"I reject you. I don't want to be with you anymore. You are not worth it anymore. Keep your mouth shut about this in front of the pack otherwise I will force you to leave and believe me you don't want me to do that." He told me in a really deep voice, and turned around, leaving me alone in the middle of the forest.

Natalie Wilson faces rejection from her mate, a few months before she was going to shift. She has only a few more months before her 16th birthday and she just wants to get away. Her parents hate her and the whole pack abuses her physically and verbally.

She wants to make Mate suffer, so on her 16th birthday she decides to run away. But will she be able to run away or will she decide to stay back and show Mate that he made a big mistake by rejecting her?


18. Epilogue: Intro to Book 2


I sat at the table in the pack house, Mate by my side. About a month ago on my 16th birthday, I shifted for the first time and as painful as it was, it was amazing. All of the strength and power that I now have makes me feel more alive than I ever have.

I wasn't the only one that changes had occured to, Jaxon and Nichole seemed happier than ever knowing that they were with the right people. Caroline and Matt are even closer that they were a year ago and they seem even more in love. Nathan and Katherine have gotten closer and they have finally claimed each other as mates and I doubt anything will be able to break them up.

As for me and Mate, even though we had our rough patch thanks to Arua, we're getting much closer and I don't know what I would do without him by my side.

A few months ago we had a funeral for Jaxon's father, Richard. As much as he didn't really like him, we knew it was the right thing to do and putting him to rest was kind of like getting rid of baggage that was on his shoulders and now he could relax now that his father was finally at peace. He grieved for a little while and with help from the rest of us he got through it. 


All three of the packs thought everything was over but little did they know, it was far from it. 

Arua was sitting deep inside of her home, Moutasa by her side. "They have to pay for what they did! They ruined my plan!" Arua growled, getting even more frustrated by the minute. "Why don't you reveal something to a one of the very unsuspecting wolves that will shake up the whole pack house... her true identity perhaps?" Moutasa smirked and Arua looked up at him.

"They will never see it coming and she will become the enemy and all we have to do is watch and see everyhing unfold." Arua laughed, creating a plan inside her head. "Even her mate will have to go against her." Moutasa added.

"We're coming for you... Katerina..."

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