It Was Love (A George Weasley Love Story Next Generation)

It is years after the Battle of Hogwarts and this follows the story of Diana Malfoy the daughter of Draco Malfoy and Pheme Shepard and how her fathers decisions during the war will shape her future. With the new complications of adolescents in the present will Diana shape to be good or the next Lord Voldemort?


2. Best Friends Are Forever

Four Years Later:


Diana sat in the connected common room sitting with Sarah, Tobi, Joey and Danni her boyfriend. Diana and Danni had been dating for the past two years and they were the only friends she had. –


Sarah: I dare you to go and kiss that red headed girl.

Tobi: I can’t I know her.

Sarah: Well I guess you could always go into the forbidden forest tonight.

Tobi: Fine.


Tobi went up and tapped the girl on the shoulder and she turned around and smiled at him and said hi. He then leant in and kissed her on the check and walked back over to the group. –


Sarah: That’s not fair.

Tobi: You didn’t say where I had to kiss her and Evanna and myself are good friends she will understand.

Sarah: You arse.

Joey: Tobi your turn to ask someone.

Tobi: All right, Di?

Diana: Huh?

Tobi: Truth or Dare?

Diana: Well if a Ravenclaw can handle a dare then I see no reason why a Slytherin cant. Dare.

Tobi: I dare you to go and kiss on the mouth that boy from Slytherin with the dreadlocks.

Diana: …


Diana looked over at the boy and her memories resurfaced of how she had stormed away that night. She shook them away and looked back at Tobi. –


Diana: Can you not think of anything better then the usual dare? I thought Ravenclaw’s were supposed to be smart and intelligent.

Tobi: Fine. I dare you…

Sarah: …To go into the Forbidden Forest.

Tobi: No.

Diana: That’s more like it.

Tobi: Are you sure its okay?

Diana: Its better to keep up the respect from others, so tell others that I am going and maybe people will respect me more.

Danni: See my girl is a Gryffindor at heart.


Danni leaned over and kissed Diana on the lips she looked past him and saw that the boy was looking at her. They locked eyes then she looked away. Noah. The bell for bed went so Diana said her goodbyes and then left for her dorm. Tobi stopped her. –


Tobi: I hadn’t realized whom I had mentioned before. I’m sorry.

Diana: I don’t know what I am talking about.

Tobi: You know exactly what I am talking about. I saw it in your eyes, I also saw him looking at you and I saw the hurt in his eyes. He misses you.

Diana: I only met him and then had argument with his sister then I never spoke to him again.

Tobi: Well obviously he thought you guys were going to be good friends. Try and regain that tonight.

Diana: Tonight?

Tobi: Knowing him, he won’t just sit there and watch you go into the forest yourself. He will follow.

Diana: Bullshit.

Tobi: You cannot rely on that vulgar language to be there when you cannot think of anything else to say.

Diana: But.

Tobi: No. Go to bed and let your unconscious take care of you.

Diana: Fine.

Tobi: Night. Love you sweetie.

Diana: Love you too.


Later that night. –


Diana: I’m ready.

Sarah: You go girl.

Danni: Have fun.

Tobi: Take care.

Diana; Okay.


Diana walked in the forest and just walked. She wasn’t scared then she heard a noise. She moved closer and closer then Noah stumble out of the bushes. –


Diana: Ah!

Noah: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.

Diana: What are you doing here Wright?

Noah: I was just coming to see if you wanted any company but I guess you’re all right, D…Malfoy.


Noah turned and began walking away. –


Diana: Noah!

Noah: What?

Diana: I’m sorry for all that I have done.

Noah: I don’t know what you are talking about.

Diana: I’m sorry for walking away from you that night four years ago. I’m sorry for ignoring you. I’m sorry for making you feel that you meant nothing to me. The truth is that you mean everything to me.

Noah: Really?

Diana: Really…

Noah: Then why are you with Danni?

Diana: Because I needed someone who was the opposite of you.

Noah: At least I now know the truth.

Diana: What is going to happen now?

Noah: What ever you want to happen.

Diana: Can we be friends again?

Noah: I would love that.

Diana: Good.

Noah: Now would you like to head back?

Diana: Sure.


The pair hugged and then linked arms and walked out of the forest. Everyone was gone except Tobi, Sarah, Joey and Danni. –


Danni: What is he doing here?

Diana: We made up.

Tobi: Finally.

Danni: What is that supposed to mean?

Diana: We are friends again.

Danni: And if I don’t want you to be friends with him?

Diana: Then I don’t want to be with you anymore.

Danni: Fine I was only with you to make you feel better and everyone was waiting for you to have your first child with me because your mom was a slut so we thought you were as well.

Sarah: Who knew you were so much like a girl.

Danni: Keep out of this bitch.

Joey: Don’t talk to her like that.

Danni: Why not?

Joey: Because she doesn’t deserve to be spoken to like that.

Sarah: Joey?

Joey: Sarah…I.?


Joey looked at Sarah and then ran off back to the castle. Sarah followed him after giving Tobi and Diana a hug. Tobi decided to follow so he left after Sarah and Joey. Danni then walked closer to Noah. –


Danni: What do you have that I don’t?

Noah: Patience.

Danni: Bullshit!

Noah: Acceptance.

Danni: Eh?

Noah: Love.

Danni: What the fuck?

Noah: Diana.

Danni: You don’t have her yet mate.

Noah: Really?


Danni lunged at Noah and hit him square on the chin sending Noah flying back. Noah stumbles to get to his feet but Danni was already on him; pushing him to the ground and kicking him in the stomach. Diana pulled Danni off Noah and fell to her knees beside Noah who was unconscious, Danni had no control over his hand and before he knew it, it had hit Diana in the face. –


Diana: Ah!

Danni: Fuck! Di, I’m so sorry.

Diana: Get away from me.

Danni: Di?

Noah: …Diana…

Diana: Don’t worry Noah you’re safe.

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