Opposites Attract (Luke Hemmings)

Harley Tomlinson is going on tour with her brother and a certain band called 5sos her and Luke don't get along at first but will everything change with a certain situation comes up?
Always remember opposites attract



Louis' (p.o.v.)

Suicide was the only thing running threw my head why would she think of suicide maybe I can get one of the boys to talk to her because I know that she won't talk to me for a while.

Calum's (p.o.v.)

I was watching a bird trying to attack a fish when Louis asked me " hey Calum can you go talk to Harley because I know she won't talk to me right now " I nodded and went over to her bunk and sat at the edge I asked " so who much do you love Luke " she looked at me and bursted into tears I pulled her into my chest and she sobbed " I love Luke a lot he was fixing me then Louis broke what Luke was trying to fix " I rubbed her back and said " well how about I go talk to Louis and convince him into letting you to love birds date " she pulled away and wiped her eyes she nodded and I left I hope this works o_0

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