Can You Keep a Secret?

Taia Peters looks like your average 19 year old girl, 5'8, nice brown hair, her own quirky flaws. But Taia's also a little...different. She's suffered severe bullying since she started middle school. Her home life wasn't so hot either. Her mom left when she was young and her dad is a lazy drug addict, leaving her to watch over her 4 siblings. 2 year old Jamie, the 17 year old twins Izabella and Oliver, then 15 year old Joyce.
Between trying to go to community college and still keep the unstable family functioning, Taia is being worn thin, with no help in sight she might crash and burn. When she meets One Direction, will they tell how close she is to breaking, will she let them help her, or will she only drag them down with her in the end?


1. Last day of school

~Taia's Point of View~

I sighed as my alarm clock rang in my ear, 5 am time to get up. I rolled off the couch and made my way to the kitchen grabbing a glass and holding it under the sink. I twisted the rusted knob but nothing came out...great, just great. Water's shut off and my paycheck doesn't come until tomorrow. I put the empty glass down on the counter and walked over to the window where the still dark sky loomed over the busy city below. New of the biggest cities in the country. Home to some of the richest people as well as the poorest...


I shook my head, my curly brown hair tickling my face. I huffed and walked over to the bathroom, running a old hair brush through my hair, thanking god that I had showered last night when we still had water. I then went searching for some clothes. I pulled on a old ACDC tee shirt and some jeans. By the time I was done 6 o'clock had rolled around and it was time for me to get the others up. 

I opened the door to Izabella, Oliver, and Joyce's room where the twins were passed out in the single twin sized bed and Joyce laid on the floor wrapped in bundles of tangled blankets. I pulled the string on the single light bulb, sending a faint glow through the room. Groans of protest echoed off the walls, telling me they were all awake. 

"Don't worry, it's the last day of school." I said with a smile walking out of the room. I almost didn't finish school but I knew if I wanted to make any kind of money, no highschool degree wasn't gonna get me very far.

I walked back to the kitchen pulling out three bowls and filling them with the last of the walmart brand of frosted flakes as well as the last of the milk. Joyce came in first, wearing her jeans from yesterday and a red socks hoodie. Then came Oliver in torn up jeans and a pink floyd tee. Finally Izabella came in with a batman tee that was almost to small and skinny jeans that hugged her toothpick legs. 

I forced a smile and laid the bowls on the table in front of them, my own stomach growling silently. 'They need to eat before I do. The kids come first.' I would always quietly remind myself.

Once the three were on the bus and off to school I went and got Jamie out of his crib that sat in the far corner of the living room. Though he was two years old, nearly 3 he still only wore a diaper and at times and old tee of Olivers. I shook my head again, loose hairs falling from the bun I had done up earlier. 

I stood there, looking at Jamie as he lay, still sleeping in my arms. They're easy when they're young like this. They don't ask questions, they don't want to know why the waters not working, or why dad slams the doors in the middle of the night. They don't worry about the scars on my hips or the way I don't eat. It's just themselves, in their own little worlds. Eat, sleep, poop , repeat, day in and day out.

It's so much harder when they need so much more that I can't give...


*One Direction will come in the next chapter*

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