"I reject you. I don't want to be with you anymore. You are not worth it anymore. Keep your mouth shut about this in front of the pack otherwise I will force you to leave and believe me you don't want me to do that." He told me in a really deep voice, and turned around, leaving me alone in the middle of the forest.

Natalie Wilson faces rejection from her mate, a few months before she was going to shift. She has only a few more months before her 16th birthday and she just wants to get away. Her parents hate her and the whole pack abuses her physically and verbally.

She wants to make Mate suffer, so on her 16th birthday she decides to run away. But will she be able to run away or will she decide to stay back and show Mate that he made a big mistake by rejecting her?


10. Chapter 10:

Natalie's P.O.V

"So I guess you want me to start from the beginning right?" Jaxon spoke up as we lay side by side on the bed, with him holding my hand.

"Yes, I want to know what you meant by the face that you will die" I whispered as I shifted myself so I was facing him. I traced my finger on his face and kissed him softly on the cheek.

Jaxon pushed himself of the bed and quickly go up. I frowned and sat up and waited for him to start.

"Since the time my father came to the Alpha position he has made many wrong choices. We moved out here because we were in danger living in our old pack territory. The rogues, witches wanted us dead. So, the witches decided to curse our pack through the Alphas only son, me. That curse said that if I didn't find a mate until my next birthday and marked or mated with her I along with the pack would die" Jaxon said taking a long pause and I sat there confused.

Whatever he said still didn't make sense. Why would all the mythical creatures want his pack dead?

"What did your father do, Jax? What awful thing could he have done to deserve this?" I asked standing up I front of his bed. I slowly walked towards him and hugged him from behind but he stood there stiffly.

"He... he killed the old witch of the house. The witches along with the rogues, as the rogues were promised more land, they have been hunting us for a long time. They have been trying to keep me from finding my mate and we'll then I saw you, I really thought that you were the one" Jaxon said quietly and turned towards me, waiting for my reaction.

I stood there shocked looking at him. I was unable to comprehend whatever he had told me. The old witch of the house was the most powerful witch ever in history. If Jaxon's father managed to kill her then a blood feud was inevitable. The witches must really want his blood.

"I am just surprised" I said softly after a while and Jaxon looked at me understandingly. 

"I know all of this can be confusing. It's just that my birthday is in a few weeks and if I don't find my mate, I along with the rest of the pack will die"

I looked up at him and bit my lip. Jaxon had treated me so very different from the way Mate had. Didn't that prove enough that he cared for me and that he would take care of me and not harm me like Mate had?

Did I need more proof? The amount of time I had spent with Jaxon, he had never tried to take advantages of me or force me into anything that I didn't want. Didn't he deserve my trust?

Hadn't he proved that he was the worthier mate? He waited for me even though he knew he and his pack would die, but he gave me my space.

"Mate me" I whispered softly and Jaxon's eyes snapped towards mine. I noticed his eyes turning a deep yellow and I knew that the wolf in him was willing and fighting to get out.

"Do you know what you are asking of me?" He growled in a low voice as he neared me. I gulped as I looked at the predatory look on his face and I knew that he was hunting for me.


I was pushed back so that I fell against the bed and Jaxon was over me in less then a second. My body started to heat up as he pressed kisses along my neck and I arched as he bit softly into my pulse points.

I wrapped my arms and legs around him and slowly rocked my body, withering him in passion.

"I need you now" I groaned as he pulled my shirt and tore it from the middle. 

"I have wanted to do this since the day I met you" Jaxon growled.

I opened my eyes and turned my head sideways, the passion flared within me and I knew I could feel myself getting wet.

Suddenly my eyes adjusted to a paper on the bed and I slowly pushed at Jaxon's chest, making him snarl at me. I looked back at him and kissed him softly on the cheek and noticed his wolf being pushed back.

I raised myself a little and picked up the piece of paper, reading it aloud.

'Things aren't as they seem,

Things aren't as you believe,

Things aren't as you want them to be,

Fate will play its game and then you will choose,

Find yourself warned young Alpha,

As death plays it's game.'

"What is this?" I asked forgetting that I was kinda naked and Jaxon sighed and pulled the piece of paper from my hand. 

"It's one of the witches riddles. I have been getting them since I was 12. I don't really know what they mean but it's the first time that death has ever been mentioned" Jaxon sighed and kissed me on the lips. I felt myself slipping past the haze of passion and pulled him towards me.

"Don't you think you should figure it out? It could mean something deeper" I whispered trying to forget about me being close to naked.

"I will, but I haven't had much time" Jaxon drawled out his eyes focusing on my nakedness. I felt the slickness between my legs increasing and Jaxon hissed as he took in a deep breath, smelling my arousal.

"I need you now" I growled and Jaxon threw the paper in the corner and pulled me closer. I pulled at his shirt and he discarded it, going for my jeans.

"I love you" he whispered softly as his hands made their way downwards and I forgot everything about the paper.


"It is done" The witch saturated over to the figure in bed, hidden by the darkness of the room.

"What is done?" The figure hissed as he clawed at the witches skin and pulled her under his body.he bit hard into her neck making the witch breakdown into a waterfall.

"He mated her" the witch said breathlessly and the figure laughed. Low mean laugh. The witch felt her blood run out cold as the figure pulled himself off the bed.

"He didn't take the riddle seriously I presume?" The figure asked and the witch shook her head.

'Things aren't as they seem young Alpha. 
You were warned and now death will play its game" 

The figure hissed and the witch pulled up from the bed.

"We attack in 4 days"

I opened my eyes and felt a smile break through my face as I felt Jaxon's arms around my hips. I stretched my body and moaned at how sore I felt. I never really returned back to the pack house yesterday as Jaxon and I spent the entire time in bed.

"You are awake at last!" Jaxon whispered from behind me. He kissed my now marked neck. I could feel him being proud as he sucked on my neck.

"I love you"

"I love you too" I whispered and loved the feeling of exaction that those words brought me. I was finally able to give myself fully to him and believe in him.

"I need to join your pack now" I said as I turned around and nuzzled into his neck, earning a low purr from him.

"Yes, but I can think of better things now" he said huskily. 

There was a loud bang at the door and it was pushed open to reveal Mate standing there looking absolutely livid. 

I yelped and covered myself and Jaxon growled and got up from the bed, making sure that I was wrapped up properly.

"What is the meaning of this?" Jaxon snarled as his body started to shake and I knew that his wolf was livid about someone else seeing me like this.

"Jax, calm down" I whispered softly and Mate eyes snapped towards mine as I spoke up and I could see the pain and sadness in them it confused me.

"How could you? SHE ISNT YOUR MATE!" Mate growled and I looked at him shocked.

"Mate what the hell is wrong with you? Jaxon is my mate" I growled as I stood up from the bed, making sure that I was wrapped in the sheets properly.

I caught hold of Jaxon's arm and he instantly stopped shaking. I saw Mates eyes turn black and I looked down at him, scared of looking into his eyes.

"Jaxon and I are mated. It is done" I spoke softly and heard a howl from Mate and looked up to see him on the floor. I felt a sudden tug in my chest and I stepped back shocked.

If I had mated once with Jaxon I shouldn't have felt Mates pain. I shouldn't be feeling anything towards him.

"You are not his true mate, you are mine." Mate howled and he looked up glaring at Jaxon.

"She is my mate Mate. She has my mate mark and now also bears the mark of my mate" Jaxon said and stood I front of me. Shielding me from Mates gaze.

"You idiot didn't you read the witches warning ?

'Things aren't as they seem,

Things aren't as you believe,

Things aren't as you want them to be,

Fate will play its game and then you will choose,

Find yourself warned young Alpha,

As death plays it's game.'

Didn't you try and understand what it meant or were you too blinded to think? The witches made you think that Natalie was your mate. Nat is my mate, your mate is somewhere else"

"How do you know that riddle?" I asked stepping away from Jaxon so that I could look at Mate.

"Everyone does. All the Alphas have been trying to help Jaxon get his mate. Why did you think I wanted you to stay away from him? The witches made you believe that Jaxon was your mate. It was all part of the plan. I couldn't tell you everything. They had us under surveillance. I have know that you were my mate since I was 15. I felt the connection to you. Do you think I enjoyed fooling around with Nichole? I was trying to protect you because I loved you" Mate howled and I gasped and backed away. This couldn't be true.

He had to be wrong. I looked over at Jaxon but he looked down at the floor. A confused expression marked his face.

I quickly turned around and pushed past Mate, ignoring as he and Jaxon called for me.

What the hell was going on?

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