Friends With Benefits

Brianna was nothing more than a college student when she met Liam Payne. After two years of being friends and Liam being single he wants to take things further without risk of ruining Brianna's privacy. So they both decide to become FWBs (Friends with Benefits). What will happen once they start having sex? Will it change their relationship?


3. Chapter 3

The banging on the door only seemed to grow louder as the pair of them stared at the door.

“Who the fuck is that?” Liam whispered as he reached around his ankles grabbing his boxers and trousers. He yanked them up too fast before Brianna could say anything.

“I think I know who it is,” Brianna walked over to the door and check the peep hole.

Liam walked over behind her to stare out the tiny hole and see the man standing on the other side of the door. While Liam was staring out the peep hole trying to see if he knew who this person was Brianna ran to her bedroom and grabbed his pink robe.

As she walked out, trying it around her waist Liam opened the door.

“Can I help you mate?” Liam asked the man with dark skin, clearly Hispanic.

The man looked at Liam and then turned to face Brianna. His dark curls were falling into his face slightly and he smirked.

“You are kidding right?” he asked.

Before Liam could get out a word Brianna interjected with a statement of her own.

“It’s not what you think Marco,” she sighed. “He is just a friend.”

Liam went once again to say something but was cut off but the man now known to be Marco.

“And you always wear robes for friends?” Marco scoffed. “I heard you at the bottom of the stairwell. “I’m not stupid!” he yelled and his thick accent came through.

Fearing this man was going to be a problem Liam began to size him up. They both stood about the same height, five foot ten. Marco may have had half an inch on him but nothing more. His skin-tight, white shirt revealed strong muscles in arms that would pack a punch. Skinny jeans, with suspenders attached hanging on the sides, covered his long legs.

Liam was becoming slightly worried about the situation. He had known Brianna for a while now but never had she mentioned this Marco guy.  

“He is a friend!” Brianna yelled back at him Liam was brought back to the growing argument that was taking place right in front of him.

“You think I wouldn’t have noticed? I fucking care about you Brianna. I always have,” Marco took a step toward her and Liam immediately stepped between them.

“Can I introduce myself really quickly?” Liam asked, but rather than waiting for an answer he didn’t expect to receive he began talking. “We are friends. I don’t know what you heard in the stairwell mate but I have not been here long. I caught her not long after the shower.”

“Get the fuck outta here!” Marco yelled, getting right in Liam’s face.

“Hey!” Brianna yelled, from behind the boys that stood taller than her. Quickly, before things could get out of hand because of a fuse that was just too shy she slid her way between them. Brianna maneuvered her hand into Marco’s.

“Liam just get out of here!” she yelled at him, pushing Marco back a step.

Liam looked shocked by the words that just came out of Brianna’s mouth. He stood there, speechless at the turn of events. The shock came from the fact that he thought Brianna was going to be on his side. This Marco guy was clearly a lunatic.

“Can you just leave?” she looked at him with eager eyes.

“Why should I leave?” Liam asked. “I’m not leaving you alone with him.”

Marco rolled his eyes as Brianna tightened her grip in his hand.

“Marco isn’t going to hurt me. He loves me,” she bit her lip as Marco pulled her closer. “I fucking love him. Now could you please leave?”

Liam knew that Brianna and him were just supposed to be hook up buddies but something was off with this situation.

“No,” the word rolled off Liam’s tongue so gracefully. “I don’t trust him.”

Liam stared at Brianna as another man walked into the doorway. It was Brianna’s building manager. The old man, around seventy, glared at the young people causing a disturbance.

“Miss,” he turned to Brianna. “I have warned you about this nonsense before! I need your guests to leave immediately before the police arrive. They will be escorted from the property and I will file a restraining order against the both of them revoking any access to this building ever again!”

The three of them just stared at each other. No one seemed to know what to say as the old man continued to glare at them with annoyance.

“Liam just go,” she sighed. “Marco head downstairs and I will be down in a few moments. We can head over to your apartment.”

Liam knew he had been defeated and if he was still here when the police arrived everything would be blown out of proportion. This would also get him into more trouble with management.

Marco smirked as Liam nodded at Brianna accepting her decree. He walked passed everyone in the doorway and heard the murmurs coming from the doorway still.

As he hit the second flight of stairs he heard the door shut and footsteps heading down the stairs. He knew that it would be Marco following down so Brianna could meet him at the bottom.

Liam grabbed his phone out of his pants pocket. His hands were shaking as he typed up a message to Brianna.

What the fuck was all of that? Who is this guy?

He hit send sliding his phone into his pocket as he reached the front door. The cold wind hit him too soon, nearly knocking him back, as he nudged the door open.

His phone buzzed as he heard the footsteps nearing the bottom of the staircase. As he stepped down the final steps of the building and turned toward his car Liam grabbed his phone once again.

I will explain all of this later.

Brianna had sent the message a minute after he had sent his. He smirked knowing that this had to be all of a misunderstanding there was no way in hell that Brianna was really attracted to such an asshole like the guy he had just met.

His car was only a few steps away so his thumb maneuvered overtop of the unlock button. A smile crossed his face while he believed everything would be okay.

“Hey Liam!” the voice called from behind him, closer than anticipated.

As Liam turned toward the voice he was hit with a fist that imitated a brick wall to the face. His body fell from beneath him before he could even process what had happened.

The hands of the voice grabbed his jacket pulling him up slightly before the fist once again collided with his cheek bone. In Liam’s mind the crack of the fist against the bone could be heard for miles as it echoed inside of his head.

“Stay away from her,” Marco’s voice wickedly bounced into Liam’s ear.

Then Marco dropped his body down to the ground as Liam noted the blood filling his mouth. He spat and wiped his mouth with his hands.

“I will do more damage next time,” Marco’s voice matched one of a villain.

Liam rolled over reaching for his phone. As his fingers slowly clasped around it he felt it buzz in his hand. Despite only wanting to call for help he managed to swipe the screen to read the new text message.

Rehearsal in forty.  Sorry for short notice.

Liam wanted to laugh but the swelling that was happening in his face only made him scared to move. The message had come from Louis and he knew he had to tell him something because there was no way he was making it to that rehearsal. 






I am so happy that people really like this! It makes me so proud to write :) 

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