Tour Family (5SOS and 1D)

I'm currently stuck touring with nine idiots who I've grown rather close to. I'm closest to Harry (Styles) and Luke (Hemmings). Both air heads are like big brothers to me and take care of me...on tour that is. It sounds really cheesy but it's true. It's fun when you're only sixteen (and almost seventeen) touring.


2. Hotel

Lexi's POV

I'm suppose to meet up with the boys at the airport today and I'm so excited! Last night was my first concert of the tour which was extremely exciting! I slept the whole plane ride since I don't get much sleep at night. I really like my job now because I'm away from home. I hate being home because my dad is always drinking and my mom is straight up crazy. She one time started talking to an orange about how the world was going to end in 2012. Yet here we are in 2014.

Anyways, I have really bad anxiety so I have to take medication so I can chill. I was put on meds by my manager who is like my parent. Her name is Christina Dewitt. But I call her Auntie Chrissy or Charlie (most of the time I call her Charlie). Even off tour I generally live with her and she's working on adopting me.

"Lex, come on!" Charlie laughed. "The boys are over there!" She grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the boys.

"Alexandra Lott everyone!" the boys announced.

"How are you Lex?" Harry asked embarrassing me in a big hug. He squeezed me and lifted me off the ground.

"HAROLD!!!" I whined. "I can't breath!!" I giggled squirming. He put me down and we all laughed.

"So the other boys are at the hotel. I'm going to see you in two weeks in Dallas okay Lex? Be good for the boys," Charlie said kissing my cheek. "I'm gonna miss you so much!" She said with watery eyes. The five British idiots drove me to the hotel where we met four others.

"Boys! This is Alexandra Katherine Anne Marie Lott," Harry introduced. "You can just call her Lexi or Bugger Brain."

"Gee, love you to Harry," I said sticking my tongue out. Harry chuckled and messed up my hair.

"Hi Bugger Brain!" One of the boys waved. "I'm Ashton." He smiled. He had dimples like Harry. I teased Harry a lot about his dimples and called him dent face.

"Dents!" I yelled poking one of Ashton's dimples and then ran to Harry who was sitting on the couch. I jumped on his lap and poked his dimples.

"What are you doing?" He laughed.

"Poking your dents...duh?" I teased. He just rolled his eyes and smiled. "Where am I sleeping?" I asked.

"You're sleeping in my room with Ashton and Niall," he said looking over my shoulder.

"Who's behind me?" I turned around and saw a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. "Are you Luke?"

"Yep, that's me," he replied in his thick Australian accent.

"Lex should probably go to bed, it's late," Harry said tickling me.

"I'm not tired!" I whined with a fake pouty face. "Plus I slept the whole flight here."

"Fine, you can go to bed later," he replied. "Where's Niall? He LOVES Lex."

"I think he's in you guys' room," Luke said. Harry and I when're to our room and say Niall and two other boys eating. Of coarse Niall was eating. The two boys looked up and waved at me with smiles.

"You must be Lex," one with black hair said. "I'm Calum and this is Mikey." He had an Australian accent too.

"Hey," I waved. Niall put his food down and motioned me to come towards him.

"You've grown since the Britt awards haven't you Lexi?" He said messing up my hair as Harry had done earlier.

"What is up with you guys and messing my hair up?" I said rolling my eyes. I took Niall's chips which was something only I could get away with since I was much you get than him. Niall pouted and then soon continued eating his pizza.

"I'm going to get Miss American her bags," Harry said leaving the room.

"Thanks Butt Head!" I shouted with chips in my mouth.

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