Tour Family (5SOS and 1D)

I'm currently stuck touring with nine idiots who I've grown rather close to. I'm closest to Harry (Styles) and Luke (Hemmings). Both air heads are like big brothers to me and take care of me...on tour that is. It sounds really cheesy but it's true. It's fun when you're only sixteen (and almost seventeen) touring.


5. Early Bird

Lexi's POV

"Wake up Lex," Harry said shaking me awake. I slowly forced my eyelids to open from my slumber.

"Are we leaving?" I asked groggily. I rubbed my eyes and sat up.

"We're leaving in an hour. Go get ready and we'll put your bags in the tour bus," Harry replied walking away. I dragged my feet to the bathroom and threw on ripped jean shorts, a Ramones band tee, and black Converse high tops. I put my medium length brown hair in a high ponytail, applied a couple coats of mascara, and brushed my teeth. Harry and I were the last out of the hotel and got on the tour bus. I got first pick on my bunk.

"LUKE!" I called. "Your not the youngest on tour anymore!" I said sticking my tongue out.

"I'm only about a year older than you. Niall told me your birthday is on Friday," he smirked.

"I hate you," I squinted me eyes. Luke fake pouted and pretended to cry. I started laughing and he then tackled me to the sofa. I was laughing so hard.

"Awww, Luke found a girlfriend," Liam teased. Luke stopped and we both sat up and gave each other a glance.

"Babe," I said in the most proper, serious voice I could possible say. Niall walked on the bus. "The in-laws are coming!" Harry spat out laughing because it was an inside joke that really wasn't even that funny.

"What?" Luke said extremely confused.

"Inside joke only Harry and I know," I giggled. Harry and I where back stage for an award show and pretended to be married and his sister walked in the room to see Harry so I yelled 'the in laws are coming!' So anytime I see people Harry's friends that's what I yell.

About six hours on the road I got really bored. Zayn was taking a nap, and Liam, Niall, Calum, and Michael were watching a movie or something.

"I'm so bored!!!" I whined.

"What do you wanna do about it?" Harry asked.

"Do something, play a game, joke around, I don't know," I replied. Luke, Ashton, and Harry all looked at each other with big smiles.

"We have an idea."

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