Friends With Benefits

Brianna was nothing more than a college student when she met Liam Payne. After two years of being friends and Liam being single he wants to take things further without risk of ruining Brianna's privacy. So they both decide to become FWBs (Friends with Benefits). What will happen once they start having sex? Will it change their relationship?


1. Chapter 1

"Are you sure about this?" Brianna asked Liam.

"We both want sex and we both are available. Let's just give it a try," Liam ran his fingers up Brianna's thighs. "If we don't like it we don't have to continue."

"Okay," Brianna muttered.

Liam ran his fingers through her hair, leaning in slowly to kiss her. Gently he bit down on her lip, causing Brianna to release a slight shutter.

"It's okay," she whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Brianna slowly slipped off his shirt and ran her fingers across his well-toned body. She traced over top of his abs and could feel herself getting turned on just by the touch. Liam began kissing down her neck and rubbing her thighs.

His hands began to wander underneath her shirt.

“Wait,” Brianna sighed. “Let’s skip the foreplay. Let’s just get it started.”

“Are you sure?” Liam asked raising an eyebrow.

Brianna nodded and Liam refused to protest. Liam began to undress himself while Brianna began taking off the rest of her clothes.

Liam turned around to see a beautiful body standing before him.

“Wow,” Liam said noting how Brianna’s body curved in all the right places.

Her breast were perky and round, probably no bigger than a B Cup. Her stomach had ‘pudge’ but she still had a great figure. The hips curved outward and revealed a smooth, large ass.

Brianna began looking Liam up and down. His abs weren’t the only muscular part of him. Liam’s calves were well-sculpted and his thighs were muscular but not too ripped.

Liam looked between Brianna’s legs to see the slightly hairy covering to her pussy.

Brianna looked at Liam’s cock which seemed to be growing every second they stared at each other. It was thick and long. Not too big and not too small.

Finally Liam couldn’t take it any longer and he walked over to Brianna, kissing her as hard as he could. His cock rubbing against her opening.

“Ugh Liam,” Brianna moaned as he bit down her neck, picking her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he slammed her against the wall. “I’m wet. Fuck me Liam, please.”

Liam didn’t waste any time. He put his throbbing cock inside Brianna’s wet pussy. His arm braced them against the wall while he used his other hand to grab Brianna’s ass and move steadily in and out of her.

Thrusting harder each time while Brianna moaned. Liam grunted, picking up the pace and pushing more of his hard cock inside of Brianna.

“Fuck! Liam!” Brianna yelled as he shoved every last inch of his cock inside of her pussy.

“Yeah babe!” Liam kept going fast as Brianna moaned loudly into his ear.

Their bodies were knocking against the wall in perfect rhythm. Their bodies were sweating against each other. Their bodies getting closer with each thrust.

“Liam! Liam!” Brianna yelled unable to control herself.

Liam smiled, feeling accomplished. He could feel Brianna’s pussy growing wetter around his hard cock. He wanted to see how wet he could get her.

With only a few steps Liam had moved their bodies, still connected, to the edge of the bed. He threw Brianna down, spreading her legs wide apart. Liam reentered her dripping, wet pussy with one big thrust.

“Ahh!” he screamed from pleasure as did she.

Brianna smiled as he reached down and began to rub her clit, fast. The juices from her pussy were covering his cock and his hand.

“Liam!” Brianna squirmed underneath of him.

“Scream my name babe!” Liam said, rubbing on her clit harder and picking up the speed of his cock thrusting in and out of her.

“Fuck! Liam! Liam! Liam!” Brianna could feel the walls of her vagina contracting as she was about to experience an orgasm.

“Fuck babe! I am going to cum!” Liam screamed, thrusting his cock in harder. “Fuck!”

Brianna’s body began to shake as the walls of her vagina contracted into an orgasm and Liam’s cock was throbbing inside of her. She could feel it growing inside of her.

“Liam!” she called. “Pull it out. Let me suck on it!”

He smirked, pulling his cock out of her pussy. Brianna sat up so fast and began to suck on his hard cock.

Liam’s whole body felt pleasure as Brianna’s lips swarmed on his cock.

“I’m close!” he moaned as Brianna grabbed his balls and began to squeeze.

Brianna sucked hard on his cock, running her tongue around it while sucking. She looked up at Liam who was moaning loud as the cum welled up in his cock.

“Fuck!” Liam screamed as the hot, white liquid rushed from his cock into Brianna’s mouth. “Fuck! Fuck!” he kept moaning and she kept sucking on his cock, swallowing the cum he had released into her mouth.

Brianna sucked for a few more minutes just to be sure that she got all the cum out of his cock. Once done she stood up, wiped her mouth and smiled.

“Thanks babe,” he sat down next to her, ready to give her a kiss.

“No kisses,” she pushed him away. “Friends with benefits.”

Brianna got off the bed and began to get dressed. Quickly, she slipped on her panties and hooked up her bra.

“It was fun though,” she smirked as she slipped on her skirt. “Tomorrow? Again?” she pulled her shirt over top of her head.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll come by your apartment.”

“Okay, see you then.”




Hey guys! So let me know what you think of this movella! I hope you all really like it! 15 likes for the next chapter :) Leave me lots of comments!!!

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