Delilah is just someone who is different from the others. She is not like anyone you would expect to met. Her friend Abigail, Anna, and Petter are close and they love Delilah even if she is different. Delilah is the one that helps people she helped someone named Louis Tomlinson get on the XFactor and to where he is now. Louis wants to Met Delilah in real life. He and his band go and find her. They go to her Skool and saw a girl getting picked on. She finally walked away and they saw she was crying .Louis went over to her and asked her if she was okay. When she looked up Louis saw that it was Delilah. He was shocked and gave her a hug. What will Louis do? He wants to help Delilah but he needs to know everything without hurting her and making her upset. What will he do? How will he help Delilah? Delilah is officially Different


1. Different From The Others

* Delilah's POV*

"Haha Look At That Looser. I Don't Even Know Why You Are Even Here Anymore." My Bullys said.

I just walked away from them and didn't talk to them. I walked all the way to my class room. Abigail, Anna, Lucas and Petter where in there I walked in and sat in the back alone in the corner. They all came over and sat by me.

"Delilah are you okay?" My friend Abby said. That is her nickname we call her.

I shook my head in a yes way and just didn't look at them. I looked at my desk and class started. I didn't even care to look at anyone any more. Class ended and we went to our next class.


Thank god today has been a whole study hall. I talked to someone the whole day today helping them work on there singing. They really want to be on the X-Factor. I was looking for a job and he said that he would pay me if I helped him but I had told him no it was not big deal, that I just wanted to help him get to his dream. My dream is to be a Photographer. If I can't be that then I want to be a Veterinarian.

 We were talking about what they were going to sing, when we could met, when we could get together. We really dont know each other well but we know each other good enough that we are not strangers.

After school today we are going to met up to talk about the song he will sing. Yes, they are a guy. His name is Louis.

"Delilah?" Anna said.

"Yah, sorry. What's up?"

"You seem like you are in a good mood." Petter says.

"Why you say that?"

"Cause you are looking up. You are making eye contact with us." Lucas said.

"Oh, I see....."

"What made your mood change all day today you were upset now at lunch you are all okay and happyish." Abby asked.

"Oh well, okay. So I wrote on Facebook that I was looking for a job. Then this one boy said that he would pay me if he could help me with something. I said sure and I met up with him last friday. He needed help with his singing so he can go to the the X-Factor. So I told him he does not have to pay me. Cause I just want to help him get his dream so now we are going to met today since it is friday."

"Ahh, I see. That should be fun," Anna said.

"Yah, it should be fun. I cant wait. Oh Also do you guys want to spend the night after I am done? I can pick all of you guys up....." I asked all my friends.

"Sure, I can." Abby said.

"I can. My parents wont care." Lucas said.

"Yes. That would be awesome. What time?" Anna said.

"I will have to see my schedule." Petter said.

"Awesome and we should be done at 5:30. Is that okay? Then we can go out to eat"

"That would be great." They said.


Lunch ended and I went to Study Hall. I was alone in here. I cant wait to get out of this school. Oh forgot to tell you Abby, Anna, Lucas, Petter, and I are all Seniors in high school. Abby, Anna, & Lucas are 18. Petter is turning 18 tomorrow. His Birthday is April 14th. Abby's is November 20th. Anna's is June 29th, Lucas's is May 6th, and mine is July 4th. Oh yah I am only 17 years. So I will have to get Petter something for his birthday since he is staying the night. 

*After School*

I said goodbye to all my friends. They all were going home and packing. Anna had to go and get her brother and sister. Lucas had to go and get his twin brothers, twin sisters, and his little brother. I know a lot of kidz. :P Abby had to go and get her little brother and Petter had to go and get his sister. I am an only child so I can I go straight to metting Louis instead of worrying about someone else.

I stopped at a gas station and got something to drink and to snack on. I got a Code Red Mountain Dew and Sour Gummy Worms. Then I was on my way to met Louis.

 Louis and I were going to met at the studio that his family owned. 

It was only about a 5-7 minute drive. Once I got there I saw his car so I pulled up next to it. I got my things and got out of my car and walked into the studio. Once I got in there Louis was singing along to a song. Oh my god he is so.....

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