Our story


2. what?

"Well Hunter, Can u put me down?" I finally got to get a good look at him. He had dark brown hair in a hot but messy wat. He also had a a lot of tattoos. But DANM gtus dude was hotttt!

"But I like holding you" wow I barley know the dude, and he already wants to hold me. Ok then..He then looked straight into my eyes. And kissed my neck. I still had my legs wrapped around him. And moved my neck to help him.He kept trying to make me moan. Until he found the spot. "Moan" he look up and said "your mine" and returned to my neck. Licking,and kissing my neck. It felt sooo good. I've never done this before. Because I'm a virgin,and I never had a serious boyfriend before.

He then just walked away in the crowd. Leaving me speechless. I walked over to the living room,and found Charlotte and Emma. They were playing spin the bottle. "What's that" Charlotte asked. I looked to see a hickey in my neck. "Nothing" I replied quickly. But Charlotte dropped it. She's to drunk to care.

I walk over to a large group, I think their playing spin the bottle. But Emma told me it 7 minutes in heaven. I decide to not play and just watch. As I'm talking to my good friend Amber, everyone starts telling me I needed to go in the closest. So I walk in there without a clue what's going on.

As I walk in the dark closest I see a large dark figure. They push me up against a wall. And start kissing me. I don't kiss back,because I don't know who it is. "Kiss me" they demand.But I still don't. So they squeeze my butt. As I moan they stick their tongue in my mouth. And I start kissing back. All the sudden we here a knock. "Times up" they say threw the door. "Your mine" the person whispered. As I was out.

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