Tour Family (5SOS and 1D)

I'm currently stuck touring with nine idiots who I've grown rather close to. I'm closest to Harry (Styles) and Luke (Hemmings). Both air heads are like big brothers to me and take care of me...on tour that is. It sounds really cheesy but it's true. It's fun when you're only sixteen (and almost seventeen) touring.


6. The Game

Lexi's POV

"I don't know guys, this game sounds like a bad idea," I complained.

"We haven't even told you anything about the game yet?" Ashton replied.

"Harry makes this face with the other boys when they have an idea, and four out of nine times it's a bad idea," I said crossing my arms.

"Come on Lex, it's a fun game we played last tour," Luke begged.

"Fine," I said sitting on the floor between Ashton and Harry. "What's the game?" The boys pulled out a deck of cards that had truth written on top and a second deck that said dare. I rolled my eyes.

"Ladies first," Harry said poking me. I threw my head back and groaned. I took a card from the dare pile and read it in my head.


"What does it say Lex?" Harry asked laughing.

"NO." I repeated. Ashton took the card and read it out loud.

"Kiss the cutest person on the bus," he read.

"Harry..." I said sweetly. He looked at me with big eyes. "Can you get me a mirror?"

"Thank god!" He replied relaxing his shoulders. The rest of the boys just laughed. "I don't think that counts?" He laughed.

"NIALL!!!" I yelled. I ran to the entertainment room where he was sitting. The rest of the boys fallowed. "They're trying to make me kiss someone on the bus." I said curling in a ball next to him.

"Truth or dare?" Niall asked looking up at Harry. He nodded. Niall looked at me and tapped his cheek. "I am the cutest." I rolled my eyes.

"Ew..." I said giggling. "MWAH!" I said after pecking his cheek. I went back to the cards. "Your turn Harriet!" I called. I gave all the boys girl names. Zayn was Zoe, Liam was Leah, Louis was Louise, Niall was Niya, and Harry was Harriet.

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