Sadness is like a drug, it takes you away from reality and makes you see it in a whole new way.


1. unfair concepts

I rolled the skateboard along the ground before finally stepping onto it. I was wearing black ripped tights and a long Adidas top that went to my mid thigh, with a denim jacket. I kicked off the ground a couple times. Increasing my speed as I headed to the skate park.

This was the place you came every day after you dropped out of school a year ago. Tomorrow morning you were leaving to go live with your dad in England and you wanted to say goodbye to your boyfriend and friends one last time.

As you stood in front of the tomb stone, letting a tear slip from your eye, you said your goodbyes to your boyfriend Jacob, who had passed away a year ago. In your mind you were still in a relationship, knowing that if he was still alive you would still be together.

You stumbled through your front door, completely hammered from drinking to much with your friends at the skatepark, which happened a lot of nights.

You made your way past your packed up boxes and slumped into your bed, thinking about tomorrow. Your unsure about how long you will last at your new school, and how long you will even last living with your dad. Considering it had been years since he had last seen you, and left without even saying goodbye.

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