone who had lost to a girl. He lost his own relationship, so why is he smiling? He did have his phone in his hands. So maybe, just maybe, he is laughing at some funny photo or video.

‘Ellie… you made it. I knew you would. Good to see you again,’ Kyle smiled.

‘…good to see you t-too…’ I sighed.

‘Why the sad face? – Do you not feel good about meeting me?’ Kyle whispered.

‘I feel fine. Let’s just go to class, we have Maths remember…’ I smiled.

‘Sure… just wait here. I’m waiting for a text, good to see you made it though.’

‘Kyle… you don’t own me!’ I screamed.

‘Don’t go crazy on me now, we aren’t even at the top floor yet… do that to me then.’ He smirked.

Is it just me, or has Kyle changed over the past weeks. His relationship with a rival of mine, why is he so different to me? – He is more stubborn, and seems strange. He is smiling, knowing that he has lost someone close to him. I don’t get him, I thought I knew this guy. Why is he so desperate but doesn’t show on the outside how he feels? – Is he hiding it from me? – Why does he act so strange around me? So many questions! I just want him to be normal, like our past relationship together.

Kyle’s phone beeped, making a sound of his ringtone.

‘Ah, good to see the text returning…’ Kyle smiled.

‘Come on Kyle, it is pretty cold out here…’ I nagged.

‘Moan, is that all you can do? – I said give me a minute!’ He raised his tone.

Kyle pushed me away from him, his voice had done the work for him. No physical contact, he just made me move with a strange force. I wanted to stay with him, yet my mind told me differently. If only, my friend has the same lesson as me. She’d trust me more, and I’d feel better, a lot better. Due to my little stunt earlier, she hates me. She even thinks that I’m a slut. Kyle doesn’t though, right?

‘Ellie, you realise that we may get a detention for turning up later than expected… right?’

‘I knew that Kyle, stop trying to confuse me…’ I hissed.

‘Whatever, you can explain to the teacher for my absence, we make a great little team, don’t we.’

‘Sure… w-we make a great team, Kyle. Without you, I’d be lost for words, ha, ha…’ I smiled.

Abby turned up late too? – She approached me and Kyle with her pink handbag. Wow, she got a new handbag. Pink too, what a great colour to choose. She had a smile on her face, and avoided eye contact with me. She actually spoke to Kyle for once, now that is strange… she hates him.

‘Abby, Ellie and I are waiting… how come you’re in today?’ Kyle asked.

‘Extra work, or something. I’ll just leave you with her, see you later Kyle.’

Abby walked away and pushed past me. She looked back to smile at Kyle, covering her left eye.

‘Whatever you did to her, she sure hates you. Ha, ha…’ Kyle nudged me.

‘Stop! – She isn’t my friend anymore. Just like you losing Sarah, I lost someone too…’

‘When will you speak about me, you can only mention Sarah…’ Kyle groaned.

‘Never. You still think that Sarah is the one for you. I can see it in your eyes…’

‘Of course, so me and you being here together, does that mean nothing to you?’ He looked angry.

I flinched from his outbreak. He had a point, who am I to deny our love? – No way! He is a jerk. I don’t trust him anymore, I lost hope in him years ago. So why does my mind tell him differently. Can we not agree on the same level? – Kyle has words, he has reasons for why he loves me. Abby is my friend, yet she doesn’t use any special words. She just gives me my name, calls me by my name. A name that I’m not a huge fan of. Why couldn’t I pick my name? – I’d love a new name. And being with Kyle, he gives me nicknames. The names a girl like me would drool over.

Kyle looked away from me, (I tried to comfort him.) He chose to ignore my attempts of helping him. Instead, he walked away from me, not looking back again. I mumbled to myself, (his name.) Why can’t I have myself develop enough confidence? I want him to see a different side of me. He continued down the hallway, leaving silence behind him. Come to think of it, our conversation was more spoken in body language. Our vocals didn’t end well. And the body language of him moving away from me. It speaks to me, it tells me that we’ll never be together…

I chose to ignore it. Leave it behind me, maybe I should walk away from this too. Kyle had the right idea, he has never been wrong about anything. I decided to walk away, walk away and never look back. As I reached the stairway heading down to the second floor. I slowly walked down whilst hesitating to look behind me. Instead, I bit my bottom lip and struggled to get to the second floor feeling normal. I felt awful, and sick minded for not telling him my true feelings.

‘Get to your lesson! – You don’t just walk away from me, young man!’ A voice screamed.

After hearing the sound of a male voice shouting. I had to go see what the commotion was. As I dashed down towards the doors near the middle corridor on the second floor. I caught glimpse of Kyle and a tall shadow looking down on him. Kyle looked angrier than our last encounter together. His hands were closed showing his fists. The shadow talking down to him, it sounded like a teacher I knew. Mr Stevens. It had to be him! – He has had it in for Kyle for years. He never trusted him from day one. Kyle threatened his social life with really mean words. I can’t go into detail, it would just break my heart. He has a way with words, not so greatly though.

‘I-if you think that running down corridors is fun. Then you can jog around the school tonight!’

‘No way! – I’m not going to get exercise for your amusement…’ Kyle huffed.

‘Is that so? – So why are you standing here, Kyle. Why are you even in this school still?’

‘None of your business. I’m here to be educated… obviously…’ Kyle sighed.

My mind told me to walk over to him. Back him up when he’s feeling down. I didn’t, I couldn’t. If I stood up for his wrongs, how would he learnt his rights? – I need to teach him manners… then again, I’m not one for being polite either. I just wish someone could teach the both of us. Make us into different people, make us feel what they feel now.

‘Detention Kyle! – Get to your class. And then you’ll be spending your lunch break down here…’

‘W-whatever…’ Kyle walked off.

As Mr Steven’s shadow disappeared from the walls. I moved away, walking towards Kyle’s last presence. As I reached my I.C.T class room, I knocked on the door. I waited for the teacher… Miss Jennifer. She taught computers, apparently… I think she is a little crazy in the head. With all those brain cells she is losing, it is no wonder to why she can’t spell properly, sometimes.

The door finally opened, Miss Jennifer looked cross. She didn’t look too kind to talk to. Instead, I received the silent treatment. She let me inside the classroom, and waited for me to sit down. I walked in, looking at many faces staring at me. My whole class weren’t happy with me. Kyle was still out of sight. I guess he has other plans… Sarah though, she was in my classroom. She looked at me like an angry kitty cat. I wanted to claw her face so badly! – Instead, she turned away and went back to what she was doing. As I logged myself onto the computer, I waited for the login to finish.

‘Sarah! To the front of the class. You will be showing us your presentation…’ Miss Jennifer whispered.

Sarah walked to the front of the class, (her walk was quite shifty.)

‘So… Sarah? What do you have for us?’ Miss Jennifer crossed her arms.

‘Not much… I-I kind of got distracted… Miss…’ Sarah gulped.

‘Not much huh? – I’m sorry Sarah… you’re just going to have to finish it during your lunch break.’

‘N-no… you can’t do that! – My daddy is picking me up today. He is going to buy me some credit for my phone. My IPhone 5S…’ Sarah moaned.

‘Oh really… fascinating. Tell me, how is this relevant to what we’re discussing in this lesson?’

‘Shut up! – Don’t patronise me… make me sound like an idiot, why don’t you do one!’ Sarah screamed.

In an outburst, Sarah had out stayed her welcome. Miss Jennifer slammed the door behind Sarah, as she escorted Sarah to the other classroom next door. Outside, we could hear voices.

‘How dare you! How dare you stand up to me in my own classroom?’ Miss Jennifer shouted.

‘…Is she, oh god. Has she really annoyed you again?!’ A teacher next door shouted.

‘Yes! In front of my class. My whole class heard her be rude… what more do you want!’

‘Sarah… just get inside!’

A door slammed shut from outside. Not long after, Miss Jennifer returned to the classroom looking stressed. Her shirts was a little loose, and her makeup looked quite ruined. I didn’t say anything though. The snickering laughs behind me made the message loud and clear. Our thoughts were translated into laugher. Good job, Miss Jennifer has just achieved an all-time low!

Everyone in the class turn to face their computers, including myself. My login finally finished! I was now free to do the work in peace. With Sarah out of the classroom, this day might become great! I just wish Kyle would make my day brighter. Probably not, I barely understand him nowadays.

‘Jenny, please come up to the front… show us your presentation. It’s not fair you miss out on this because of some silly girl’s behaviour…’ Miss Jennifer sighed.

‘Thanks Miss Jennifer. I won’t let you down!’ Jenny screamed with joy.

Jenny, a wise noble pupil of our class. Me particularly… I don’t really like her. Her goofy glasses, big silver rimmed plastic glasses. They really bother me. Her tie looks way too nerdy for my liking. My expectations for someone like her, a name like Jenny. I expected someone a little more attractive to the human eye. Instead, I got someone who doesn’t have weight problems. She just don’t fit her name perfectly. She does however, have a way of keeping her A’s for every damn lesson she does!

‘…okay… um, class! I mean… friends! – I’ve made a… a… presentation about bunnies!’ She mumbled.

‘Speak up please! – We can barely hear you from back here!’ Kacey chuckled.

‘…Bunnies are amazing creatures… t-they remind me of…’ she paused.

Jenny’s cheeks went red, her face began to swell up into a rosy red colour. Her nervous speech failed to reach my ears. I barely heard her sentences. She didn’t make much sense, just mutters here and there. Jenny needs to become more confident too! – I’m already confident though…

‘How about I finish your presentation for you…’ Kacey joked.

‘No… I-I can do it on my own. J-just let me get a glass of water… please Miss!’ Jenny begged.

‘Of course you can. So why are we waiting so long, Jenny?! – Maybe her glasses aren’t fitting her eyes…’ Kacey laughed out.

Kacey’s little joke kept some snickering to continue. Others spoke behind Jenny’s back. Since I am at the back, I can hear everything they are saying about Jenny. Here are some examples:

‘Jenny needs to conquer her stage fright…’ – ‘she looks like a cheeky monkey…’ – ‘a hairy one, ha!’

‘She can’t speak for crap!’ – ‘She needs to speak up, or her parents will abandon her…’ – ‘I wish she’d shut up. Her muttering is ruining my music!’

All the spiteful comments started to get louder, Jenny looked even more nervous. As I looked behind me, I caught glimpse of some faces with angry facial expressions. Some looked happier, whilst others were spitting towards Jenny’s direction. Disgusting! – Stop being so trampy…!

Jenny began to sweat, I could see she was becoming less stable. Miss Jennifer made her feel like a baby. She really does get bullied by the whole class…

‘Jenny… I’ll finish your presentation, go sit down. Your little thoughts on bunnies is cute though.’

Miss Jennifer embarrassed Jenny. 

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