songs and poem's

Just some poem's I write and maybe some songs if I can find my note book


12. I don't want it to be just a dream

When you call my name 
I hope I hear your say
That you want me to stay
When you call my name
 I hope I hear you say 
That you love me

But thats not reality
All we do is talk,talk,talk
We never do the walk,walk,walk
We listen to demands,demands,demands,
But we never hold hands,hands,hands

But baby I need ya
Even though you don't love me back,
I just I miss the way you laugh
Even though we were never together
It felt like forever in my dream

So baby I just want ya,
Need ya
More then you know 
I just want to be yours 
Even if it's just for pretend

Because baby were ment to be
Even if you don't realize that

I need ya
Want ya 
More then you know 
When will you realize that

I want to do the walk,walk,walk 
Instead of the talk,talk,talk
We don't need to listen to demands,demands,demands
I just want to hold hands hands hands

Do you love me to
Do just act like you don't
I hope you love me to
I don't want you to act like you do

Baby I love you for you
I live your jokes
I love your hair
I need you 
More then you can bare

I know were friends
But I can risk it if you can to
Because I want to be yours,yours,yours
I want to kiss,kiss,kiss you
I want to hug,hug,hug, you

Even though we are friends
I'm willing to take the risk
If you do to

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