Being a twin and feeling unwanted...

Two twins living in London with there parents until a tragedy happens in the family and there parents leave with out them knowing will there parents leave for good or stay? Mallisa the younger twin isn't the nicest and doesn't have much friends and feels unwanted from her parents she some time feels like they are hiding something from her but she's not sure what. Lexi the older twin is very nice and popular and is on the cheer team and her parents are fine with her they love her but she feels bad for her sister. These girls get along we'll. but what we'll happen when one direction comes to there school? Will mallisa and Lexi fall for one of them and will they live happily ever after? Read to find out!

I'm not the best at making blurbs but plz just read to see if you like it plz. Like favorite and comment thankyou!!!


7. Chapter 7

I woke up in the morning and looked up too see Zayn lying next to me with his hands around my waist I just stared at him for a while admiring his angelic face I then turned around so if he woke up he wouldn't find me staring and I try to get up but a hand pulls me back down and holds me an a tight hug " stay here don't go lets just sleep" Zayn says I. His lovely morning voice " I'm going to make some breakfast" I say trying to get back up " fine." He says sitting up. I go in to my bathroom and do what I need to do get out and head to the kitchen then I think to my self hmm what should I make "pancakes!" I say thinking out loud I grab everything I need and start making some chocolate chip pancakes.

Mallisa's P.O.V

im making a phew more pancakes I have left to make when I hear Zayn " mm it smells good I love chocolate chip pancakes!" I smile at him and he smiles back " we'll I could use some help." I say " yes ma'am what could I help you with?" " we'll could you prepare the table take out the syrup and whip creme and anything else you put on pancakes?" He lets out a little chuckle and then replies " whatever you like". 


im finally done making pancakes and then I go upstairs and open her door and see niall and her peacefully asleep I smile at how cute they look together. Then I get an idea and go get Zayn "Zayn?!" I whisper/yell trying to find him " over here he" peeks out of my room. " come here." I say and he walks down the stairs "yes?" He asks "lets go wake up Lexi and Niall!"I say while smiling "okay let's go" "no first we have to fill this bucket with water!" A smile appears on his lips  "okay" he smiles we fill the bucket with water and Zayn carries it upstairs and into lexis room and then we poor the cold bucket of water over them both. "OH MY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK!!!" Lexi says with her arms spread dripping water "what the fuck" niall  says while me and Zayn are laughing are asses off at there expressions. I get up the floor and say "breakfast is ready" while still laughing and holding my stomach. "Will see you downstairs, oh and dry everything up!" I say still laughing. Me and Zayn then go down stairs "what do you want to drink?" I ask him "a glass of milk please." He says and I grab an orange soda for me Ino I'm weird but I don't like milk or water you will rarely see me drinking water it has no flavor it's gross! " why do you have that orange soda?" Zayn asks curious " I don't like milk." I simply say "your so weird" he chuckles and then niall and Lexi come down stairs and I see niall in some of dads clothes I scrunch my nose at his memory in disgust and then everything of yesturday came replaying in my mind.

"Mm it smells yummy." Niall says but I'm still quiet blocking out there conversation and entering my little world. 

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