Can You Keep a Secret?

Taia Peters looks like your average 19 year old girl, 5'8, nice brown hair, her own quirky flaws. But Taia's also a little...different. She's suffered severe bullying since she started middle school. Her home life wasn't so hot either. Her mom left when she was young and her dad is a lazy drug addict, leaving her to watch over her 4 siblings. 2 year old Jamie, the 17 year old twins Izabella and Oliver, then 15 year old Joyce.
Between trying to go to community college and still keep the unstable family functioning, Taia is being worn thin, with no help in sight she might crash and burn. When she meets One Direction, will they tell how close she is to breaking, will she let them help her, or will she only drag them down with her in the end?


2. Concert, please?

I was asleep in the chair with Jamie in my arms when the door creaked open, I quickly shot up, clutching my brother to me protectively. But when I saw it was only Joyce, Izabella, and Oliver I relaxed. I stood up and placed Jamie in his crib before grabbing my Jacket.

"My shift only lasts till 8 today so I should be back before 9." I said giving them all a hug. This was how it worked everyday. Once they got home I left for work, most of the time I didn't get back until after 11 and then on weekends I spent most of my time at the local community college.

I walked out the door of the small apartment and down the dim, dingy steps. My beaten up walmart sneakers, sinking into the moldy carpeted stairs. I pushed open the large glass doors and made my way to the McDonalds two blocks away. Time for work...yay....


It was nearly 8:50 by the time my shift finally ended and I had to speed walk home to make it back anywhere near nine. When I opened the door I found Oliver reading from a big book of fairytales to Joyce who had Jamie in her arms, while Izabella fussed about the kitchen attempting to clean up the dirty dinner dishes.

I smiled and hung my jacket on the back of a near by chair before going to help Izabella in the kitchen. As soon as we had gotten cleaned up Joyce came over.

"Tay...Iz and I have a question." Joyce asked wringing her hands in front of her.

"Well...what is it?" I asked expectantly

"Well you see One Direction has a concert in town tomorrow night and-" she began. I should have known this would have something to do with One Direction, the popular boy band the girls have been obsessed with lately.

"Now girls, you know we don't have the money for that kind of thing." I said, I hated telling them no but what else could I say.

"That's just it though we already have the tickets. One for Joyce, you, and I!" Izabella squealed excitedly.

"And did you manage that?" I asked kind of shocked.

"We saved up birthday and christmas money from friends, and then Iz has been running tutoring sessions during lunch for ten bucks the past two months." Joyce explained hopefully.

"Can we pretty please go Tay? Oliver already said he was cool with watching Jamie on his own." Izabella asked, pulling the puppy dog eyes on me.

I sighed setting the dish cloth I was using on the counter. The girls had already bought the tickets so how can I tell them no... "Fine." I caved. "We can go to the concert."

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