my life story

Its about me so all my fans and anyone else can know a bit more about me
So yeah bye


4. the news about my sister

I'm the oldest of two girls. Me and my sister Samantha.I got the news when I was about 1 years old. I was going to have a baby brother or sister,but we would have to move house, which I wasn't keen about. My mum (mom) had to go to the hospital so I had to go to my gran and grandpas house when they did.

It was 6 am. My mum (mom) got taken to hospital and she gave birth to my sister at 7 am at the William Harvey hospital like me and she was 9 pounds exactly. I saw her that afternoon. She was such a sweet baby. My mum (mom) and dad were very happy and her full name is Samantha Jane Francis Hayes. 


Hope you like this chapter. I'll update soon. Thx for reading xxxxx.

~Larryshipper  xxx

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