Opposites Attract (Luke Hemmings)

Harley Tomlinson is going on tour with her brother and a certain band called 5sos her and Luke don't get along at first but will everything change with a certain situation comes up?
Always remember opposites attract



(Calum's p.o.v.)

I walked over towards Louis and he stood up and started questioning me I said "um Louis how about you just let Luke and Harley date" he looked at me and just blinked then he yelled "CALUM WHATS WRONG WITH HES TOOO OLD FOR HER AND SHE DOESNT EVEN KNOW WHAT LOVE IS!!!!!" I sighed "do you want yourself to be happy that you kept them apart and watch Harley and Luke be depressed, Louis they really love each other and you know Luke would never hurt her" he sighed and said " but she's just a little girl Calum and he's a man I don't want him to take away my little girl" Louis looked at the ground with sad eyes....then the tour bus opened......

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