Being a twin and feeling unwanted...

Two twins living in London with there parents until a tragedy happens in the family and there parents leave with out them knowing will there parents leave for good or stay? Mallisa the younger twin isn't the nicest and doesn't have much friends and feels unwanted from her parents she some time feels like they are hiding something from her but she's not sure what. Lexi the older twin is very nice and popular and is on the cheer team and her parents are fine with her they love her but she feels bad for her sister. These girls get along we'll. but what we'll happen when one direction comes to there school? Will mallisa and Lexi fall for one of them and will they live happily ever after? Read to find out!

I'm not the best at making blurbs but plz just read to see if you like it plz. Like favorite and comment thankyou!!!


2. First day of school.

i woke up to yelling and knew it was are parents. I get out of bed and went to take a 10 min shower. I got out to no more yelling i figured they got tired already. I apped my naked body in a towell and and another on my hair. i picked my outfit for the first day of school which was some jordans '23' with some dark skinny jeans, plain white loose crop top and a beanie that says 'hype'. then i blow dryed my hair and straightend it after i was done i grabed my backpack and my iphone off my counter and waked down the stairs. then i saw Lexi she looked pretty she was wearing a pink dress that was tight from the chest up and fluffy on the bottom and it went down to her mid thigh. she had black toms with straightend hair and a pink bow in her hair. And simple make up like me. "hey you ready?" i ask her "umm almost just let me go get some breakfast.your not gonna eat?" "no." i simply said "sweetheart eat something i dont want you to get sick lexi." my mum says my parents care so much about her. "hey can you hurry up i dint want to be late on the first day?' i asked her "yea im going." she awnsers back "Dont rush her she needs ton eat she to skinny unlike you, your fat you should really think about exercising?" my mum yelled at me."mum mallisa is perfect how she is." i just walked out and into the car not wanting to hear anymore bullshit from my mum. soon enough lexi walks out and gets onto the car and we head off to school.

* skip car ride *

i parked the car and we got out and i walked straight to the office to get my schedule and locker and all that sort of stuff. as soon as i got it i went walking to my locker to put some things in and then i saw Brittney ugh i fucken hate her shes been my bully sense 10th grade.  "hey slut!" "wtf do you want?" "dont talk to me like that bitch!" she said and then slapped me "dont fucking touch me again or i will fight back dont think i wont!" i spit back at her holding my cheek. But she punched me right in my stomach i bent over holding my stomach as she walked off.then kaitlin came over " heyy!!! wait whats wrong are you okay?" she asked concerned " im fine its just i got a bad cramp" i lied "ohh okay well im glad too see you again! sense i didnt see you all this summer but ones. what did your stupid parents keep you in the house the whole time as there slave?" she said " shut up! dont talk about that and no they didnt actually i just wasnt aloud out much." i told her "whatever but changing the subject i heard from some birds around that theres like 5  new hot guys!" she says happy "hmm well then im sure they wont like me so i dont really care." i said " say that again and i will flip you upside your head you are beautifull im sure a lot of guys like you there just shy to ask you out." she says "whatever." "shut up and smile!! but ayy i got to go bye love!" i smile at her and say "bye!" before walking in to my first period "hello whats your name?" the teacher asks " umm im mallissa" i say " oh okay then you were called up to the front office i think you will be showing some new students around campus." he says" "whatever" i say and walk out the door. i walk through the office door and see these five hot guys there. "hi mallisa we were waiting for you can you show these guys around campus plz.?" "um sure why not" i say back "alright you wont be going to 1st 2nd and 3rd class pereiod alright" "alright!" " okay guys plz follow malllissa" the guys get up and we walk out the office doors i am honestly super nerves right know but im not sure why.

Zayns P.O.V

The guys and i decide we would go back to school and finish are last year we need. we were at the school and in the office waiting for this girl to come and show us around campus. and as soon as she walked in i was zoned uot just starring at her until i realised she was taking us to show us around already."hi my name is harry." harry says with a cheeky smile " hi im mallissa" she says back "im liam" "im louis" "im niall" she smiles at them all and then i say " hello im zayn." " hi " she says with a smile and i smile back at her.

Harry's P.O.V

when i first saw mallisa i thought she was super hot! so i was the first one to say hello then the rest did the same. I started talking again "so do you think we can get lost in this school?" im so dumb why would i ask her that question! she giggled and said "no its not big."her giggle is so cute."oh okay" after that i didnt know what else to talk to her about so i just kept my mouth shut.

Mallisa's P.O.V

harry kept trying to get a conversation going but he kept failing. he seemed like the flirty one of the group.Butthe second i saw Zayn i knew he was going to be my favorite he is just quiet but it dont matter because i am also." so were are we going first" niall said inturrupting my thoughts." umm ohh well ill show you the gym and cafeteria first and and then ill show you each your classes."  "okay" he said simply

* skip showing around (end of school)*

the bell ring and i walked out the school and saw brittney with the guys anger rushed through my body remembering what she did this morning. walked up to her and pulled her so she could be facing me "wtf is wrong with you bitch" she yelled i just punched her in the face and she fell to the floor and punched her non stop untill to arms held me from the waist and got me off of that bitch "what the fuck dont touch me you nasty bitch!!" she yelled ' to late for that bich i fucken warned and you didnt listn so thats what you get!" i spit back at her "enough you girls need to calm down" liam said. i pushe the to arms that were holding and realised they were zayns and harry had britney wuth her face bloody " fuck you." i told brittney than grabbed my stuff and walked off to the car. like nothing happend.i see lexi with one of her friends." hey em mom said i could bring mandy over so shes coming with us ight i smiled and nodde my head yes and got into the car. *during the car ride*  M= mallissa L=lexi MY=mandy

my- "hey you guys met he new guys there famous there from that on band called one direction."

L= "no i didnt get to see them i wasnt at half of my classes today because we had to get the teams for cheer and put some flyers up around campus and then we had a small pizza party so i didnt get to see them but i might have some classes with them"

M= "I know them i had to show them around campus and then saw them again an the afternoon."

MY= " what do you think about them?

M= " there not bad although harry seems kinda flirty just bye the way he acts and looks."

L= "well what one was your favorite?"

M= " i dont have one ."

i was going to tell her sense me snd lexi are really close even if you think it doesnt seem like it. but mandy is known as the gossip girl for a reason.


I walk up stairs sense im not hungry and my mum thinks im fat. "your not going to eat ?" "nahh tanx lex but im good." i reply i got in my room and locked th door behind me not wanting anyone to disturb me. and my mum and dad were not home yet so i was free to do what i want including to put my music on. i started dancing and singing to music. i love dancing when i was 16 used to go to alley ways were there were other hip hop and break dancers and we would challenge eachothers thats actually why Brittney started bullying me  because one night it was me and her my crew against hers my crew ended up winning she got mad and took it out on her crew so they left her she didnt have a crew no more so that meant she coulcnt compete no more no crew no dancing that was the rules. some weeks after that my parents found out i escaped at night to practice withmy crew or compete and i was grounded for like 5 months couldnt go nowhere just school and home. and know when ever my parents here music coming from my room they take my things away so i cant do anything for as long as they want but im not sure why.


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