Friends With Benefits

Brianna was nothing more than a college student when she met Liam Payne. After two years of being friends and Liam being single he wants to take things further without risk of ruining Brianna's privacy. So they both decide to become FWBs (Friends with Benefits). What will happen once they start having sex? Will it change their relationship?


4. Sorry Guys

I want to apologize for leaving you all hanging with the last chapter. 

I feel terrible. 

I was in a car accident the night before I was suppose to update. I was hit by a drunk driver and I am currently still in the hospital. I finally convinced my boyfriend to bring me my laptop so I could update. The chapter is not finished but I will try my best to finish it as soon as possible. 

My arm is broken and I have a lot of other injuries but I shall spare the gruesome details from yall. My boyfriend is typing this right now for you all. I am going to try and install a program that will type my voice. I hope it works. 

I hope none of yall unfavorite or unlike my story. 

I will keep writing for you all. 

Your comments about how much you like this story are keeping me strong. 

Thank you all for all of your support. 


TheMonsterInsideMyHead <3

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