- My name's Ellie. My name's Abby. My name's Millie. - We are just like every other human being on the planet. A very small planet, which is full of massive stories. Full of mystery, full of drama... and most importantly, it is full of nature. Whether that is animals, plants, or even us... Back To School tomorrow... and you know what that means? - Nerds, Bullies... and every individual child who comes to class. Every pupil that enters those two doors are fake. Some pretend to be people they're not. And when it becomes too much... WHAT DO WE DO?!


11. Ellie's POV [Chapter 10]

Ellie’s POV

*** 30 Minutes Into the lesson. ***

9:30 AM, and lesson was almost over…

“Let’s just say that our teacher, he’ll be giving me a spin of enjoyment,” Sarah bragged.

“Cool! – How did you make a deal with angry ass?” Her friend asked in excitement.

“Easy… you just need to know the weak spots.” Sarah smirked.

Mr Andrews did yet again, something unexpected. Letting us leave early for next lesson.

“Off you go… except Sarah. I need to talk to you Sarah, so stay seated.” Mr Andrews said.

The sound of chairs scraping off the marble floor echoed the room. And managed to damage my hearing a little. Making me cringe from the sound of squeaky chairs. As I watched my classmates leave, I left with them, not too far behind. Mr Andrews put on a fake smile, holding the door open for us. So we could leave quicker than usual. I avoided eye contact with Mr Andrews and stepped outside as the others walked off in all directions. Some heading for the stairs, and others sitting by the wall of top floor.

As for me, I stopped outside the room. Waiting patiently in the corridor. Trying to hear what Sarah and Mr Andrews were talking about now.

*** Inside the classroom *** (Note: Ellie can’t hear this.) Sarah’s POV

“Sarah… are you happy with our little deal?”

“Y-yes…! So stop holding me back. U-unless… there is nothing you aren’t telling me…”

“Alright! Easy now… I’m just curious to what you really thought about the deal…”

“Of course you are! Ha! – That flirting outside… I can’t believe you…”

“S-shut up about that. I-I don’t want anyone knowing about that, you hear me?”

“O-of course… sorry for bothering to bring it up. I-I j-just thought you were into me…”

“No way! N-no… sorry! I-I can’t do that! It would be wrong of me…”

“Of course it would… silly of me to think that a grown man like you, would like some young refreshing… skin to coil around.” Sarah spoke in a sexy tone.

“Stop! You can’t just do that Sarah… just go, go now!”

*** Back to Ellie’s POV ***

Mr Andrews opened the classroom door, letting Sarah out, he looked troubled. Although, Sarah looked more devious and more attractive than before. I just couldn’t look away, she was clearly hiding something from us. If it has anything to do Kyle, I swear… I’ll kill her! I’m not letting that snobby girl take who I love away from me. Although… maybe I won’t mind after today, who knows… maybe Jocko will make me feel like I’m in heaven again. He really made me fall for him, and this time… I hope to grow wings, we’ll fly away together.

Sarah stopped, as I thought she was to walk off. She came towards me, looking slightly disappointed.

“E-Ellie… do you always hang around here?” She asked in a polite tone.

“Don’t play innocent with me… and sometimes, that’s the only answer you’re getting from me!” I replied.

“Of course… I didn’t want to hang around with you anyway. Ha! Do you really think, I’d deprive myself and scoot down to your level? You’re so low… no wonder Kyle walked off from you…” she smiled.

“Don’t talk about him…” I bit my bottom lip.

“Meow! Looks like the kitty wants to strike again.” Sarah came closer to my face.

“Get away from me! – I need my space…” I pushed her away from me.

“Sorry… didn’t think the kitty would need to sharpen her claws. Enjoy your time with nobody, I’m sure you two get on so well… well… you ONE.” She laughed, and walked away from me.

I hate her so much! When she leaves, I’ll be so happy. Even one day without her wouldn’t do it. But again, it would be nice to see her gone instead of Kyle. Any business of Kyle’s is hers. And I don’t like that, she doesn’t need to interfere with my love triangle. She just likes to pull the strings of others. Make us her puppets, and use us, or even hurt us. She has many ways of hurting others, speaking into our faces is one of them…

Whenever she’s close up to our faces, I swear… I speak for everyone now, we feel uncomfortable. Her breath is way too minty! And her lipstick is so fake… hard to believe, it’s true! She dresses like a Barbie doll. Funny thing is, it actually suits her!

Mr Andrews brushed himself down, and buttoned his top button of his shirt. Walking away with arms folded.

*** Inside Second Lesson of #Day 2 ***

“Did you hear that Kyle is a dead man walking?” A student spread a rumour?

The student making a rumour, it just had to be the smallest girl in the class. She has guts though, I’ll give her that. If I was that small, I wouldn’t be letting any sign of trouble come my way. I’d be avoiding it at all costs.

“No… I didn’t hear about that, who’s after him?” Another student replied.

“Oh you know… a joker in the classroom. Someone I have close relations to…” she replied.

“Wow, didn’t think you’d know someone as scary as that…” he laughed.

The small girl talking is apparently named: “Sophie…” and the boy: “Lard” – two little students.

“Yeah. I don’t find it funny either…” Sophie nudged Lard.

“Alright! Sorry! I didn’t know it would offend you…” he smiled at her.

“Well it did… b-but, ha, you make me sound so strong…” she smiled back at him.

It was obvious that somebody had put a magic love potion in everyone’s breakfast this morning. Why else would there be so much relationships springing like no tomorrow? I’ve had to see a lot of people today, a whole lot of them making themselves look good. Most of the relationships beginning seem to end anyway… maybe it’ll just be the day of flirting, and tomorrow? – Oh god… I hope it doesn’t come to actual relationship time.

The word “Kyle.” It would just keep on being repeated by the lips of many. I’ve had to listen about Kyle without his presence even existing today! – And everyone seems to remember him more as the boy who will be beaten-up. I strongly doubt it. Kyle doesn’t stand for anything, but I know his weak points. It’s a shame I’m not fighting him, I’d love to show him my strength when the gloves come off.

I couldn’t take it anymore, Kyle needed to know about this. “Stop talking about Kyle!” I screamed.

“Whoa… someone’s been rattling her cage?” The little boy giggled.

“Shut up! – Kyle’s suspended. I know that…” I looked down at him.

“It’s just news… nothing to do with you. So back off!” The little girl rudely interrupted.

“Oh really…? Funny enough, I can text that boy… make him come after you…” I replied.

“Another one of his down-falls? Sarah told us… she knows a lot about your so-called boyfriend.”

With the last straw coming closer to me than ever-before. I stomped on the note she had in her hands. Crushing it into a crumpled piece of paper. She didn’t look so sweet now, she looked hurt and miserable. Good! Because if Kyle was here… my god, I bet she’d have no face by now…

My phone beeped, playing a little jingle. And then the screen flashed rapidly.

I checked my phone for the details, a missed call, and a text from someone?

*** Text Message: Kyle ***

Hey Ellie, tell Sarah she’s a lot coming her way. Exams obviously… but I want you tell her from me, I won’t make it back. Turns out my suspension has more meaning… can’t talk. I’ve got business to deal with… just tell her or else! I swear to—forget it…

*** 5 Seconds Later ***

*** Text Message: Kyle ***

Delete that text. Now!

Stuck between two walls, I felt intoxicated. The need to vomit in the girl’s bathrooms. It was rather read his sick texts or just let him use me. I’m not going with him using me… he can’t get to me. I’m between school walls. If he wants to hurt me, he can. B-but I won’t let him take away my dignity.

*** 2nD Day Ended… ***

“Finally… another day gone!” A student screamed in excitement.

“…WH-what a day… I’m glad it’s over…” another student mumbled.

Leaving the school premises, walking out the rotating doors to leave for another home-time. Yay, spend time with my sister… great, j-just great…

Kyle looking grizzly approached the leaving female students. The ones in my class, and not only did he look grizzly, so did the rest of them. His little mates, I imagine… Kyle’s hooded friends, dark navy blue hoods. And Kyle’s was so much different. Dark black with grey linings. And of course his yellow lined shirt underneath his coat. He can look menacing all he wants, but I don’t see him as a new-born evil for this school…

“H-hand over the phone…” one of Kyle’s friends mumbled.

“N-no way… I-I’m getting credit on it first!” The young female student resisted.

“Y-yeah? We’ll do it your way then…” he shoved her behind the wall.

Kyle following his mate who had taken advantage of an innocent student.

Avoiding eye contact with Kyle, I proceeded to move on. Just keep walking, walk away from it all. Getting involved with Kyle’s mindless games. I’m not doing that, that girl should’ve grew a back bone. It’s not my fault!

I stopped a little close to the wall, pretending to smoke. – It was the only way to keep them off my back…

Mumbling interrupted my fake act.

“Y-your way is so much better, you m-make a good little—“

“L-leave me alone!” She cried.

“A-alright… l-let her go. She handed over the phone, pass it here.” Kyle mumbled.

“You always ruin the fun, Kyle… when are you going to see it my way, Huh?”

“Never… n-now get rid of her, let her walk on…” Kyle walked away.

“Sorry…” Kyle muttered.

“Sc-screw you! You think we’re objects? Take-my god-damn phone! I-I don’t care anymore!” She cried.

Kyle looked behind him, and of course he looked my way. Having to come over to me, go away, Kyle!

He approached me, his mates still laughing behind the wall. Muttering to each-other words I could barely hear. And after witnessing interrogation from Kyle’s little playmates, I doubt I’m going to trust him too. I don’t want him near me. I don’t want him anywhere near us… he is just making problems, this school never had issues like that. W-well not gang problems… and that’s the way I’m seeing it. “Kyle’s little gang…”

“…E-Ellie, I-I’m sorry for the texts…” he tried to apologize.

“K-Kyle. – Go away!” I bit my bottom lip whilst speaking in a sharp tone.

“…E-Ellie, please.” Kyle begged.

“Go—back to your stupid gang…” I whispered.

“I-I can’t… with that phone… I-it doesn’t feel right. I can’t do that to someone… y-you know me, right?”

“…I-I don’t know who you are anymore, Kyle. You just don’t seem like your old-self. S-so go away, run along. Go cause your trouble in the town… m-make them fear you, because that’s I’m seeing… a dark town covered in your mates, making trouble… burning stuff, who knows what you’re going to do… I don’t. I just imagined that!” I shoved past him.

With him out of my pathway, I intended on going home, and thank-fully he didn’t call me again. Walking away, he didn’t even stop me. He just let me walk off. Good on him, I know I should I get the phone off him, it could lead him and his mates to some serious trouble… b-but I don’t want anything to do with him, I hope he gets banged up in prison. U-unless he changes… and makes a difference to me and everyone else…

*** Behind Ellie’s Back ***

*** Sarah’s POV ***

I walked outside, after having to do extra revision… stupid Kyle! He promised me, he made it clear that we could still be friends. We c-could still work together. He promised to help me with my work, and my revision! And where was he? – I don’t know… choking on a cigarette, no doubt!

And then wow! There he is, good. Time to slap him back to the past!

“…S-Sarah, I can explain!” He looked at me.

“No way, you’ve got this coming to you!” I screamed in his face.

Trying to slap him, I went for it. He avoided it, and held my hand tightly. Smiling at me, as the sun shined on his hair. Lighting up his eyes.

“H-hit me again… I-I dare you!”  Kyle shouted.

“Y-you don’t scare me, Kyle…” I whispered in fear.

“…No, I know I don’t… s-so why don’t we talk, we can start-over… you know, make a difference for tomorrow.”

“F-fine… what time do you want me there?” I asked in curiosity.

“I-I don’t know… a-about five? It would be good to see you in that dress I brought you… I’ll make you smile. Tell you what, I’ll even rent out a movie for us…” Kyle smiled.

I nodded, and proceeded on my journey home. Leaving the school behind me for another day at my house. Getting to spend some time with my family. Talk to my younger sisters, and maybe buy something new. I’ve still got a lot of loose cash flowing around my bedroom. S-so maybe I’ll make something out of it…

*** Sarah’s Home *** [4:30 PM]

“M-mother, I’m home. Been out later than usual though… you can imagine why!” I stropped.

“Good, I’m out now, your nan needs some help in her flat… coming with me?” Mother asked.

“No… I-I can’t. I’ve got a date… w-with Kyle…” I sighed.

The look on her face, it always makes me feel bad. She then slams the door without saying a word. And just with the force of that slam, you can really tell she hates me… she isn’t proud of me, she hates me for not being there for her. Dad can do that, he always makes an effort… b-but lately, he has been out getting drunk. I have no idea why, they have their rowels and then just leave the house like nothing ever happened…

Leaving me with the younger sisters crying… upset over the shouting and constant slamming doors.

*** Mother left the house, angry with me. – Dad doesn’t have time for his kids… -- 5:00 PM Arrives ***

Thank-fully, my younger sisters are with my aunt today. She barely has time for them, with her busy schedule but still tries to make an effort. And now that 5:00 PM has finally arrived… I can go with Kyle on our little romantic date. This time though, I hope makes an effort. Because he means a lot to me, more than Ellie does. She’s just a little bitch, and her little tears on his shoulder, I’ll dry them off for him, and he don’t deserve her. And she don’t deserve him. She deserves someone who’ll break her heart… ha, ha, ha!  

Quickly got into my dress, the one Kyle had brought me in the past. He makes an effort now and then, so it’s worth every penny he pays. And heck, he is doing it all for a good cause. To make me smile, now that’s good!

The doorbell rang, and I ran to the door, answering it with a smile. I quickly checked my lips in the mirror, and checked my make-up before letting him step his big feet all over my mum’s hard work.

“…d-did you get my texts?” Kyle asked.

“Y-yeah… don’t worry about that though, we’ll be talking a lot, no need for texting…” I flirted with him.

His dark coat, black with yellow lines going down his shoulder pads. And his muscular body underneath his shirt, oh it just revealed so much I like about him. And his sexy bod making me smile, I even drooled a little as he smirked at me. He offered me a hug, but I turned it down. That can wait for when we’re drunk!

“I-I’m not sure about that coat though… it looks a little unneeded…” I joked.

“O-oh really? I’d never have noticed… thanks for letting me know, I’ll try harder next time.” Kyle smirked.

“Whatever… let’s just go,” I smiled whilst taking his hand.

Holding hands, we were ready to go on our little date. And he was the leader, making me fall on my back from the sight of his manly chest. Oh boy, does he know how to make a girl smile. Well me at-least…

I pulled out my phone, in-need to check on it. Checking for messages about my sisters.

*** Text Message: Kyle – 30 minutes ago - ***

Hey babes, making you smile will make me smile… what do you want me to wear?

*** Text Message: Kyle – 25 minutes ago - ***

Might not be able to make it… s-sorry

*** Text Message: Kyle – 10 minutes ago - ***

The movie is cancelled… I’ll still come to pick you up though.

*** Text Message: Kyle – 5 minutes ago - ***

Wasting credit… because I can! And… you owe me…

*** Text Message: Unknown - 3 minutes ago - ***

Kyle’s been keeping secrets… but we know all about that, don’t we?

After the unknown message, I became strange around Kyle. He looked at me, smiling with his smirk underneath his smile. And his text messages, he hadn’t even spoke to me about them. I bet he’s happy that I ignored them. Or at-least didn’t bring up the subject whilst we walk to his little dating area…

As he looked my direction, I hid the phone underneath my coat pocket. (Since I had missed the pocket…)

“You look tense, you cold? We’re almost there now…” Kyle whispered.

“…I-I’m fine… couldn’t be better,” I flinched as he placed his hand on my left shoulder.

*** Phone beeped ***

“Aren’t you going to answer that?” Kyle asked.

I pulled the phone out from behind my coat pocket and shoved it in his face. The pressure was too much for me.

“W-when were you going to tell me that you cancelled our movie night?!” I screamed.

“D-don’t make a scene, Sarah… -- you should’ve just asked me. Why make this into an argument?” Kyle whispered in a soft tone.

“Don’t you dare go soft on me? All your sweet talk… was it all lies?!” I screamed. “W-well was it?!”

“…No… I-I just didn’t want you to freak out, like you’re doing now!” Kyle raised his voice.

We were both standing in a peaceful neighbourhood, close to the small park my sisters go to. It was getting pretty late, and night had already taken over the sunlight. I became a little afraid of my surroundings.

“Sorry, I’ve got to take this… w-won’t be long…” Kyle took out his phone, and walked a small distance away from me.

I was shivering in fear, it was time to run. I don’t trust him anymore… he’s acting funny, and I don’t like him like I used to. His strange behaviour, and his text messages… “Why is he wasting his credit on me?!”

“We won’t be long… j-just going to break the truth, last moment right? – Make it worth her while?”

Muttering came from Kyle’s phone. (Distant noises with slight interruptions from Mother Nature.)

Kyle walked back over to me, offering his hand again. I was hesitant to walk off. Run away from him, but he’d find me away. And he’d probably just keep knocking on my door, he knows my parents aren’t in…

“C-come on babes, we’ve just got to walk over this steep hill… a-and then we can chow down.”

I smiled at him, hiding fear behind my facial expressions. (It was difficult!)

After the walk up the steep hill, we had arrived at the peak. In a dark neighbourhood, horrible looking trees. Grungy style wallpaper? – I don’t know, I could just see horrible paintings stomped into the ground. And some of the cars were rusted with filth. Even the houses, they looked disgusting… coloured paint tattered all over the house’s walls. And some of the gardens just broken into. Fencing ripped, and grass patches pulled out. Where am I? – B-but I do recognise the nicer neighbourhood on the other side. My aunt and my sisters, maybe I can convince Kyle to let me say quick ‘hello,’ to my sisters.

“…Kyle? W-where are we? I mean… I recognize that road over there, my aunt lives there, b-but where are we?”

“Yeah… me too, I recognize that. We’re closer to the nicer area… if that’s what you want to call it.”

“C-can’t we stop by at my aunts?” I whispered.

“S-sure… b-but not yet, I’m waiting for your friends… t-they said they wanted to come too. Free booze apparently…” Kyle replied.

“W-wait, what? My friends?! – Okay… b-but I don’t really—“ I stumbled on my words.

“No worries, they aren’t staying for long… once they’re gone, we can spend time together…”

Chapter 11 – COMING SOON! -

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