Friends With Benefits

Brianna was nothing more than a college student when she met Liam Payne. After two years of being friends and Liam being single he wants to take things further without risk of ruining Brianna's privacy. So they both decide to become FWBs (Friends with Benefits). What will happen once they start having sex? Will it change their relationship?


6. Update

Hello lovely people!


I know it has been awhile. It actually has been more than awhile. It's been a really long time Movellas. I apologize deeply for my absence. 

I am working on the next chapter but I wanted to give you this update. 

My goal is to update on Friday nights or sometime during Saturday. I want to finish this story. I need to finish this story for me. I have to finish it. 

Thank you all for all your lovely support!

So, let me go ahead and finish writing the next chapter :)

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