"I reject you. I don't want to be with you anymore. You are not worth it anymore. Keep your mouth shut about this in front of the pack otherwise I will force you to leave and believe me you don't want me to do that." He told me in a really deep voice, and turned around, leaving me alone in the middle of the forest.

Natalie Wilson faces rejection from her mate, a few months before she was going to shift. She has only a few more months before her 16th birthday and she just wants to get away. Her parents hate her and the whole pack abuses her physically and verbally.

She wants to make Mate suffer, so on her 16th birthday she decides to run away. But will she be able to run away or will she decide to stay back and show Mate that he made a big mistake by rejecting her?


13. Chapter 13:


I snarled at my father as he jumped towards me, aiming for my neck. Even though he was the Alpha, I was his son and stronger and younger than him. He had trained me o his own so he should have been aware that I knew about all his tricks and schemes.

I slipped out of his way gracefully, my wolf growling. I swiftly turned around and attacked his leg, making him whine in pain. I didnt want to kill my own father, but i needed to get to my mate. God knows where she is. I whipped my head and snarled loudly and smiled in satisfaction as I noticed the limp my father had.

"You cant win" I said smugly in my head and my dad pushed me out, blocking me.

He jumped towards me and caught hold of me by digging his claws into my back. I howled in pain and then quickly shook him off me. Without wasting time, i jumped over him and held him down, bitting down hard on his neck.


My dad growled and tried to fight me, but I was stronger and there was no way that I was going to lose.

After a minute he stopped struggling and showed me his belly a sign of surrender. I lifted my body from over him and quickly shifted back closing my eyes. I felt powerful, really powerful. I guess that is how my father must have felt being the Alpha.

"I want everyone out here in 5 minutes" I shouted, knowing that the entire pack could hear me. I felt a surge of power as I heard everyone running out of the pack house and closed my eyes.My wolf howled within me as I felt stronger.

"Alpha" People chorused together and I opened my eyes and saw each and everyone person standing I front of me. I looked at my father sideways and noticed that he was still on the ground with his belly facing me.

I growled in disgust and snarled at him "Shift and put some clothes on and be back"

I turned towards the other pack members and saw their eyes looking down at my feet and felt satisfaction spread through me.

"My mate, Natalie is in danger and I will do anything to get her back. I do feel bad that I ask all of you to put your life in danger for my mate as a first task by the Alpha but I need the help of my pack. Those who are ready to help me find my mate raise your hands and the others move back into the pack house. I don't want woman or children involved in this situation and I need at least half of the men to be stationed here so to protect the others if we may be attacked." I finished in a low yet firm tone. I watches as they all looked at me with respect, and I knew that they will be ever so loyal to me.

All the males raised their hands and the woman and children turned around to leave but not before saying goodbye too their mates.

I looked up at the men and chose half of them to come with me and the other half stayed back.

"I hope you all know that if I am betrayed by anyone of you, the price will be death." I said and everyone around me agreed and bowed their head in respect.

"Now let's prepare"


I snarled at Arua as she tried to come closer.

"Stay away!"

Aura laughed as I howled at her and she slapped me hard across the face. I winced as I tasted my blood, but it was healed soon enough. 

I growled at her softly and I tried to snap when suddenly the door was pushed open and a tall dark and huge man came strolling in. He made his way towards Arua and I turned around in disgust as I watched him draw blood from her neck and he then licked it away.

"Arua, my love" The man spoke slowly and I closed my eyes as they kissed. I cleared my throat, wanting them to stop whatever they were doing cause it was very disgusting.

"This is Natalie?" The man asked Arua, who just smirked and looked at me with a disgusted expression. The man turned around and faced me, looking at me with intrest as if I was like some puzzle he was trying to solve.

"You do remind me of your parents" The man said and I looked at him with anger. I snarled loudly, feeling alive and living. I never wanted to be compared to those freaks.

"I am nothing like them."

"Oh, but you are. How are you to know when I killed them as soon as you were born? So believe me when I say you look like them you do."

I looked at him shocked and confused. What in the world was he talking about? My parents are alive. I had lived with them, gone through all the torture.

"You are wrong. My parents are alive. I have lived all my life in the pack house with them" I snarled and Arua smirked at me. She slowly stepped towards me and clawed my face, scaring my face horizontally. I screamed as my flesh tore and I could feel it hanging and the blood poured down my face and all over the floor.

"Arua, stop!" The man spoke up and Arua stopped and growled at him.

"I will speak to her alone. Leave" The man commanded and I could feel the power beaming off him. Was he an Alpha werewolf?

"Who are you?" I asked as soon as Arua stepped out of the room, leaving me alone with the man.

"My name is Mousata; I am Arua's soul mate, if not the real one." He started and I could sense the pain underlining the words that came out of his mouth.

"She isn't your true mate?"

"No, my mate was Jaxon's mother. His father had her killed through Arua when he came to know about our little affair. She wanted to leave him so she could be with me, but he wouldn't allow it. That is when I killed your parents. They tried to stop me from getting to my mate. I was too blinded by range. Arua hated your parents, so when I had found them and killed them we kind of got together, trying to kill Jaxon's father. He betrayed Arua. He had made a deal with her that if he killed my mate then your parents would be killed by him. But, he broke the deal and tried to put everything on her..."

"Why does she hate my parents so much? I mean what did they do? What did I do? I asked softly, trying to stop my tears from rolling down my cheeks and onto the solid floor. All of this was to much for me to handle. Not only were my supposed parents not my real parents, but my real parents were dead.

"Arua is called the 'Old Witch of the House' for a reason; your parents confined her to this house. But things went wrong and she escaped. Since then she has been trying to kill you. She couldn't kill them so she wants to curb her thirst by killing you." The man stated clearly to me and I could see hatred pass through his eyes when he mentioned Arua. He hated her; it was clear in his eyes and maybe in his heart. 

"Why are you with her? She killed your mate didn't she?" I asked quietly and his eyes snapped towards me, before he stood there expressionless.

"She is the only one through whom I could get to Jaxon's father. Don't you see? All this happened because I wanted it to happen. Arua had her reasons for beating you up through Mate because she knew that being hurt by your mate brought one the worst pain ever, so she hurt you. Jaxon came into play because I wanted him to think you were his mate. We were able to plot against all those people we hated through you. You were the main part of everything." Mousata said and I looked up at him feeling helpless.

I had thought if I could force his hatred for Arua out he could help me, but he needed me here. He needed me as bait for Jaxon.

"Can you distract her enough so that I can speak to Mate? I beg for only that much. Please? I want to speak to him just once” I pleaded and he looked at me, studying my sincerity.

“Only because I knew your parents as friends”

He turned around and left me in the room alone. I felt tears flow freely down my face as I thought about everything. It was all just a game. My parents were dead, my real mate didnt even know what he was doing and my false mate was on his way to save was such a mess.

I was going to die. There was no way to get out. Jaxon would die and so would I.

The door was pushed open and Mate came strolling in. He looked at me with hatred, then all of a sudden his expression went blank. He fell onto his knees and screamed loudly. I looked at him confused and screamed loudly, trying to make him look at me.

"Natalie, why are you in chains?"

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