- My name's Ellie. My name's Abby. My name's Millie. - We are just like every other human being on the planet. A very small planet, which is full of massive stories. Full of mystery, full of drama... and most importantly, it is full of nature. Whether that is animals, plants, or even us... Back To School tomorrow... and you know what that means? - Nerds, Bullies... and every individual child who comes to class. Every pupil that enters those two doors are fake. Some pretend to be people they're not. And when it becomes too much... WHAT DO WE DO?!


3. Ellie's POV [Chapter 2]

Ellie’s POV

At the stairs, I managed to find sense. Mr Andrew had no right to shout at me. I’m not even a bad girl. I’m just doing what’s right, it is my opinion that counts… to me anyway. Mr Andrew chased me down the stairs, difference was: I was running, and he was walking down the stairs. As I reached one floor down, Mr Andrew’s shadow started to grow on the wall behind me. I hid myself behind one of the trash cans, and waited for Mr Andrew to pass. To my luck, he walked past me. As he looked very angry, and very upset at the same time.

‘Ellie… yes, I need to report her. What she done? – Are you serious…? She has disrupted my class, and refused to cooperate. – Just send her to the cooler…’ Mr Andrew spoke on his radio.

As Mr Andrew’s voice faded down the corridors, I walked down more of the stairs. My heart was racing, knowing that I’m in serious trouble, it really has affected me. I ran down more stairs, and reached the bottom floor. Only to be greeted by someone I didn’t want to bump into… Kyle, he had found me? No, I bumped into him, he found me first. Mr Andrew can deal with Kyle…

‘Ellie… is there any floor where you don’t hang around?’ Kyle grunted.

‘W-wait, Kyle…’ I mumbled.

‘Shut up! – Why do you insist on following me? – There is no us anymore… when will you accept that?!’ Kyle shouted.

‘That’s right… let the whole school know! – Good job, Kyle…’ I cried.

‘I don’t care anymore… and you shouldn’t either. Sarah and I are sick of you…’ Kyle whispered.

Kyle looked really angry with me. I didn’t mean to walk into him. His dark hair, that dark hair I loved. And his face, his beautiful face that I fell in love with. He means so much to me… but now? – He has moved on. I still like him… a little. I wish he would just talk to me in a better tone. So what if he is with Sarah, she can just go bury herself. I’m sick of seeing Sarah around the school anyway. Why don’t she just leave? – Mr Andrew is too dense to notice this…?

Kyle lifted up his bag pack onto his shoulder and walked off. I tried to forget about what he had told me. Maybe his warning is just a little too harsh… I stepped into the corridors, and waited for Mr Andrew to find me. There’s no point running away from him, he always finds you. I’ve learnt that the hard way, in the past… so, maybe, just maybe, he’ll have a heart this time.

‘Ellie, why aren’t you in class?’ Mrs Simpson whispered.

‘T-toilets… had to go there. Sorry, look, if you see Mr Andrew… tell him-‘ I replied.

‘T-tell him what?’ Mrs Simpsons raised her left eyebrow.

‘Tell him, that Kyle needs a detention too…’ I whispered.

‘Ha, I’m not going to spread your little rumour around… calm down, girl…’ she laughed.

‘Fine… he’ll just get away with bullying then. Thanks for nothing, teach!’ I slammed the door.

‘W-what?’ Mrs Simpson roared.

Her voice faded as the door slammed shut. Leaving Mrs Simpson to deal with Kyle, it was the best idea I’ve ever had. I approached the stairs with a gut feeling that I was going to get caught. I brushed it off my chest, and carried on walking up the stairs. As I reached the second floor, I caught the sight of Sarah. She was talking to Mr Andrew near the I.C.T rooms…

‘Sarah, you can’t just… make out with Kyle in class…’ Mr Andrew whispered.

‘I-I can do what I wish too… he loves me. Jealous Sir?’ She laughed.

‘Sarah! – You come back here now! – Get back here Sarah!’ Mr Andrew shouted.

Sarah ran with her handbag around her shoulder, and dashed towards me. I hid myself behind the door, as Sarah made a getaway from Mr Andrew up the stairs. Sarah’s footsteps faded as she reached the top floor. Mr Andrew looked exhausted, as he sat down beside the door I was hiding behind. My heart was racing even quicker, faster and faster. I tried to slip out from behind the door while he looked down. Yet, no use. If I escaped now, he’d notice… I tried to stay quiet, but the cramped space I was stuck in, my legs were hurting. And my neck started to ache. I tried not to whine or scream; yet, Mr Andrew stayed by the door trying to catch his breath.

‘…Sarah, why… - why do you have to run away?’ Mr Andrew spoke to himself.

Mr Andrew finally got up and started walking up the stairs again. As he moved away from the door. I pushed myself out and walked up the stairs, following behind him. On the way up, Abby stopped me on the middle of the stairs. She didn’t look too happy, a little depressed maybe? – I couldn’t quite understand what was up with her. As she looked at me, and wouldn’t let me pass her. I decided to talk to her, hoping that she’d accept my bad behaviour.

‘Sarah told me, she told what you did…’ Abby mumbled.

‘W-what? – And you just listen to anybody, do you?’ I scoffed.

‘Don’t get cheeky with me, I know you now… why do it though, huh?’

‘Cheeky? I’m not cheeky Abby, I thought we were friends…’ I whispered.

‘Friends…? I hope you’re joking. What kind of friend sets up their own best friend?’ She covered her face.

‘A good friend… someone who actually cares about you, Abby!’ I screamed.

‘Whatever… Mr Andrew can find you. I won’t say a word, I’m not wasting my breath on a loser like you!’ Abby shouted.

‘Abby?! Keep your voice down!’ Mr Andrew’s voice interrupted.

Abby apologized to Mr Andrew, as she hesitated to give away my location. She grinned at me, and walked further down the stairs. Mr Andrew continued his search on top floor. As I walked further up, I couldn’t help but look back. Behind me, as I looked back, so did Abby. We both say each other, she looked great. I just wish she’d understand me more. I didn’t tell anyone anything… I haven’t stitched her up, I’ve made her a better friend. She deserves better…

Abby’s POV

When will Ellie understand me? – I’d love us to be best friends still. She’d love to hear that though. Sarah told me the truth, Ellie is a slut. I never had her down for one. And slut doesn’t just mean one thing to me. It means the end of our friendship too… rumour or no rumour, I believe what my instincts tell me.

She would always be someone close to me, in my heart. My dad told me that a special girl like her doesn’t come around every year. Although, my mother begs to differ. She told me a bunch of facts about her. She told me that Ellie is nothing but a bad influence on her friends. If she was anything like what my mother had said, I would have left her. Well maybe not straight away, a friendship like ours is very rare. You see… we are hardly the same, and different in many ways. I barely know her. She barely knows me. I love her though, and that’s what counts in my books.

Ellie’s POV

Back at home

‘Ellie, you haven’t been quite honest with yourself...’ Rebecca whispered.

‘Who cares? – I’m sick of having to deal with a bitch in my school.’

‘Your sister is going to lose her mind, when she finds out about you.’ Rebecca grinned.

‘Shut up! – I don’t need your advice on how to deal with my own sister…’ I laughed with sarcasm.

Millie kicks the front door, as it opens slowly. She has a horrified expression on her face.

‘You better tell me what you have done. Thanks Rebecca, now go…’ Millie shouted.

‘Like it matters.’ I laughed. ‘No problem.’

‘You have the strength to claw into our lives, and you leave Rebecca out of this…’

‘Millie, I don’t care. I’m home because school sucked today. Nobody understands that!’ I hissed.

‘If you think that you’re not going to school tomorrow, you have another thing coming, young lady!’ She screamed.

‘Look at the time. I have to go for my piano practice. Oh, and why don’t you go see your ugly excuse for a boyfriend…?’ I laughed.

Millie left the house with a cuss in her mind. She didn’t even think to look back. I waited for her to look at me, and she didn’t. She just slammed the front door and left me with Rebecca who was already confused. She thought that it was time to leave. I guess not! – She is staying with me, and I’ll make sure Millie never leaves me with some stupid excuse for a babysitter again!

‘Rebecca? – Shouldn’t you just go now?’ I asked.

‘W-well I thought I had to go… and now, I’m really unsure. Can you let your sister know that I have a meeting to go to? Because, I don’t think I can deal with you on my own.’

‘Sure thing, just walk outside. Keep going, woof, woof!’ I smirked.

Rebecca shuddered and shivered as she walked towards the front door. I made an impression of her, using dog sounds to make her walk on. It kept her away from me, so I’m happy. She looked back with a sad face, and I laughed in her face. What an annoying woman, Rebecca needs to relax at home. I shouldn’t have to be watched by the watch-dog. Next thing I know, I’ll be seeing a Watch tower keeping an eye on me. Making sure I’m up to perfect standards, well enough to impress my sister that is. She isn’t everything, she is hardly anything to me…

My phone rang, time: 3.00 PM – Caller: Kyle

‘H-hello?’ I whispered.

‘Ellie? Why are you not at school, you have an extra lesson of Maths remember…’

‘B-because school is nothing more than hatred for me. Nobody wants me there, so why don’t you go off to your next wife, and piss off somewhere else…’ I hissed.

‘E… Ellie, I don’t want that… she left me anyway, if you must know… we had an argument.’

‘Good! I hope to never see you again!’ I shouted. ‘W-wait… what?!’

‘You made your point Ellie. She wasn’t right for me, you clearly were… so come back and help me with my maths, please. We used to work together…’ Kyle moaned.

‘Oh really, and is she just a fragment of your imagination now?’ I asked.

‘Whatever… she is nothing more than a liar. Now get back here, Ellie. I’m holding your favourite drink in my hands. And… sadly, the teacher is asking where you are…’

Kyle ended the call.

“Kyle, Kyle… why are you doing this?”

Why is he doing this to me? He better not be a player. Making out like he cares, and being with different girls to meet his teeth. He thinks he’s so great, what she ever had that I didn’t. Maybe the looks, I’m not one for looks, I told him that…

I grabbed my bag and placed my phone in my handbag. Desperately waiting for new messages from Kyle, I made it clear that I wouldn’t fall for him again. So why am I? Why am I returning to his hands… he is nothing more than a loser for trying to run away with someone I despise more. If I had one word to say to him, I’d say it. Well… I’ll see him at school…


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