songs and poem's

Just some poem's I write and maybe some songs if I can find my note book


10. no one really knows

Every day I sit down

I always think

No one knows who I am 

I might look like a normal girl


But inside I feel like a nobody

Like nobody really knows who I am

I am a girl but not your every day girl


I might look innocent but im not

with my friends im a bad girl

Around my parents a angle

I dont even know who I really am


I am alisha but there is something I will never know

Am I adopted I don't know if I am

I know I was raised by these people but im nothing like


Besides Every one can look like someone and they aren't related

I act different then them

I always think I am their little girl 

Even though I am not a little girl any longer 


I just know my name is alisha 

And I was born on

April 23 2002 


Thats all I know 

But I want to know mire 

But nobody really knows 

Not even my best friends

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