Delilah is just someone who is different from the others. She is not like anyone you would expect to met. Her friend Abigail, Anna, and Petter are close and they love Delilah even if she is different. Delilah is the one that helps people she helped someone named Louis Tomlinson get on the XFactor and to where he is now. Louis wants to Met Delilah in real life. He and his band go and find her. They go to her Skool and saw a girl getting picked on. She finally walked away and they saw she was crying .Louis went over to her and asked her if she was okay. When she looked up Louis saw that it was Delilah. He was shocked and gave her a hug. What will Louis do? He wants to help Delilah but he needs to know everything without hurting her and making her upset. What will he do? How will he help Delilah? Delilah is officially Different


2. Louis & I

*Delilah's POV*

Once I got in there Louis was singing along to a song. It was a slow song. Oh my god he is so good. He is really really good. He looked at me and had me put my things down then he took me and started to slow dance with me while he sang. I keep dancing with him and smile while laughing a little bit. He smiled at me and then I think the song started to end cause then he spun me around and then sang the last note and did that one this where the guy lays the girl back and just holds her there. Then he pulled me back up and spun me around. I smiled at him. He is so funny.

"Hey Delilah." He said to me and smiled then gave me a huge warm hug.

"Hi Louis" I said to him and smiled.

"Sorry about all that I was really into the music."

"Dont worry your fine."

"You sure?"


"Okay." He said smiling. I smiled back.

"So, what song have you picked?"

"Um..... Hey There Delilah."

"Oh, Why you pick that song?" I asked while we went over and sat on the stage. This is what the place looks like:

The Stage is on the left side it is not on the picture but it is on the left side over there. We sat there and talked.

"I picked it cause..... I like the band, It is a great song, and......"


"It reminds me of you....."

"What? Louis you dont have to this is your time to shine. You dont have to have something that is or reminds you of me you know."

"Yah, I know but I wanted to."

"Okay. I will get the song for you Sunday. So we can work on it then."

"Why Sunday? Why Not Tomorrow?"

"Oh, im kinda having a sleepover thing tonight and until Sunday."

"Oh....." He said looking a little bit down.

I looked at my phone and it was only 4:15. Wow. Then my phone went off and Anna was calling me.

"Excuse me for one sec." I told Louis. He nodded his head and I walked away from him.

(Anna- A & Delilah- D)

D- Hey Whats up?

A- Nm. Bored waiting for my parents to come home so I can leave and come over to your place. 

D- Ahh I see.

A- Yah, so what are you doing?

D- Nm. We are just talking to Louis

A- Ahh Cute.

D- Haha very funny. Just friends. Hey, if it is alright with you can he come out to eat with us and maybe stay the night?

A- Hang on.

I waited for like maybe a good 5 minutes. Then she came back on.

A- Delilah?

D- Yes?

A- Yah, he can come.

D- Awesome and what were you doing?

A- ASking everyone quick.

D- Oh okay. Great well I will pick you up at about 5:15 ish?

A- Okay. Hey before you go..... Where are we eating at?

D- Um..... Las Flores? 

A- Good. I Love that place.

D- Good. Ill see you later?

A- Yup See Yah.

I hung up and walked back over to Louis.

"Hey, everything okay?" He asked.

"Yah,just friends being friends."

"Ahh I see....."


"So what are you doing this weekend?"

"Um..... Nothing. "

"Oh, well I was kinda wondering if you would like to come over and stay the nights?" I said shy.

He looked at and grinned.

"Sure." He said. I smiled at him and then looked at the time. 4:24. Wow time could go any slower.

"So what you want to do till 5:30?" I asked.

"Listen to music. Then maybe at 5:20 we could go to my house and grab somethings and then met your friends?"

"Yh, that would be great." I said with a smile. He smiled back and put his I-pod on the deck. The song #That Power. Came on and he danced around and sang parts. I drank some of my pop and then he came and grabbed me and pulled me onto the dance floor and made me dance with him. He is such a funny guy. I am so glad I met Louis.

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