It Was Love (A George Weasley Love Story Next Generation)

It is years after the Battle of Hogwarts and this follows the story of Diana Malfoy the daughter of Draco Malfoy and Pheme Shepard and how her fathers decisions during the war will shape her future. With the new complications of adolescents in the present will Diana shape to be good or the next Lord Voldemort?


3. The Hospital Wing And The Shrink

Danni sprints back to the castle as Diana half drags half holds Noah. They make their way to the hospital wing. –


Diana: Help?

Nurse: What happened?

Diana: There was… a jinx and he walked into it.

Nurse: And what about your eye?

Diana: I was behind him and got only a minor mark.

Nurse: You can say all that you want but I know that this isn’t a jinx mark.

Diana: I…

Nurse: You don’t need to say anything you don’t want to say to me. I wont force you.

Diana: Thank you.


Professor McGonagall walked into the Hospital Wing and grabbed Diana into a tight hug. –


Diana: Grandma I’m okay.

McGonagall: What about Mr. Wright.

Nurse: He ran into a jinx but he will be fine.

McGonagall: What were the both of you doing out of bed?

Diana: Well, I heard something down in the Slytherin common room so I went to have a look and he was down there sleep walking. He then tried walking out of the common room and he walked into a jinx and I was behind him so I was hit as well.

McGonagall: Okay. Diana go back to bed. I will inform Mr. Wright’s family about the incident and then we shall go from there.

Diana: Why can’t I stay here with him?

McGonagall: I don’t want you hear if his family decides to come and see him.

Diana: Okay. Goodnight.


Diana made her way out of the Hospital Wing and back to the Slytherin Common room. She sat down at a table and began to write a letter to her mother. –


Dear Mom,

 I have enjoyed the beginning of this year I began and continued with many great events. Though I have now decided to be friends with a friend I met and lost in my first night here four years ago. In the past few weeks I have felt a great pressure to undo my bad tidings, so I did and he paid immensely from my ex – boyfriend. I have lied to Grandma and to the Nurse, as Noah was unconscious when Danni hit me…


Diana stopped and looked up as she heard someone walking down the stairs to the common room. Lea had peeked around the corner and saw Diana. –


Lea: Di?

Diana: Yes?

Lea: What are you doing? I knew that you went down to the forest but then everyone returned and you weren’t in your bed.

Diana: I had to do something.

Lea: Di. I know we may not be the best of friends like you and Sarah are but I will always be there to listen or to help you. What happened to your eye?

Diana: Danni hit me.

Lea: He what?

Diana: It was an accident.

Lea: Excuse me? Hun don’t go protecting him.

Diana: But he got annoyed at me because I was being friends with Noah again and then Noah aggravated him and Danni began bashing Noah and I jumped in the middle and Danni punched me. It was an accident.

Lea: Now I don’t know how to give you any advice about this but I wish to give you a chance to talk to someone who has been through this.

Diana: Through what?

Lea: An abusive boyfriend.

Diana: But…

Lea: She was in the same boat as you.

Diana: What boat?

Lea: How you both think that they did it by accident but then it was on purpose and no one was there to help her.

Diana: Who was it?

Lea: Joséline Smith.

Diana: Oh.

Lea: So, I will send her an owl and ask her, and then you will have to explain everything to her.


Lea stood from the table and began walking back up to the dorm. –


Lea: Oh, you should come to bed now.

Diana: Yeah.

Lea: All right. Up you get.

Diana: Thank you.

Lea: Any time.


Diana followed Lea up to their common room and fell to sleep quickly. The next morning she woke and found Lea writing a letter to Joséline. –


Diana: I’m going to go and see Noah.

Lea: Be careful.

Diana: I will.


Diana made her way to the Hospital wing and was followed by the whispering of everyone she passed. She found that Evanna was asleep by his side. –


Diana: Evanna?

Evanna: Who…oh you.

Diana: How is he?

Evanna: Why do you want to know?

Diana: Because we are friends.

Evanna: Since when?

Diana: Since last night.

Evanna: I apologized before we went to bed and then later in the night I heard him walking so I came down and he walked into a jinx.

Evanna: Why don’t I believe that?

Diana: I don’t know.

Evanna: its because I saw him go to bed before you. He doesn’t sleep walk and you had to go into the Forbidden Forest.

Diana: Oh.

Evanna: Either you did this to him but then what happened to your eye? He wouldn’t hit anyone.

Diana: I…

Evanna: What happened out there?

Diana: Danni lost it at Noah because we were friends again and Danni asked if he told me I wasn’t allowed to see Noah what I would do and I said that I would leave him. Then Noah aggravated him and Danni attacked him and I tried jumping in and Danni hit me.

Evanna: What? Danni, your boyfriend hit you?

Diana: Yeah.

Evanna: Lets go and sort him out.

Diana: No.

Evanna: Why not? He hurt my brother and you.

Diana: Because no one knows that he hurt me except you, Lea and Joséline.

Evanna: Okay, but what about Noah.

Diana: Danni, you, the Nurse, your family, Professor McGonagall and me.

Evanna: Weren’t there others out there last night?

Diana: They left before it got too serious.

Evanna: Damn.

Diana: Why did you get so fired up?

Evanna: Because…

Diana: You don’t have to tell me if it’s too personal.

Evanna: I’m a Metamorphmagus.

Diana: Wow, that’s amazing.

Evanna: Not when my father is a muggle and only used my mother for sex and hates his children and doesn’t want us to have magical abilities like our mother. It was worse for me when we found out I was a Metamorphmagus. I can never control it.

Diana: My aunt is a Metamorphmagus. She might be able to help you.

Evanna: You sure? After what I did?

Diana: I will always help people if they need it.

Evanna: Tobi was right; you do deserve to be in Hufflepuff.

Diana: What?

Evanna: When I first met you I thought you were going to be like any other Slytherin and it didn’t make it better that you were a Malfoy. But I heard Tobi speak about you all the time and what a great person you were and I never believed him, but now I do.

Diana: Thanks…

Evanna: We had better get to class.

Diana: Yeah. Evanna?

Evanna: Yeah?

Diana: Do you think the Sorting Hat would allow me to change?

Evanna: I don’t know but it’s worth a shot.

Diana: Okay. Well I have to get to Potions.

Evanna: And I have to get to Divination.


Two days later. –


Joséline: Now, how did you feel when he hit you?

Diana: Well, I didn’t exactly feel it I was just in shock.

Joséline: How did he react?

Diana: He apologized immediately after he realized what he had done.

Joséline: Then what did you do?

Diana: I…yelled at him to go away.

Joséline: How was his reaction to that?

Diana: He…he nearly begged me to forgive him then Noah began to rouse and he ran.

Joséline: Then you brought Noah to the hospital wing?

Diana: Yes.

Joséline: Then you lied to the teachers and to the nurse?

Diana: Yes.

Joséline: Why?

Diana: Because I had to.

Joséline: Why?

Diana: I had to keep Danni safe.

Joséline: Why did you do that?

Diana: Because it was my responsibility.

Joséline: How did the lying make you feel?

Diana: Upset and unforgivable.

Joséline: Why?

Diana: Because I was lying to my Grandma.

Joséline: How do you think she would react to the truth?

Diana: She would punish him and the whole school would know and then he would lose his friends.

Joséline: Okay. Lets continue onto your House.

Diana: Why?

Joséline: Would you rather talk about something else?

Diana: No, I’m okay. I just didn’t think it was important.

Joséline: What do you think is important?

Diana: I don’t know.

Joséline: To sort out how you feel about all of this you must find out what you think is important to sort out priorities.

Diana: Oh. Well lets keep going about my House.

Joséline: Why did you change out of Slytherin?

Diana: Because I didn’t feel that it was right for me.

Joséline: What about Noah?

Diana: What about him?

Joséline: He will be there by his self.

Diana: But…

Joséline: What?

Diana: What if I went back or if he came to Hufflepuff with me?

Joséline: What do you think?

Diana: He shouldn’t be in Slytherin he is too kind and caring for the world of the deceiving and the cunning.

Joséline: What about you?

Diana: What about me?

Joséline: Aren’t you deceiving Noah and everyone else?

Diana: Am I?

Joséline: Are you?

Diana: I guess I am.


Diana stood from the chair and walked over to the window so she could look out over the Black Lake. –


Joséline: How does this make you feel?

Diana: Annoyed at myself?

Joséline: Why?

Diana: Because I know that I am better then this but I just keep everything to myself because I am scared.

Joséline: Of what?

Diana: Losing the people I care for.

Joséline: If you don’t tell them the more you are likely to push them away.

Diana: Yeah.

Joséline: Do you talk to anyone about our talks?

Diana: No.

Joséline: Why not?

Diana: Because only you, Lea and Evanna know about what happened.

Joséline: So you told someone you barely know, your shrink and the sister of the boy you loved and was bashed by your ex-boyfriend?

Diana: Yes.

Joséline: What about your other friends?

Diana: I don’t really see them.

Joséline: What do you do during your spare time?

Diana: Sit in my bed and do homework and read or write.

Joséline: You should get out.


Beeping of clock goes off to say the end of the session. –


Joséline: That will be your homework from me; to go out and enjoy life more.

Diana: Okay. Bye.

Joséline: Bye.

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