Saving Cassity

Read and find out..


3. Chapter 1


Missing Girl from Small town ran away last night at 2:00 am. Witnesses saw some man who looks to be the girl's father, chased her through a field behind a church house in the back side of the town. After a few short hours, those witnesses saw the same man leaving the area. this morning we went to the house where we believed this man lived, but the house was cleared out. The man was missing along with his daughter. Man's name is Jack Myers. His daughter's name is Cassity Myers. Please, if you see them, call or text.........



I turned down the tv. I cant believe this is on the news... i cant believe my dads missing.

i giggled when i realized just how famous i was. Nobody probably doesnt even notice im gone. besides the picture of me on the news. I guess its time for a new look.

I looked into the mirror. Thinking about what i could do to look different.

I grabbed some scissors and began to cut my long hair to my ears. I picked up my hair dye i picked" up from the store.. I hope i look good as a blonde.

I took one last look into the mirror. Goodbye Cassity.


Its been hours now! Im starving. Im just going to have to get some money some how.... I walked outside from my "emergency camp site" I found in the woods when i was younger.

Nobody has ever found out about this beautiful paradise. a place i could call home. When i first ran away. When mom died, dad was drunk again. So i decided to run. Just like ive always done.. Run away. from life from my past, fears.. everything that connected me to this world.. a place to call home.

It really was beautiful. An abandon hut. when a little bedroom, small bathroom, living room with worn out couch and tv. and a beautiful kitching with a view of the lake from the back.

I love this place. I always promised myself, when i got older, i would movie here. Re build it! Restore a new bed and food in the shelves. But then again.. The last time i ran away i was only 4 years old.

The feeling hasnt changed. I will get money. Food even. Ill survive.




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