songs and poem's

Just some poem's I write and maybe some songs if I can find my note book


9. cheating on my friend

I wake up one morning and see you down the street

With your fancy new car

And your fancy ex

You try to be nice but she refuses 



Your the one who cheated on her

Your the one who said good bye

You never came back for her

You just got up and left

You just got up and left


Then I got towards my window and saw you cheatin on her 

I didn't tell her because she would be mad at me

She finally caught you cheating and she cried for days and you never said your sorry




Thats all I have so yup I actually saw my neighbor cheat on his girlfriend he moved after he cheated on her and stuff they are still teenagers living with their parents that dude was a dud he was mean to my former babysitter when I was llitlle she babysat me now were friends so yup

And I used to be friends with her bf but see he turned out to  cheat on a senior while they were juniors it was also at a party as his house I live besides him so yup long story I was looking out my window looking at my dog petting them and I saw him cheating on my friend so yup the rest is might be in the song so yea


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