the life game

these 5 boys know life is a game and exactly after there deaths they are all entered into "the life game" they must fight and compete in challenges. things get harder and harder every minute.


2. chapter 2


I was awoken by a small pebble hitting my forehead. I jumped up and another hit my foot and another hit my arm and about that time I realized the room we were in was collapsing.

I rushed to wake all the boys up in one panic hurry.

we grabbed our clothes but didn't bother putting them on yet. Liam pushed the door open and pulled us all out.

then he closed the door behind him.

when we all stood up before our eyes was something much different from yesterday.

it was a fresh green wood.

with birds chirping and animals all around.

"I thought it was supposed to be more dangerous?" Louis said.

"it was supposed to!" Niall said looking around.

"come on lads it's not like we want it too be more dangerous im fine with this." Harry said smacking Lou's naked ass in a joking manner.

"um.. yah clothes." Niall said.

then they all put on there wet suits and was ready for anything the life game threw at them.

"okay well, lets find the next clue, shall we?" Niall said as he started on his way through the forest.

me and the other 3 boys followed Niall along in the woods.

about 20 minutes into walking right before our eyes a tall stand appeared before our eyes.

on top was a long metal sword.

"sweet!" Lou said grabbing the sword and swinging it around.

"I think I'll take that.." Liam said taking the sword from Louis.

they all agreed that Liam would have the sword cause he was the manliest and strongest.

"wait lad, can I hold the sword?" I said holding my hand out to liam.

"sure!" Liam said handing it carefully too me.

I looked carefully at the sword and noticed small engravings on the blade.

the engravings read "with this sword history will be made.."

I read it aloud and the rest of the boys looked around.

"wait, press that button on the bottom of the sword!" Louis said.

"button?" I said.

my hand rubbed the button as with the smallest bit of force it pushed and out of no where the ground shook & it began to split in the middle.

zayn & Liam jumped on one side & Louis, niall, & Harry on another.

they all dropped to the ground and grabbed on. the split was too big to jump over so they had to think of another way across.

"WHAT DO WE DO?!" Niall screamed from the other side.

"IM THINKING!!!" I screamed out loud.

then after about 2 minutes I had nothing.

so we decided to wait it out and see what happens.

we all sat close to the edge so we could talk but we were interrupted my Louis.

"THE SWORD!" he said.


"good idea mate!" Liam said standing up and positioning to hit the tree.

he hit it once and it didnt even budge.

"you can do it Liam.." I whispered in Liam's ear.

he hit it a second time and the sword lit up a bright blue and this was strong enough to knock down.

the sword landed over the gap in the surface.

"YOU DID IT!" they all yelled and screamed.

"yes, I know."

"know walk over carefully." Liam said too Harry, Niall, & Louis.

"here I go." Harry said walking fast but safely to the other side.

"me next!" Niall said running on and he lost his footing and slipped.

"NO!" we all yelled.

just when we thought it was over for Niall he was holding into a branch.

"let me get him." Harry said.

Harry walked to the middle and bent down to pick up Niall, and he had enough strength to pull up Niall but not enough to keep his self up.

he slid and fell.

there was no saving him..

it was too late.

we all heard his screams but there was nothing we could do.

he was gone forever.

"NO!" Louis said leaning into the crack.

tears rushed down Lou's face.

"WHERE THE FUCK DID HE GO?!" Lou screamed!


"Lou, I'm sorry but we have too go now." I said.

then Lou stepped in carefully and safely made it to the other side with us.

"your safe now lou." I said as I wrapped him in my arms.

"we will find him."

"soon." Liam said.

"what if there's no way?" Louis said.

"just what if I make it and I have to live without him!" we've been friends a long time and I don't want that to end!" Louis said wiping the tears from his face.

"Lou buddy, trust me we will find Harry and get him out safe." Niall said.

"thanks you guys, it means a lot." he said as they all came in for one big group hug.

it felt weird not having Harry's large hand on our backs and his curls against our faces.

just hopefully it would all be back to normal. -

(A/N) thanks for the reads & all but the type of writer I am is everday around 12;00 a new chapter will be posted. thanks for the reads again. love you!!

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