songs and poem's

Just some poem's I write and maybe some songs if I can find my note book


5. abuse(its based off of one of my closest friend)

I lay here in the corner

The corner of my room

Where the sun is supposed to shine

Where my dreams are supposed to begin

I have no dreams because all I can think


Is when I get beaten Beaten till theres blood

Till I can not feel my feet Or my arms

I always have bruises

They always come from my father


He always comes home late

You can smell the beer in his breath

When he comes home he beats me and beats me

Sometimes he won't stop

He'll just keep on beating me Untill I slowly fade away


When he's gone I always try to escape

But he always finds me

He always knows where to look

But I just hope that one day someone will actually care

Care about my pain

Help me out through my tears

I can't find them not even my friends

So I just sit in the corner and wait

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