Saving Cassity

Read and find out..


4. Chapter 2

It has been a year now sense i escaped.

So far, I enrolled myself in a high school. Pretending to be Jasmine Ross..

Today was the first day. I woke up to find my self quinting due to the sun light shinning through a crack in my bed room, over the years i was able to find an abondon house. 2 bedroom 1 bathroom. along with small living room and kitchen. It was pretty nice actually. I had to ditch my little place in the woods. I still vist every now and then.. But a new family moved into a house they built back there in the woods. It was too dangerous and i had to boilt. I would say a year from now i would have never imagined my life the way it is today.. But that would have been a lie, I would explained to you all about why i escaped.. an from what exactly. But i figured this wouldnt be very... interesting if i explained everything.

Head banging, freezing, alarm ringing. i decided its time for me to get up and get ready for school.

thats right, little miss runaway Cass wants a future.

I hurried down stairs, ate my break feast. Same thing as always. A hot pocket and a water bottle. No different then what dad ever gave me back then.

I snapped out of my day dream, rushing myself upstairs packing up everything. Just in case,

I  snuck outside after getting ready, Jumped into my new truck i earned a couple months ago for my birthday.

On my way to school, Let the bodies hit the floor blasted through the radio. A playful smirk spread across my face as i began to sing along. Turning it up driving away from my abandon home.



"Hello, My name is Jasmine Ross." The woman infront of me had Blonde and grey wrapped up in a messy bun. Along with dark red lips and dark brown eyes. fallowed by wrinkles.. everywhere. I can tell by her lack of enthusasm she really didnt care who i was.

"Here," She slid me my classes, then turned back to her annoying typing on the school computer.

I left the office hoping to find my class room.. 203.. Science. Hmph. Where the hell is it? I am so lost...

I grunted, looking around looking for someone who may help me.

"Excuse me.." I asked, looking up to the random boy infront of me. He turned to face me, a smirk played across his lips. At that moment, i can tell i he wasn't friendly,

"Ello, Babe" He winked and i shivered. Are you serious? Ugh just turn around before he started a conversation.



"Yes." I asked. trying my best to show i had better things to do..

He stumbled back then straight back to smirking.

"Where you needing something Baby?" He winked again, not loosing that smirk. I smirked back witch caused his face expression to look a little shocked. He shook it off an continued to smirk..

"One, I am not your baby. two, Do you know where classroom 203 is?"

He lost all excitement and looked down the hallway.

"Yeah, its Mr.Smith's class. Go down that hall way and take a right, you should find what your looking for."

I gave him a thank full smile and nodded. Taking my backpack along with myself down the hallway.

He better be right.

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