Being a twin and feeling unwanted...

Two twins living in London with there parents until a tragedy happens in the family and there parents leave with out them knowing will there parents leave for good or stay? Mallisa the younger twin isn't the nicest and doesn't have much friends and feels unwanted from her parents she some time feels like they are hiding something from her but she's not sure what. Lexi the older twin is very nice and popular and is on the cheer team and her parents are fine with her they love her but she feels bad for her sister. These girls get along we'll. but what we'll happen when one direction comes to there school? Will mallisa and Lexi fall for one of them and will they live happily ever after? Read to find out!

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8. Chapter 8

Mallisa's P.O.V
"Mallisa!!" Zayn says waving both hands in the air in front of my face." Oh my yes what did u say?" Ask confused "I said since were already late for school why not skip and go somewhere are u down?" he asks " oh um you guys can go I'm not really feeling it today I kinda want to have some time by myself..I just want need to think things out." I say while getting up from the table and walking up to my room and I make sure too lock the door behind once I'm inside my bedroom. 

Lexis P.O.V
I sigh and say " I'm sorry guys what happened yesterday  really got to her.. My aunt and her were so close. My aunt and her the only once she actually opened her self up to she lost trust after a lot of things that she's bin through and know its just difficult" I say " why is it so hard for her to open up to people she doesn't let people in her life why is she like that?" Zayn says worried,anger, and confusion In his tone " I don't know I'll let her tell u that". " uhmm well uh ill call the boys were should we go so we can give mallisa some time to clear her mind?" Niall asks awkwardly. "Why don't we go watch a movie?" I say throwing out an idea "oh sure you agree zayn?" "Yes why not" he says " okay then um Lexi were gonna go change and um will pick you up at 2:30?"Niall asks "yea sure" " alright bye" they both say while giving me a hug and I rush up to my room and change.

Mallisa's  P.O.V
I heard someone walk out the door and I'm guessing everyone left already. I just want to take the day maybe go to Starbucks and just see what I can do or maybe go back to where I used to dance I don't I just want to do something that is something I want for my self not anybody else. I get up to see what I'm going to wear and I choose some black on black chachi pants and some black converse with my white loose muscle tank that's says 'just live.' On it with a bando under it and I put my hair up in a messy bun I mean I don't have to impress anybody so why try ya know. I put my clothes on then put eyeliner with the wing looking thing at the end then I grab my phone and keys and then head out the house and start driving to Starbucks.
"What may I get for you today" the cashier asks " umm can i get a grande butter pecan frap plz." I say nicely "sure thing your name plz" "mallisa" "thankyou and It will be $4.55 plz" The kind lady says again. Here you go and just keep the five cent i say handing here the 5 dollar bill. "Okay it will be right up" she smiles kindly. While waiting for my frap I go sit at a table and go on my phone and see I got a message from Lexi. 
My main muthafuckar- 'hey I see you left the house um ill be back at around 10:00 maybe but if you need anything hmu and ill be there Kay! Love u bye!'

Me- 'have a nice one Sis and don't worry I'll be fine just came for a frap. And love u too!!'

I didn't really want to tell her about me going back to that alley because I didn't want her two worry." A butter pecan for mallisa" the person behind the counter says I get up and get it "umm can i get a bigger straw plz" I ask " sure thing cutie the guy says and winks at me I just take it turn and walk out " hey wait" a familiar voice says I turn around and look at the person "Amy?" I ask "that's me how have u been! I haven't heard from you since forever!!" She said with a big smile on her face "we'll u now life sucks but what can u do about it" I sigh "we'll that's true." She said agreeing with me " we'll do you still dance or wats been  happening with that any new crews?" I ask " I wouldn't stop for my life and yes there is one that were going to be going against soon but we need another person we need u it isn't the same without u since you left we haven't really been competing as a group cause were afraid will loose are reputation you know we still want to be the undefeated crew. But.. I mean it's hard without you. You were the leader.!"she sighs " we'll I don't know maybe I can go back in I need something to get my mind off things and what's better than this?" I ask " are you foreals! Dude that would be the best thing to happen your the best dancer of the crew and we would be honored to have you back!" I smile " thank you can I get your number so we can keep in touch" "yea here (number) oh and guess who's has been missing you?" Amy says " who josh?" I ask " yes OMG he literally doesn't stop talking about you but anyways see you later and you got my number so when ever you need anything okay!" "Alright bye" I smile. And she walks away. I decide to walk to the alley sense it's not to far away and then ill just come back for my car after. There's a lot of weird and dangerous people but I'm not to worried about that because I know who to defend myself. Walking through this street brings so much amazing memories of when I would dance. I love walking these streets. "Hey beautiful."a guy snaps me out of my thoughts. "Uhh hi." I say with a small smile."you don't remember me do u?" He says smiling. "Umm no I don't actually am I suppose too?" I ask confused he chuckles a little and answers " I'm Adrian we were in the crew together we used to be a thing?" He asks "omg u changed so much!!" I say hugging him " is that a good thing?" "Yea, u know I just finished talking to Amy I saw her at Starbucks" " yea she texted me and said that u might be coming in to the crew again. Are u?" He asks " uhh well I think so my parents are uhh out of town so I could." I say "that's great I missed you a lot and I don't know maybe we could start talking again." He asks " yea we could" I say but I think about zayn but why would I feel guilty I mean we're not dating so. " so were are you heading." He asks " we'll I kinda wanted to check or spot out again just think about all the old times." I say " we'll I was going there right now everyone's coming were going to be competing so we have to practice why not watch us or maybe even help us out with the choreography?" He asks " umm yea I could do that" I smile " okay come on let's go" he takes a hold of my hand and we run to our 'spot'.

Lexis P.O.V
Me and the boys came to eat at nandos because I mean nialls here lmao. "Hey harry pass me a napkin!" Zayn says for like the third time yet harry is to busy on his phone."here u go zayn." I say while passing him the napkins "thanx at least someone lessons." I just smile "hey why didn't mallisa want to come again?" Harry asks "oh she just didnt feel good and she needed some time alone." I say " oh um can I get your guys number sense I mean we'll were proabably going to be hanging out more often" he says awkwardly "yea here pass me your phone." I say and he passes it to me and I enter both of our phones # mine and mallisas and then pass it back to him. " thanx he said "welcome." I say back " no Liam I'm sorry but your not hotter than me because I mean I'm amazayn and sexy!" Louis says dramatically "okay okay I'm sure everyone here agrees that I'm sexier than anyone here!" Zayn says serious."okay you know what Lexi is the sexiest here now you guys shut up niall says "aww niall thinks I'm sexy!" I say at his cuteness " I just wanted them to shut up so I can eat." he says getting red "aww nialls blushing" all the boys say laughing at niall. " umm I gonna go to the bathroom really fast ill be back" harry says and gets up from the table.

Harry's P.O.V 
I was worried about mallisa and wanted to see if she was okay so I decided to call her "hello who is this?" Her cute little voice said through the phone " it's harry I just wanted to know if you were okay." I heard some loud music in the background. "Yea I'm fine just visiting some old friends of mine but thanx for thinking about me." I could tell she was smiling " no problem well okay I guess I'll let you go know bye." " bye harry see ya later." And with that the phone call ended. 

Mallisa P.O.V 
"I'm back" I say entering are little garage looking place. " okay good so what song first." Amy asks "I was thinking switch lanes?" Adrian says "or we could do wiggle?" Layla says "how about make it nasty?" Chase says " we'll shouldn't we wait for the rest to come?" I ask " yea that's true." They say in unison "so mallisa can you still get down?" Chase says while smiling " are u kidding me of course I can!" I say in a duh kinda tone "just cause I got out doesn't mean I stopped dancing!" I say smiling "we'll come show us something" they all ask " we'll I have been working on this routine" I say " what's the song Adrian asks so he can play it on his phone and put it on the  speakers " like a boy bye Beyonce." Say and he puts it on.i start dancing to the song and soon enough the music takes control of my body


Pull up your pants
(Just Like Em')
Take out the trash
(Just Like Em')
getting ya cash like em'
Fast like em'
Girl you outta act like ya dig
(What I'm talkin' bout')
Security codes on everything
Vibrate so your phone don't ever ring
(Joint Account)
And another one he don't know about

Wish we could switch up the roles
And I could be that...
Tell you I love you
But when you call I never get back
Would you ask them questions like me?...
Like where you be at?
Cause I'm out 4 in the morning
On the corner rolling
Doing my own thing

What if I?...
Had a thing on the side?
Made ya cry?
Would the rules change up?...
Or would they still apply?...
If I played you like a toy?...
Sometimes I wish I could act like a boy

(Guys voice)
Can't be getting mad!
What You Mad?
Can't Handle that!
Can't be getting mad!
What you mad?
Can't handle that!

Girl go head and be...
(Just Like Em')
Go run the streets
(Just Like Em')
come home late say sleep like em'
Creep like em'
Front with ya friends
Act hard when you're with em' like em'
Keep a straight face when ya tell a lie
Always keep an air-tight alibi
(Keep Him In The Dark)
What he don't know won't break his heart
Soon the song finished and they all clapped for me. "Damn your just as good as I remember!" Adrian says "thanks" I smile "you know u should really join us!" He says again "I might ill think about it I want to but I'm not sure." I say then the door opens and in comes josh "mallisa!!" He runs up to me and hugs me picking me up and spinning me around. " hi." I say laughing at his reaction to see me. " are u coming back how come no one told me mallisa was here?" He says " we'll I might" I say " and no one told anybody" Amy says awnsering the other question. "Oh well you should we have a competition and we need another person." He says "I can proabably fill in but maybe just for this time my sister doesn't like me doing this she feels like we will get caught by the police what we are doing is illegal and she doesn't like that but ill see what I can do to convince her." I say " we'll think about it don't let nothing stop u from doing what u want to do." Adrian says nicely and I just smile at him " hey weres the rest of the crew?" I wonder " oh Alissa left the crew like 2 weeks after u left because she had to move to New York and Kendrick or Dylan couldn't make it today,"Adrian says " aww I can't wait to see Kendrick again" I say he was like my older brother I can tell him anything but we didn't keep in touch after I left the crew. "But what about the rest?" I ask "Trisha told me she had to go over her uncles house today and mike is on a date." Amy told us and then the door opened and in came margarita, Courtney and redrick rerick is Kendrick's brother except redrick is like a year older. "omg hi mallisa!!" they all say and give me a hug."Hello." I smile and hug back "sorry were late I had to pick these 2 up." Redrick said "okay well any ways what song are you guys going to pick?" I ask " it's either make it nasty, wiggle, switch lanes, or unless you guys got a better song?" I ask again they all ended up picking switch lanes because they said they liked that beat the best " oh shit what time is it!" I ask "it's 9:45!" Amy yells out " fick I got to get going I want to get before my sista does!" I say and giv them each a hug " mallisa wait up ill walk u to your house!" Adrian says and I wait at the door he grabs his leather jacket and we head out the door. "I'm glad u came to day!" He says breaking the silence I look at him and say " yea me too it was great to see all of you again it really took my mind off things you know" I say " do you still have your same phone number?" He asks " yea same one " I say holding up my phone." Oh okay how has life been for you?" " it's fucked up but I mean that's how life is what can we do about it." I say " yea it is this year was not the greatest for me I lost both of my parents this year it was hard with out them I was really close to both of them and it was like just 3 months apart to first my dad then my mom." He said looking away to the ground " I'm sorry but I mean if it helps u feel better I might loose my aunt nancy and I can't even go see her at the hospital she was the only one who understands me besides u Lexi and Kendrick but it was still easier with her you know she lived through life more and could give advice for anything she always new how to make things better and know she's just there on a bed proabably looking lifeless and I know I seem selfish but I just don't want her to give up she has to fight back to her sickness." I finish now crying Adrian notices and just hugs me " don't ever forget that I'm here go you no matter what okay." He says and I nod " oh shit I left my car at star bucks" I say remembering about my car. " come on let's go get it" we run all the way to Starbucks to make sure I can still beat Lexi to the house so I won't have to tell her were I've been. We arrive at Starbucks and I see my car parked in front " do you want a ride to your place?" I ask " yes plz I live in the same place you remember were it is right!" " yes of course just a few streets Down right?" "Yea" I turn up the stereo and drive off to his house.
Alright bye Adrian see ya later text me next u Guys are going to practice so I can go!" I say " alright bye he says and kisses my cheek and then gets out of my car and walks into his house I smile at how sweet he is I don't know why I would break up with such a nice person like him oh wait my parents made me hah they just felt the need to ruin my life some more. I get to my house and park my car were it was and go into my house and make sure too lock the door behind me.then I get a message from Lexi.
My main muthafuckar-' on are way home oh and the guys are coming over and can you make some food?? :( we're all hungry mostly niall.

Me- the fuck u think I am your maid or what! Nah jk does some pasta with talapia sound good??

My main muthafuckar-'yes perfect thanx love you!!'

I lock my phone and walk to the kitchen and wash my hands to start making the food.

Lexis P.O.V
"Okay so I told mallisa you guys were coming over and she's going to make some pasta with talapia!" I say loud enough for them to hear sense there all talking over each other."yay were eating good tonight mutherfuckers!" Louis screams and I laugh at his silliness."yay I'm so hungry I think that movie made me hungry It took to long to finish!" Niall pouts "guys mallisa made us some pancakes in the morning and they were so delecious like foreals!" Zayn says " oh yea I ate like 10 of them and I usually eat like 5!" Niall says rubbing his tummy. 

Mallisa's P.O.V
I soon finished making the food so I decided to take a quick shower 
I got my out fit which were some 
Black on gray chachi pants with a plain grey 3/4 sleeves loose crop top. And then I head into the shower
I got out of the shower and surprisingly they weren't here still so I took my phone and texted Lexi

Me-'u guys almost here?

My main muthafuckar-'yes about 5 more and well be there it's just harry really needed to go pee so we stopped at a gas station and we were all the way at the movie theater.'

Me-' Ight well the foods ready.'

And after that I just put my phone and set up the table for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 for 7 people! And then I heard the door open "we're home!!" I heard them say and then harry " honey I'm home!" And then the sound of someone smacking him "ow what was that for." And I just chuckle. "Hi guys" I smile then I see them all come running to me and hug me "Is my food ready" Niall says "yes niall." I say smiling " yay I'm starving!" He says and they all walk to the table "you guys have a big table do u guys have a big family?" Liam asks "no just a big table" I smile "Lexi help me serve the food!" I say dragging Lexi into the kitchen and surprisingly the food was still hot."what do you guys want to drink?" Lexi yells and I hear all sorts of awnsers and Lexi goes and gets the drinks while I serve the pasta
"That pasta is the best pasta I've ever had!" Niall said rubbing his stomach and everyone agrees with him " I know I know I'm the best chef!" I say dramatically. "So how was your day?" Zayn asks "it was actually really fun. I wasn't expecting it to be but it was!" I smile remember today. "What did you do?" Lexi asks curious " we'll I went to Starbucks and then I saw some old friends I haven't seen for a while so we just stayed there and talked about old memories." I half lied. "Oh." Lexi says and I know she knows I didn't say the full truth. But whatever. " so anyways what do you guys want to do?" Lexi asks the guys "we'll actually we have to be home bye 12:00 or Paul is going to flip and it's already 11:26 so I think we should be going, but thanks Lexi." Liam says. And they all whine but agree. "Bye guys see ya later!" I hug all of them but liam looked like he was trying to avoid me so I just skipped him and then they left out the door.and Lexi went to go lock the front door " okay so I know you lied about something and was it your 'crew ' that you saw?" She said making bunny ears at the word crew " we'll yes actually and I saw Adrian he's so cute he said he wants to try and talk again." I tell her "but your not going to be dancing on the streets right anymore or any of the other things they do u know what I'm talking about right!" She says serious "well I'm going to dance but everything else is in the past!" I whisper yell "mallisa I'm just doing this because I care about u and I don't want u to start that again I'm serious!" "It's my life Lexi and I can do whatever the fuck I want okay!" "Ur so fucken stubborn it's annoying!" Lexi yells again " we'll I just said that all I'm going to do is dance nothing else!" I yell back " I'm just scared!" Lexi starts crying "why are u scared?" I say " because everyone is leaving me what If u get caught and they take u to jail I'm going to be all alone I don't want that to happen!" She crys " and it's not u just have too trust in me I'm not going to do anything ill regret again I'm just trying to chase my dream and this is it I want to do it I want to do it for myself because this is what I want!" "Fine I'm not going to be able to stop you anyways just know that if you get caught I'm going to bail you out and then say ' I told you so!'" She smiles I smile and hug her "thanx for respecting my decision." I smile "u didnt give me a choice!" she laughs "u want to watch a movie with me I don't feel like sleeping, and we can watch honey 2!!" I smile."sure why not" she laughs and I put the movie on.

Zayn P.O.V
Today was fun it's just I kinda wish mallisa could have gone though. I wonder if she has a boyfriend but no I don't think so cause we would have heard about him. Ugh why the fuck am I still thinking about her do I have feelings for her no I can't I mean I just recently broke up with perrie. I don't I just have to clear things out.

Adrian P.O.V
finally  I saw mallisa again after like forever I still care about her and I feel bad for her she has such a fucked up life and I know everything she's been through I think I'm going to invite her some where tomorrow so we can talk and maybe just maybe I can call her mine again. I took my phone out and texted her 
Me-'you want to hangout tomorrow?' 

Mallisa <3 -' yes!' 

Me-'what time do u get out of school?'

Mallisa <3 -'not going so it doesn't matter.'

Me-'why not? I don't think you should skip school trust me when I dropped out it was because u know why but it was a mistake and u can't miss more than 10 days!'

Mallisa<3 -'it's okay thanx for worrying though but I don't really care about school anyways.'

Me-'well I know I'm not going to be able to change your mind so is 11:00 good?'

Mallisa<3 -'haha and yes perfect!'

I say and lock my phone and put it on the night stand.

Harry's P.O.V
I know Zayn likes mallisa and Niall likes Lexi but if they don't hurry and make a move I will. Everyone says I'm a heartbreaker but they don't know shit all they know is what they show on the Internet. It's just I haven't found the right girl and they might be it. If they get them first ill back off but if they don't I'm going to go and try.

Mallisa P.O.V
"Lexi are you going to school tomorrow?" I ask her "yes why?" She asks "we'll cause I'm.... Going to drop out." I say worried of her reaction "WHAT!!" She yells "ARE YOU FUCKEN CRAZY!!"she yells again "no I just don't want to go anymore." I say simply "haha ur funny but I'm your older sister so you have to listen to me! And I give u a week but no more than that"she says dead serious "but-" "I don't want no fucken buts its a week or nothing I can tell them that your depressed because of what happened so they can excuse you but I'm not going to let u drop out! And that's final!" She says "damn fine mom!" I say back " I act nothing like mom!" She says offended " true she would actually let me drop out so I could be there maid for the whole 24 hours of the day or just plain out use me as there punching bag." I say "I honestly don't get why there like that just to u I mean there nice as fuck to me, but anyway I'm going to sleep already it's almost 1:30 night." She says "gud nite don't let the bed bugs bite!" "Your the only bed bug here u ass wipe!!" She laughs and I laugh along "fuck u!!" I laugh. And then I decide to go to bed myself.

~~next morning~~

Lexis P.O.V
I wake up by the sound of my alarm beeping and I turn it off and get off my bed and go in to the bathroom take a shower and etc. once I'm out I pick my out which is a black skater skirt with a white t-shirt which I tuck inside the skirt and put a black leather jacket over it with my black toms and then I decide to curl some strands of my hair to get volume in it and leave the rest naturally curly and I do simple make like eyeliner and put the wing thingy as well and mascara and some light pink lipstick and then I grab my backpack and head out my room " Lexi I made u some fucken breakfast now get your ass over here and eat!" I here mallisa yell "yummy I have the bestest twin sister I love when u make me food!"I say "well don't get used to it." She says with a fake smile and I just laugh at her. "Yummy u made some mexican style eggs!" I laugh "we'll I am mexican." She says in a duh tone "u know I really want to go visit grandma n grandpa life's short and we haven't seen them since like 3 or 2 years!" I say " well why don't we go?" Mallisa asks "uh we don't have money for it!" I now say I A duh tone while eating "actually ur parents left there bank account card and they told you about some money hidden or something like that and they were fucking cheap they barely bought us shit we would bye our own things with the money our aunt sent us so I'm sure they have money unless they waisted it on alcohol!" She exclaims "well I'm not going to waiste there money." I say " then give me the card ill by the plane tickets and just pretend I bought them with my money and problem solved I mean I've been like their maid for my whole life and I've never gotten paid so let's just say they wanted to pay me all at once!" She says " I don't know but I have to go so bye and have a good day oh and are you going anywhere?" I ask " going with Adrian ." She simply says " will can you be back bye the time I'm back so we can go shopping?" " yes ma'am " she says nodding her head " alright bye!" I say closing the door behind me and driving off to school.

Mallisa P.O.V
Lexi left like about 30 minutes ago and now I'm alone till 11:00 I think Adrian said he would come to pick me up and it's just 8:00. I decide to call my aunt nancy and I don't know maybe she will pick up some one picks up after several rings "hello?" They ask "uhh is this Nancy's phone" I ask "yes I'm her nurse who is this?"The nurse says "I'm her niece mallisa could I talk to her?" I ask and i hear her mumble something "sweetheart I miss u and Lexi so much how are u 2?" A weak voice says as I break into tears "a-aunt nancy I love u plz don't leave me I need u hear with m-me" I stutter "sweetheart don't worry even if I don't make it you still have your sister I'm to weak I don't think I can take it much longer just remember I will always support and love u okay." She says again "I want to see u." "I'm sorry but u can't u need to finish school I don't want you to be expelled for my fault and u only have one more chance u know that." "Bu-" " no buts plz finish school do it for me don't get into more trouble either I don't want u expelled!" She say cutting me off "I -Im going to join it again." I say " u mean your going to start street dancing again?" She asks "yes they need me and I found them yesterday at Starbucks." I say sniffling "all I ask of u is to not do anything else u used to do." "But I was thinking of dropping out of school to start working and making my own money." I say "if u need to do it but if u don't have to then don't." "We'll I do." "Mallisa don't touch ur parents money none of it I rather u guys work than to touch that filthy money I put you and Lexi  as the two people that get everything of mine my money houses and cars everything." "No your not leaving yet you still have more time why is it that all the good people leave and the ones who need to go stay." "U have to face the truth the doctors only gave me at the most 3 more weeks to live. I'm glad u called  me plz try to call me everyday and tell me about your day even if its just a 5 minute call I'd like to hear from you." "Those doctors are stupid they don't know anything!" I yell crying "mallisa I know it hurts u but life goes on I lived mine and now it's time for me to go I can't live forever. Have u found a boy u like?" She try's to change the subject " this one kid named Zayn he's really sweet but I don't think he likes me like that and Adrian wants to start talking again we have a date today." I sniffle "good Adrian is such a nice boy and a good influence and is this Zayn your talking about Zayn malik?" She asks "y-yes how do u know?" "We'll your little cousin kayla said how one direction is going to study at your school to finish there last year. She's always talking about them." She laughs a raspy and low laugh. " aunt why did you say not to touch there filthy money?" I ask " because u font know this and it's Time for u 2 know so I guess I'll tell u, okay well your parents they don't really have actuall jobs they sell.. Drugs. Why do you think they could afford their house they're lazy they like the easy way so plz don't use that money what so ever I sent you guys all my money already you guys well soon be getting a letter to let u girls know and after I'm gone you well get everything else-" "aunt-" "baby I have to go now tell Lexi I love her and I love u too bye take care!"  "Love y-" and the phone call ended before I could finish "I love u aunt nancy" I sigh. I get up from the couch and go to my room to change sense I took a shower when I woke up I decided on wearing some black ripped high waisted jeans with a white loose crop top t-shirt with my blue and white Levi's and a blue,white, and black SnapBack with the letter 'm' then I decided to curl my hair so it can get volume and put eyeliner mascara and some light pink lipstick bye the time I was done it was 10:07
So I got my phone and decided to wait in the living room and watch some tv.

Zayn's P.O.V 
Mallisa wasn't at school today but Lexi was I wonder if she's okay I should text. I take my phone out while the teacher isn't looking and text mallisa
Me-hey why didn't u come to school are you okay??
Mallisa- yes I'm fine Im just not feeling school ya know so I'm on I guess u can say vacations! :)
Me- uhh for how long??
Mallisa-uhh I think I might drop out! 
Me-what schools going to be so boring with out u who's gonna annoy the teachers with me now?? :(
Mallisa-aww I'm sorry why don't u cry me a river! :) lol 
Me- your such an assay know that :)
Mallisa-haha I'm sorry I have one!
Me- uhh the teacher saw me and she's going to take my phone!
Mallisa-haha donkey!
She responds "Zayn give me your phone now!! U should know by know that your not supposed to use phone during class! Who were u texting!" She asks while taking my phone "uh no one I just wanted to check the time " I lie but I mean the clock in this class doesn't work so.. "We'll u can ask next time. And I'll give you your phone at the end of class!" The teacher yells.

Mallisa's P.O.V
I hear a knock on the door and guess its Adrian because its almost 11 so I get up and open the door and once I open it a see Adrian in some jeans with a white t shirt and Nike high tops. "Hey u look beautiful like always" He says smiling "thanks you don't look bad your self." I smile "shall we go?" He asks I nos and lock the door making sure I have my keys then we drive off. "So were are we going?" I ask " I thought we could go to the bridge and talk for a while?"I smile at the memory. We had are first date under the bridge and we had like a little picnic it was so cute! "Okay."we get there soon enough sense it really isn't to far away.he gets off the car with a basket. "Did, are we having a picnic?" I giggle "yes." He laughs we walk under the bridge and layout our thin blanket down and then we sit and just talk about things. 
"Bye see u some other time it was fun today!" I smile and wave bye at Adrian "bye" he smiles and drives off. People like him make me thankfull that not everybody are assholes. I walk in side and decide to Change differently sense I don't feel to comfortable so I decide on some cacky shorts with a black t shirt that's a little loose with my all black converse. While Im sitting watching tv I decide I'm going to die my hair back to my natural dark brown color. "I'm home did you miss me?" " no not really actually but hurt y lets go to the mall we will eat over thee okay!" I say "fine lets go!" We hop in the car and start driving to the mall


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