Hey Becs!

Would you want to know everything said about you behind your back? Bec developes an extremely rare ability the day she turns 16, allowing her to hear every single word said about her within a close distance. Bec's impressive abilty becomes frustratingly overwhelming as her story progresses.


1. Sweet 16, Sorta.

Rebecca's birthday is today, and so are her Exams. She woke to the sound of her alarm playing a tune which was once sweet, but now, after many rude awakenings, signalled the horror of waking up early.

The night before, Bec had put her alarm on the other side of the room. This was so she would have to get out of bed in the morning to turn the darn thing off, and therefore she'd force herself awake (She'd already promised herself "No more being late for school!"). When Bec sat up in her bed, she new today was something special. It took her less than a second to remember it's her birthday. Unfortunately, she quickly remembered today's Exam Day. "Ugh", Bec says before throwing aside her bundle of blankets, throwing her feet on the floor and standing up. She mopes lazily over to her dresser. "What a horrible day" she mumbles to herself. The sky beyond the window pane is bright blue. "What a beautiful day" (her mother would say, encouraging a positive attitude towards life.

"Bec! .. Bec!" "Don't be so selfish!" Jeremy bangs on her wall, (or their wall seeing as how their rooms are along side one another). "Turn it off!" , "I am, I am" Bec responds. Jeremy is her one and only sibling, and he is a little brat. He's fairly rude considering he's only 10. Bec adds "& Hey, Have you ever heard of respecting your elders?!" .. There's a short pause, "Oh yea, I forgot it's your birthday! .. Happy Birthday!"

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