Opposites Attract (Luke Hemmings)

Harley Tomlinson is going on tour with her brother and a certain band called 5sos her and Luke don't get along at first but will everything change with a certain situation comes up?
Always remember opposites attract


2. Beginning

Harley's (p.o.v.)

Louis and I walked into the bus and 7 idiotic boys where running around I laughed and Harry stopped and opened is arms I ran to him and hugged him "missed you smalls" I chuckled and said "missed you too talls" Niall came up and hugged "missed you blondie" I smiled he laughed and fluffed my hair and said "missed you too brownie" Liam came up to me and hugged me tight "missed you spoons" I squeaked out he laughed and said "missed you too bitty" Louis walked me over to the other boys and said "boys this Harley, harley this is Michael, calum, Luke, and Ashton" i smiled trying to hold in my excitement and said "nice to meet you" Louis snickered and said "she's obsessed with you guys" I elbowed him in the side hard and smacked him in the back of the head and walked away from them.

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