the life game

these 5 boys know life is a game and exactly after there deaths they are all entered into "the life game" they must fight and compete in challenges. things get harder and harder every minute.


1. chapter 1

so this is my spinoff of matrix but one direction version. so these 5 boys know the secret is out & there looking for a way out of life. they must abide by all these rules and if not then read what happens.


"oh. my. god." I said as I slammed the dusty book down on the table.

"what's wrong Niall?" zayn asked looking back at me.

"this book clearly stats that life is one big game. you abide by rules but if you don't then game over." I said so serious.

"grab the book and get the boys!!" zayn said.


"ready zayn?" Niall said handing zayn the gun.

"ready!" he said taking it and getting into a running position.

"GO!" Niall said.

then off zayn went straight for the bank. he kicked in the door and commanded everyone inside to put there hands up and too not move.

he pointed the gun at the bank teller and said "OPEN THE DAMN SAFE."

the bank teller didn't budge and opened the safe.

zayn took a couple hundred and fled from the bank.

the black Maserati pulled out and zayn jumped in. the car pulled off in less than two seconds.

"good job mate!" Harry said turning his head from the road and patting zayn on the shoulder!

"WATCH OUT HARRY!" Louis screamed.

the car crashed into a hotel and all 5 dissapeared out of thin air.

gone, forever.


i woke up on the ground on a cold rock solid floor. I was scared and alone.

"Louis?!" i called from the ground.

"LIAM?!" I called but this time getting up.

I looked down the long hallway too my left and saw sunlight at the end. I got up and realized I wasn't in my normal clothes.

I was now in some tight waterproof outfit.

as I walked down the hallway I had too run knowing I would be free when I got too the end. when I got there I realized that I was completely surrounded by water.

in the middle of this watery forest was a large platform. I knew that this suite was for me too swim there.

I took a deep breathe and dived into the icy cold water.

the water was very clear once your inside. down on the bottom where keys. I didn't pay attention to any of the keys because my only task was too get to the large platform in the middle of the woods.

I saw a few fish and one shark which wasn't really too my liking so I sped up the pace of my swim.

I finally reached the large platform and climbed ontop. when I got up Niall was there.

"HARRY! THIS IS THE LIFE GAME." Niall said walking too me.


"YES. WE DID IT." Niall said.

"but now we have too stay alive and complete the challenges." Niall said.

"where's the other boys?" I asked.

& at that moment Liam pulled out from the water.

"Louis almost here!" Liam said.

then zayn pulled out and rubbed his arms dry.

"I'm here!!" Louis side climbing from the water.

"this is the life.." I began to say before I was interrupted by Liam.

"we know, the life game!" Liam said.

"here's the first clue!" Niall said grabbing the scroll from the smaller platform on the large platform.

Niall read aloud "there's a door inside the water but you must find the key." he said.

"I KNOW WHERE KEYS ARE!" I screamed.

"I KNOW WHERE THE DOOR IS!" Louis screamed.

"okay, Niall, & Liam go with Louis to find the door."

"& me and zayn will go grab the keys!" I said as me and zayn dived into the water and the others did straight after.

once me and zayn reached the keys there where 4 we grabbed the green one and it was attached to a string.

when we pulled the key up I noticed a cage beside was opening up and when it opened completely, piranhas fled from the opening.

I tapped zayn on the shoulder and pointed to the piranhas!

he then pulled the yellow one and nothing happened so we swam like hell to the platform in the middle. when we got there Louis was waiting and told us that we needed to follow him.

so we did. when we got there the door was laying on the ground and we had to all get in before it was full of water so we stuck the key in the door.

and Liam waited for everybody to go in before he went in.

once everybody was in Liam rushed in and slammed the door tight.

"damn, that was scary!" Niall said aloud.


"I agree!" Harry said.

"I can't do this anymore." louis said.

"yes, you can Lou. I believe in you." zayn said.

"okay, guys. i have the next clue." Niall said.

"in the morning the water will be all gone but it'll be more dangerous." he said.

"that's it?" I asked.

"so far, yah." Niall said shaking his head.

you could tell we were all getting hot in these outfits so since we were all basically brother we just got naked.

there was only one blanket but Liam being the man of the group decided to go without it.

Niall, Harry, Louis, & zayn stayed in the blanket. we laid there talking but within 30 seconds the cave got instantly dark & we were basically forced to go to sleep. -

thanks for reading you guys, it means a lot but the next chapter will be up soon. & keep in mind I don't right ahead of time so when I do write it takes awhile! like, vote, & comment.

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