Tour Family (5SOS and 1D)

I'm currently stuck touring with nine idiots who I've grown rather close to. I'm closest to Harry (Styles) and Luke (Hemmings). Both air heads are like big brothers to me and take care of me...on tour that is. It sounds really cheesy but it's true. It's fun when you're only sixteen (and almost seventeen) touring.


4. Bad Dream

Harry's POV

It was late at night and Lexi was sitting up in bed while hyperventilating. She was gripping her sheets tightly. Tears were building up in her eyes.

"Are you okay Lex?" I asked with a groggy morning voice. She shook her head and slouched under the covers. Niall must have herd us or something and woke up.

"Do you wanna sleep over here Lexi?" Niall asked. Niall treated Lex like a baby sister. He was constantly playing with her and giving her gifts when we see her.

"Ow," Ashton groaned on the floor.

"Sorry," Lexi apologized. "You can go sleep on the bed if you want. The floor probably isn't very comfortable."

"Lex, bad dream?" I asked. She nodded and continued towards Niall.


AN- Sorry it's kinda bad, but I'm still working on it. Like, Favorite, or Comment!!!

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