"I reject you. I don't want to be with you anymore. You are not worth it anymore. Keep your mouth shut about this in front of the pack otherwise I will force you to leave and believe me you don't want me to do that." He told me in a really deep voice, and turned around, leaving me alone in the middle of the forest.

Natalie Wilson faces rejection from her mate, a few months before she was going to shift. She has only a few more months before her 16th birthday and she just wants to get away. Her parents hate her and the whole pack abuses her physically and verbally.

She wants to make Mate suffer, so on her 16th birthday she decides to run away. But will she be able to run away or will she decide to stay back and show Mate that he made a big mistake by rejecting her?


16. Chapter 16;


"What is going on here?" I growled as I shifted back into my human form. My father flinched from besides me and bowed his head in respect.

"So, your son  finally beat you Richard, you never deserved to be the Alpha" Mousata said spitting on my father's name.

"Who are you?" I asked controlling my anger. I coundn't affored to do anything stupid or harsh right now. I needed to find Natalie. She was all that mattered.

"I am your mothers Mate. Mousata. It is a honour to finally meet you Jaxon your mother always spoke about you"

I looked at the man dumbfounded, but didn't let anything showon my face. He was my mum's mate? But that was impossible. My dad, right here was her mate.

"I dont have time to talk or listen to your lies. State your real reason and tell me where is My Mate?" I snarled and the man looked up at me with a pitty look on his face.

"I don't lie little boy. I am your mothers mate. Your father got her killed before she could leave her for me. A murder that was planed by your father. He got Arua to kill your mother and later turned his back on her. As for your mate, it is best you forget about her. She isn't your real mate" Mousata stated and I snarled and jumped for him, not registing everything he just said. Nat was mine. Not Mate's. She made her decision and there was no way I was going to let him take her away from me.

"Calm down, I dont wish to harm you, but I will kill your father" Mousata growled as he caught hold of me. His strength crushed my arm as I tried to free myself from his vicious grip. Even though I was an Alpha Werewolf, Mousata was some how stronger than me. I stopped struggling after a while and Mousata let me go.

"we do not wish for anymore blood. Let me duel your father, whoever wins gets to kill the other person and ends the fight." Mousata stated rising his heard making a deal.

I turned around and saw my father with his head held down in shame and knew that Mousata was saying the truth. He raised his head, looking directly at me, as if he felt his gaze on him. "I wish to fight the Alpha" he said gravely. I snarled at him and turned around to look at Mousata.

"I get to see Nat" I said raising my hand halfway. Mousata shook his head as he looked at me. "Arua will stop at nothing to kill her. She needs her revenge. I cannot help you"

"Then lets fight. I wont let you duel my father" I said and Mousata started to laugh. "You will risk the lives of your pack members? I thought you would be more intellegent than that"

I growled as I looked down at my feet trying to make a decision. "Alright, You Duel"


I wiped my tears for the hundredth time before slowly rising from my sleeping position. I groaned as my bones and body hurt. I heard shifting of a body and turned around to see Mate with his back to me.

Guilt filled inside of me as I noticed his hunched back and shoulder. He looked defeated. I wish things were different but I didn't want to blame myself eaither. I didn't know Arua had him under a spell. So, was I wrong in trusting Jaxon, mating with him? Was I undeserved that I couldn't even believe in second chances?

"You know I won't stop you" Mate spoke up and I looked at him confused. "Sorry?"

"I won't stop you from going to Jaxon. Not if that's what you want. You don't deserve the pain and I don't want to increase your problems. Go to him if you escape alive. Free yourself from our bond, find a way to break it if possible. If I can't make you happy then maybe it is best if you are with him. I can't think of you as mine when I see you in so much pain, crying. I want you to be happy. And if he makes you happy then stay with him" Mate spoke softly as he turned and looked at me.

I looked at him not being able to believe that he would make a big sacrifice for me. I wanted to say something. But wat could I say?

The door to the prision room was pushed open as I was about to answer.

"Nat" Jaxon's voice rang clear and I gasped and turned to look at him. Now I had to make a decision. But what was I going to do. Who was I going to chose?

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