Swim with DeepRiverFish, lift your head out of the dark, murky waters and breathe clean air again...


1. Riddle

They say "life's a riddle",

And it is...

We spend our whole lives (not just the first few years)

Trying to work it out.

The thing is, we're wasting our time.

Not because life is pointless or any of that other stuff people say.

Just because... there is no ONE TRUE ANSWER.

We all have our private thoughts.

Some are dark, some are dandelion clocks...light as air itself,

Seeds wedging here and there on the whims of the wind.

Don't let people pull you beneath their clouds.

There's plenty of sun for everyone.

TRUE friends won't tell you that you've no right to grumble,

That their problems are the only ones that count.

Who needs friends like THAT.

They make you feel as though you need to compete...

To feel ten times worse just to get them to listen.

You are BETTER than that, and you should KNOW BETTER, too.

You're SMART, and they can't CRUSH that out of you

Take a leaf out of your OWN book, because that's the one you've been writing since the day you were born.

Work hard, and YOU get to decide the chapters, YOU pick the HAPPY ENDING...

The one where you get to meet your HEROES as EQUALS.

And as for those who know you best, YOUR LOVED ONES,

They just want you to pick the BEST route...

In the end, they've been down that road before...

And one day, who knows...

YOU might be the one writing this...


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