Being a twin and feeling unwanted...

Two twins living in London with there parents until a tragedy happens in the family and there parents leave with out them knowing will there parents leave for good or stay? Mallisa the younger twin isn't the nicest and doesn't have much friends and feels unwanted from her parents she some time feels like they are hiding something from her but she's not sure what. Lexi the older twin is very nice and popular and is on the cheer team and her parents are fine with her they love her but she feels bad for her sister. These girls get along we'll. but what we'll happen when one direction comes to there school? Will mallisa and Lexi fall for one of them and will they live happily ever after? Read to find out!

I'm not the best at making blurbs but plz just read to see if you like it plz. Like favorite and comment thankyou!!!


5. Chapter 5

Take a hold of his hand and run him following behind me we make it to my car and I unlock it and we both get in "phew we made it!" I say wiping fake sweat off my forehead and he just chuckles I then get out of the school " so were are we going?" He asks " umm to the mall?" "Sure if you want."he simply says and we head off to the mall . 

Lexis P.O.V

i raise my hand and my teacher walks over to me "how can I help you Lexi?" She asks " may I go to the library so I can get a book?" " of course you can just take the pass with you" "thank you!" I say and walk out the door I don't read much but some books just really catch my attention. " ay Mallisa  when did you dye your hair it wasn't like that this mornin?" An Irish accent I think says from behind me " sorry are you talking to me?" I ask " oh sorry you look a lot a little to much like mallisa sorry" he says apologizing " it's fine I'm her twin sister" I say half a smile on my lips " ohh really she never told me about you but I mean I've only known her for like two days so maybe that's why." He smiles, he's so cute and I love his accent and he's too cute wait why am I thinking this great I'm just staring at him now I better look away before he notices " do you know were the library is at?" " of course I'm going there right know just follow me" " oh okay I'd like to no you more anyways" I smile at him . Me and Niall sit in one of the library tables and start taking about everything and nothing. 

Mallisa's P.O.V

"damn that was a lot of shopping done!" I say " yes it was but you didn't let me pay for nothing" " we'll I have my own money I can handle it but thanx anyways" "we have 30 minutes to get back to school" " we'll then let's hurry" Zayn says in his angelic voice. 

---back at school-----

"we made it just in time!" I say happy " yup come on let's get off know" Zayn says back and as soon as we step off the car the bell rings and a hole bunch of people walk out the school doors and I spot Lexi walking towards me " bye Zayn see you around" I smile at him "ay wait can I have your phone number you know just so if um we want to hang out again?" He asks of course give me your phone" i say and he hands me his phone and I put my phone in it " okay bye see ya around " I say handing him back his phone " bye" he smiles and I turn around see Lexi waiting for me to open the door so we can get in. As soon as we get in the car and out of the school property Lexi asks me " so....... You and who was that?" She says smirking " just a friend Zayn he wants to hang out some time." I say simply " oh. Hangout i see okay" 

them we arrive home and get in to the house "hello anybody home?" Lexi yells and there was no answer and I just walked in the kitchen to get an orange soda yea I love orange soda it's my favorite and I honestly hate water and you guys may say I'm dumb but if I had the choice I wouldn't drink it I only drink it when it's like the only thing to drink or when I'm done running. Then my thoughts erased when my eyes landed on a note that was on the table I grabbed it and started to read it...... I couldn't believe what this note said I didn't even realize I was crying I'm in shock I feel like I can't move I feel like a statue not being able to move until I fell to the floor and bursted out crying I couldn't even finish reading the leader after what I just read then Lexi came running into the kitchen " mallisa what's wrong? Answer me what's wrong?" She said worried "she's dead she died  I can't believe it! No she's not dead there lying they have to be lying she can't be dead!!" I choke out " who's dead mallisa tell me plz just tell me!" Lexi said now louder.



 Cliff hanger!!!!!

• who do you think is dead? 

• what's going to happen with Lexi and mallisa?

• are they lying or is it true that she is dead?


plz comment, like, favorite tell me what you think!

sorry for the errors it's not so easy to write on a phone or iPod and sorry for not updating haven't had much time withe school lately and I had FCAT last week and it sucked Balls!!! I probably failed!! :(

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