Our story


1. It all started when..

"Congratulations Ms. Edwards" my teacher cheered. "You are the only student who made a 100 my pop quiz!! No homework for you!!" All I heard was mumbles like 'nerd'cheat' or 'she's only getting him laid' I shrunk back in my seat. What a wonderful way to start off the day! (Sarcasm)


Finally after what felt like forever class was done!! It's lunch time finally!! Food!! I cheer to myself. I sit next to my best friends Emma and Charlotte. "Ummm maddie" Emma whispered to me. "Yeah"I asked "that dude behind you has been stating at you for the past couple minutes" I turn around to meet dark brown eyes. My light blue eyes look nothing compared to him.

He immediately looks the other way,as I turn around. "That was weird"Charlotte mutters "yeah I've never seen him before" I reply " That's Hunter Spears, he's always skipped classes. That's why you never seen him before" Emma replies. "Maddie are you still going to Ashley's party tonight?"Emma asked " yea of course!!" I reply quickly.




I drive home in my car, to my 3story house. I walk in" mom you there" all I get is silence. Of course not, my mom owns a very large and successful business. So she's never home. And when she is, she's working. My dad left my mom when she found out she was preggers with me.

I walk into my bedroom,and plan out my outfit. This is going to take a while.

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