"I reject you. I don't want to be with you anymore. You are not worth it anymore. Keep your mouth shut about this in front of the pack otherwise I will force you to leave and believe me you don't want me to do that." He told me in a really deep voice, and turned around, leaving me alone in the middle of the forest.

Natalie Wilson faces rejection from her mate, a few months before she was going to shift. She has only a few more months before her 16th birthday and she just wants to get away. Her parents hate her and the whole pack abuses her physically and verbally.

She wants to make Mate suffer, so on her 16th birthday she decides to run away. But will she be able to run away or will she decide to stay back and show Mate that he made a big mistake by rejecting her?


5. Chapter 5:

Natalie's P.O.V

I made my way back to the pack house and looked over and saw all the members standing outside with Mate in the middle. They were standing directly in front of the house and there were chairs and tables laid around the garden. Curiously I stepped forward trying to think about why they were home while it was still school hours?

"Look whose here" Nichole called out and I felt scared but was determined not to let it show on her face. I could fight the bitch. She couldn't touch me. I have had enough of all this shit going around, first with Mate rejecting me and then trying to get back to me because I smelt like Jaxon.

I stood there, staring back at her. She wasn't the Alpha female or a beta of the pack and held no position, except a bed warmer for Mate and that according to deserve no respect.

I saw her staring at me shock as if I had grown a extra head or something, but I could truly understand why she behaved that way. After so many years of not standing up for myself all of a sudden I was staring right into her eyes, it ought to baffle her.

"Look down" she demanded as she stepped towards me. I could see the anger flaming in her eyes as I ignored her and truthfully I was enjoying myself. Even though I hadn't has my first shift, my body considered of the healing genes just like all the other werewolves. I could heal just as fast as a person who had their shift so truthfully I wasn't worried about the injuries. Sure, they would hurt but seeing utter shock on her face was priceless.

I took a deep breath and started to walk towards the rest of the pack, brushing straight past Nichole. I heard gasps and whispers coming from the rest of the pack as I walked passed but I ignored it. I noticed that Dylan standing next to the beta as he stared at me with pride in his eyes. I knew that I couldn't show any attention towards him in public so I fought back a smile.

Before I could step any further, Nichole caught hold of my arm from behind and twisted it behind my back. I fought back a painful scream as I heard the crackling of my bones shattering into pieces, and I heard the rest of the pack laugh. I turned my attention towards Mate and saw a mixture of emotions pass his face but I couldn't identify any of them. But he wasn't laughing, for the first time he wasn't laughing along with the rest of the pack but staring at me with blooming eyes.

"Does it hurt?" Nichole asked as she continued to turn my arm further. I took a deep breath in trying to forget the shooting pain that was going through my arm. I knew that it would heal but that still didn't mean that it wasn't painful.

"Nah. I guess that you are losing you edge" I said in a teasing tone of voice and noticed that the pack was looking at me gobsmacked.

None of them had the guts to stand up to Nichole fearing that Mate would kick them out of the pack but for the very first time I spoke up against her. The person they had least expected to stand up.

I raised my leg in a swift movement and brought in down hard on her foot. Her body jerked and she let out a scream and released my arm. I pushed away from her and cradled my arm but then let it just hang there. I smirked at her and she growled and stepped forward.

I knew that if she turned into her wolf then there was no way that I would stand a chance but as she was still in her human form I wanted to take as much advantage as I could.

"You Bitch! How dare you! Have you forgotten who I am?" She screamed as she bent down to cheek her foot. I burst out laughing and I saw a surprise flash in her eyes.

"Yeah! I sure as hell know who you are, you are a slut." I snapped and saw her baring her teeth at me. She stood up and ran straight towards me, screaming loudly. 

I laughed as she neared me and I kicked her hard in the stomach. I knew that she was so blinded by anger that she didn't realise the fact that I could hurt her.

I heard the sickening sound of my ankle snap into two as Nichole fell to the ground, holding onto her stomach.

"Mate" She wailed and I looked at her disgusted and limped my way back to the pack house. I felt a sudden sense of pride as I stood up for myself. I knew that I still wouldn't be accepted into the pack but for me this much was enough.

I looked at the stairs and sighed. I knew that I wouldn't really be able to climb properly so I caught hold of the railing and climbed a stair at a time. I could feel my ankle begin to throb but I knew that the throbbing wouldn't last long. My hand hung to my side and it hurt every time I slightly moved it.

I heard footsteps creep behind me and I paused and turned around and saw Dylan standing there. I smiled at him and he made his way towards me, picking me up effortlessly in his arms. I snuggled close to his chest, loving the feeling of my brother as he led me to my room.

He laid me on my bed and he started to stroke my cheek as he sat next to me.

"How is your foot?"

 I jerked in pain as he touched it but I held it back. I smiled at him and shook my head. He knew that I was in pain but there was nothing he could do about it.

"It will heal" I said and he nodded and he laid next to me. We both lay back and looked up at the ceiling. The silence between us seemed to be comforting.

"Remember when we were kids and when I used to sneak into your bedroom at night and we talked till morning. When you use to give me tips on how to get girls and I use to try and keep you safe at school" Dylan spoke up, breaking the silence. 

I felt tears fill in my eyes as I remembered how close we could be about our relationship back then, but then Mate forbidden Dylan to even come near me. Mostly it was because of my mother complaining to him saying that I was a bad influence on Mate.

"I miss those days Dylan. I miss the feeling of belonging somewhere" I whispered and Dylan pulled me towards him. He was careful of my arm and my leg as every little movement hurt but I wanted to feel the protective feeling of Dylan around me so I hugged him ignoring the pain in my arm and my leg.

 "I am sorry Nat, I really am I swear that as soon as you shift we both are going to leave this place for good" Dylan whispered and I could hear his promise in his voice. I smiled at him and kissed his cheek, snuggling closer in his arms.

I woke up later and saw that it was dark outside. I noticed that Dylan was no longer lying next to me. I sighed and pushed myself up and tried to move my arm and leg. I let out a sigh of relief as there was just slight pain but mainly the bones were healed. I took a deep breath and pulled out my sketch book from under my pillow.

It was the last gift I had received from Dylan. It wasn't like he didn't give me other presents on my birthday after this one, but I preserved this one the most. All my sketches in my book meant something important that happened in my life they also reflected my life.

I could feel a smile widen over my face as I gazed at the very first sketch in my book. It was the time when my parents actually loved me. My smile seemed to vanish little by little as I continued to focus on the sketches. There was a sketch when my mum gave me my first scare and so on. I quickly flicked to a plain page, not wanting to flash back all the painful memories. 

I took out my pencil from my bag and started to draw, letting my mind drift away. As I didn't have any coloured pencils all my sketches were black and white. I continued to let my thoughts flow across the page. I paused for a second and a gasp slipped its way out. I looked at the picture.

It was of Mate. His face was laughing and his brooming eyes were soft and tender. His hair was all messed up and he was smiling, smiling at me. I felt a smile tug on my face but I held it back. Mate and I had no future.

Sighing I slammed the book closed and hid under my bed. I closed my eyes trying to keep my thoughts together. Whatever happened in the past days had got me so confused. What was the feeling that I got when Jaxon was around?

Truthfully it wasn't heard that a she-wolf could have two mates. It wasn't possible as one of the male wolves would be mateless. So, nothing made sense at the moment. I guess I will just have to wait for my shift and then my wolf could truly come out. But, I was sure that Mate was my mate. The pull I felt towards him had much more connection and a lot stronger compared to Jaxon. 

I got up from my bed and tested my ankle and I was glad I could walk. I made my way to the bathroom and had a shower. Once I was clean I put on my tracks and a singlet and made my way back to bed. I looked around the room feeling myself get depressed. The room was in black and white. The wall was completely white and dull. The single bed that was in my room was in black linen, but the linen was all shredded and dirty. There was a small table in the corner of the room were my books were laid and my clothes were on a mattress that I tried my best to keep clean. The only good thing about my room is the window because it had a direct view of the forest. I smiled as I saw the moon shining bright.

I was swept away by the beauty that I didn’t hear the door of my room open and all of a sudden I felt a warm breath on my neck. I shivered and turned around and my eyes collided with Mate's.

He was looking at me with some mixed emotions and he raised his hand softly on my cheek. I flinched from his touch as I remembered the slap and saw his eyes darken. He stepped away from me a bit and motioned for me to sit on the bed.

I made my way slowly towards the bed and sat down on the edge looking at the floor of the room and its various patterns. I heard Mate take a few deep breaths before he cleared his throat.

My eyes snapped towards his and I froze as I saw his eyes soften.

"How are you? I mean your arm and leg?" He asked as he hesitated a bit and I looked at him shocked.

Mate's mood swings were giving me the shits.

"It's not like you care so please leave" I whispered softly, what was the worse thing he could do to me? Hit me, I was used to that.

"I care" he whispered softly and bent down to me eye level and kissed me on the lips softly. I felt tears filling up in my eyes as I pushed his hands away and stood up from the bed.

"What is wrong with you? Will you stop pretending? We both know that you don't give a darn about me and that I am just a little play toy" I whispered but slightly screamed at him and Mate came towards me and pulled me into his arms.

He pressed me into the wall and his lips stared to attack my neck. I moaned softly as his tongue flicked out and licked my collar bone. I whimpered as he pulled away as I tried to push him away.

"Please stop" I begged as I tried to push him away again and frowned as my arm started to hurt again. I guess I wasn't completely healed.

"You are mine and you better remember. I don't want you smelling like Jaxon ever. Stay away from that asshole" Mate growled and turned his back to me and walked out the door.

Tears streamed down my face as I assessed my words. Was this away for him to show me that I was his possession? What the hell was he playing at?

Wiping my cheek furiously I got up and made my way to the table and concentrated on getting my work done, I growled irritated as I noticed the notebooks of the other pack members, waiting for me to complete their work as I knew that it was going to be a long night.


The next morning I quickly got up and took a shower and made by way downstairs. I made the food for everyone and quickly ate and left the house. My hand was perfectly alright but I still had a little limp in my leg. I smiled as I thought of how shocked the pack members would be when they realise that I had finished off my breakfast before them and already left for school.    

I saw Caroline there with her mate, whose name I still don’t know. I limped my way towards her and noticed that she was so wrapped around him she didn't see me.

I cleared my and heard a growl escape from her mate's mouth and I stepped back frightened. Fighting off Nichole was easy but this guy was pure masculine and tall and scary. I felt fear creeping in my body but all of a sudden Caroline smacked him on his head. He yelped and turned to look at Caroline with a lost look on his face making him look like a puppy.

I let out a small giggle and Caroline pulled me in her arms and we both squealed loudly.

"I am Matt" Caroline's mate spoke up once we had calmed down and I took his hand slowly, worried that he would snap my arm in half. He smiled at me friendly and I let out a deep breath and relaxed my body.


"You are one of Caroline's friends" He said smiling and nodded. I felt my smile vanishing as I saw Nathan coming towards me with Katherine in his arms. He ignored me completely and greeted Matt and Caroline. I lowered my head, fighting back my tears as I turned around and limped away.

I was hoping that Nathan would call my name and forgive me but there was just silence. I stepped towards the locker room and took out my books and made my way to English.

As I entered the class I felt like someone had pierced my heart as I saw Katherine sitting in my chair and Caroline and Nathan on either sides of her. I felt a tear form in my eye and slide down my face as I noticed he placed his bag in the empty seat near him, showing that I want welcome.

I stepped further into the class and saw my pack members at the back of the class, smirking at me. I noticed that the only empty seat was next to a nerdy human who everyone hated. I lowered my head and slowly made my way towards the human. I had hoped that Caroline would speak to me but she also ignored me.

I guess Nathan had told her and she felt betrayed by me. But even if I wanted to tell them I couldn't. I couldn't ignore an order by the Alpha.

"Look at the slut" One of my pack members commented and I bt my lip trying to fight back the tears. I wouldn't cry. They weren't worth it. Ignoring them I sat down on the empty seat and was shocked to see Jaxon and a few of his pack members enter the room.

They were seniors so I wondered what they were doing out there. The teacher stepped after them and motioned them to stand at the door. I heard my pack growling and I could see the threatening look that Jaxon sent them. No matter how much they hated the pack, no one could disrespect an Alpha.

I bit my lip as his eyes turned attention to me he had a motionless look on his face. I lowered my back and shifted a bit away from the human as she cleaned her teeth and threw something on the table. I could feel his gaze burning but I ignored it.

The teacher asked us to take out our books and motioned for Jaxon and three other members of his pack to pick out a partner each. I held my breath, expecting Jaxon to pick me but he ignored me and called out Macey’s name. I could feel the jealously burn inside if me as Macey squeaked but I ignored it.

All of a sudden a paper ball hit the back of my head, I looked down and picked it up.

WHORE! Want to get along with me? I will pay you some good amount.

I felt a sob escape my lip and Nathan, Caroline, Katherine's and Jaxon's face snapped towards me. I looked up and I saw Jacob sitting there smirking at me. He had thrown the paper. I hadn't expected him to be here. He was senior so I thought I would be safe from him.

I clenched my teeth as I remembered what had happened in my bedroom and got up on shaky legs. I raised my hand for the teacher and she turned to look at me.

"Mam, may I please go to the bathroom? I don't feel well" I whispered as I held the note which was crumbled in my hand. The teacher nodded and I stepped out of my seat, only to fall flat on my face as someone put their foot in front of me. I let out a yelp as U fell and the paper flew out of my hand.

Some human boy caught it and started to laugh loudly. He stood up pointed at me as he read the note and the tears streamed down my faster. I quickly stood up ignoring the comments that all the guys threw at me, telling me their address and phone numbers and ran out of the classroom feeling the burning gaze of my friends, or my former friends.

I felt someone catch hold of my hand and turned around and saw Jaxon looking at me softly, but I could see the anger in his eyes. He wiped my tears and kissed my forehead. Bending closer so that his lips were at my ear he whispered "You are better than this. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

He pulled away and kissed me on my cheek and turned around and walked away, leaving me standing there with my mouth open and my hand on my cheek, where I could feel his kiss.

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