songs and poem's

Just some poem's I write and maybe some songs if I can find my note book


4. tears need love

It flows

It flows like a river


Sometimes its to deep

You might drown 

Because my tears 

The tears are to deep

To deep of emotions 

The emotions are to sad 


I might drown because of these tears

They might get tp deep to deep for me

I might cut

I might starve

but I will not die because its to deep


I will live

My life might be happy 

It might be sad

I might get angry

But I will be calm 

One way or another I will have been able to calm my tears


It might be because of music

It might be because of books

But I know one thing it will need love 

I need love

We all have it 

But who will spend it on me


Some stranger 

Or some one I have known all my life

It might be either of those 

But they aren't right now 


I need love

I want love

And I definitely have it 

It might not be alot

But it's still love

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